#121: The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Marketing and Sales with David Newman

Embark on a transformative journey with me, Juli Baranik, as I sit down with David Newman of Do It Marketing to delve into the secrets behind consulting success and the mastery of marketing. As we navigate David’s personal odyssey from corporate consulting to entrepreneurial guru, he sheds light on the early hurdles of monetizing his expertise. The conversation then shifts gears to the pivotal revelations in marketing and sales that propelled his, and countless others’, ventures to new heights. Laugh along with us as David recounts the amusing beginnings of his coaching career, and discover how zeroing in on a niche can skyrocket a business’s trajectory.

Strap in as we tackle the art of sales with a fresh perspective, merging research, relevance, and relationship into a powerful trifecta for success. Learn from our candid tales of overcoming the dread of selling and how embracing your unique charm can forge trust with clients, turning sales into the product of genuine friendships. This episode peels back the layers on how creating heartfelt connections and being a beacon of aid rather than just a vendor can redefine your sales strategy and lead to triumphant outcomes.

Finally, gear up for the grand finale as we discuss the critical moves in prepping your business for a lucrative sale. I’ll walk you through the nitty-gritty of clean financials, the importance of early preparation, and the magic of a business model that thrives independently of its creator. Unearth the power of systemizing your services and get a glimpse into the minds of potential buyers hunting for their next acquisition. As a parting gift, embrace the insights on action as the driving force behind entrepreneurial success, with passion, love, and movement as your unerring guides. Don’t miss out on these game-changing discussions that can redefine your business playbook.

#120: Unlocking E-Commerce Growth by Mastering Conversion Strategies with Will Laurenson

Unlock the secrets to turbocharging your e-commerce profits as Will Laurenson of Customers who Click joins us and unveils the transformative power of Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO). Picture your online store with a magnetic draw, pulling in customers and guiding them effortlessly to the checkout. That’s the art Will shares with us, emphasizing the finesse required post-ad click to not just spike conversions but secure customer loyalty. He walks us through his journey, from in-house roles to launching his agency, and discusses the symbiotic relationship between customer satisfaction and revenue growth. The essence of our chat? Tiny website tweaks can have a colossal impact on your bottom line.

Venture behind the scenes as we dissect the methodology that spells success in CRO. Armed with a robust arsenal of over 300 checkpoints for heuristic analysis, we scrutinize the customer journey down to the granular details. Consider the psychology behind consumer decisions, the strategic placement of benefits that address their pain points, and the tools like heat maps that lay bare the truth of customer behavior. Will and I dissect the UAM method – focusing on usability, anxiety reduction, and motivation enhancement – as we navigate through the conversion funnel to spotlight where and why potential customers might be slipping away.

As we wrap up our in-depth discussion, we pivot to celebrate the personal triumphs that come from mastering the digital marketing space. Hear about the laborious yet rewarding process of condensing wisdom from 200 podcast episodes, and the joyful synergy between personal fulfillment and professional achievement. We even reflect on the collaborative spirit that fuels innovation and success, a testament to the ‘test and learn’ philosophy that’s imperative to staying agile in today’s ever-evolving market. Will and I can’t wait to share this treasure trove of CRO insights with you – it’s a conversation that could revolutionize the way you engage with your online audience.

#119: Delegation Mastery to Fuel Entrepreneurial Expansion with Taylor Proctor

Unlock the secrets to intuitive business growth with Taylor Proctor, the acclaimed business coach whose iMove method is transforming the entrepreneurial landscape. By integrating intuition with a savvy approach to marketing, operations, velocity, and execution, Taylor guides us through the art of aligning our actions to our inner compass while streamlining our business processes. Discover how to tackle the common pitfall of operational overwhelm with the strategic use of Standard Operating Procedures and delegation, allowing you to harness your team’s full potential and scale your business without risking burnout. This episode is a treasure trove of actionable insights for both the startup maverick and the enterprise leader dedicated to maintaining the essence of their business’s core vision.

Dive into the transformative power of task delegation as Taylor and I dissect the importance of playing to your strengths and passing the baton where it counts. I share a personal breakthrough with the hiring of a presence coordinator, a game-changer that reallocated my energy towards what I’m truly passionate about – sparking creativity. Taylor sheds light on the indispensable role of robust reporting and key performance indicators for making strategic decisions that resonate with your business goals. Whether you’re a solopreneur or at the helm of a growing team, this episode is your catalyst for financial success that doesn’t just pay the bills but aligns with your personal joys and expertise.

#118: The Future of Voiceover and Podcasting with Jamie Muffett

Join the conversation with Jamie Muffet, the extraordinary voice behind the mic, as he takes us on a whirlwind tour from his music days in the UK to making waves in the US voiceover and podcasting scene. Discover how a quintessentially British accent can be your golden ticket in an industry brimming with diverse talents. Our chat with Jamie is more than just a peek behind the curtain; it’s a masterclass in adapting skills and riding the wave of media evolution. As podcasting becomes the boardroom’s darling, we delve into its transformation from hidden gem to corporate powerhouse, and how innovators like Jamie are crafting niche success stories with ventures like RPS Audio, which caters to business, education, and entertainment with a personal touch you won’t find anywhere else.

But it’s not all smooth sailing; the rise of AI presents an exciting yet challenging frontier. Hear firsthand how automated transcription services are changing the game, making the lives of podcasters like yours truly a breeze, while posing new challenges for voice actors. We tackle the big questions: Can AI ever truly replicate the spark of human creativity? What does the future hold for the art of storytelling when pitted against the efficiencies of technology? Jamie and I share insights on the irreplaceable magic that human connection brings to voice acting, underscoring the enduring demand for that special something only a real person can deliver. So plug in, prepare to be inspired, and maybe learn a thing or two about the intricate dance between tech and the timeless craft of storytelling.

#117: Embrace Your Authentic Journey to Success with Sophia Hyde

Have you ever pondered if chasing society’s version of your ‘best self’ is really what you crave, or if there’s something more authentically ‘you’ out there? Sophia Hyde, life coach and author, radiates her Florida sunshine into our studio, offering a refreshing take on personal achievement through her book, “Unleash Your Favorite Self.” We navigate the Favorite Life Wheel with Sophia, a compass of ten life areas she’s pinpointed for unlocking true desires and redefining success to suit our genuine selves. As we exchange stories and insights, you’ll be encouraged to shed the weight of societal expectations and step into a life that genuinely reflects who you are.

Our candid chat doesn’t shy away from the thornier aspects of personal growth, particularly the shifting sands of relationships as we evolve. Drawing inspiration from unlikely sources, such as the support Travis Kelsey shows for Taylor Swift, we reveal how nurturing partnerships can elevate our journeys. My own tale of a marriage that grew stronger through mutual support across nineteen years serves as a testament to this truth. By the end of this episode, you’ll be equipped with the wisdom and lived experiences to lay down the bricks for your favorite life, one that resonates with your unique values and aspirations. Join us for a thought-provoking session that promises to inspire a blueprint for authentic living.

#116: The Unconventional Path to Sales Excellence and Personal Growth with Ryan Hanley

Embark on a journey of transformation and discovery with Ryan Hanley, the CEO and founder of Finding Peak, as he lays bare his path from engineering school dropout to insurance industry innovator. My chat with Ryan is not just an interview, it’s a masterclass in career resilience, showcasing the art of turning failures into stepping stones and leveraging the power of social media to connect with clients. Our conversation peels back the layers of sales strategy, personal growth, and the tightrope walk between professional ambition and family life.

This episode is a treasure trove of insights for anyone looking to enhance their customer relationships and boost their sales game. Learn how to listen—not just hear—your clients, and discover the sales techniques that can dramatically increase your close ratios. Ryan and I also tackle the often overlooked topic of setting boundaries as a high-intensity entrepreneur. We share personal anecdotes about how self-awareness and clear communication are paramount in not just surviving, but thriving in both the boardroom and at home.

Finally, wrap up your listening experience with a broader perspective on learning from diverse viewpoints and the importance of focus in achieving success. We touch upon the intriguing reluctance of qualified leaders to pursue public office and how this aversion reflects on our society’s approach to public service. Plus, Ryan introduces his Finding Peak podcast, a compendium of peak performance wisdom, and I invite you to continue the conversation with me on LinkedIn and Instagram for more enriching content and updates. Join us for a dialogue that challenges conventions and inspires action across all facets of life.

#115: Harnessing Life’s Lessons for High-Ticket Coaching Success with Tabatha Thorell

Have you ever wondered how to turn the rollercoaster of life’s challenges into a blueprint for business success? Tabatha Thorell, Nebraska’s rural business gem, joins me, Juli Baranik, in a heart-to-heart about her incredible evolution from fitness guru to a high-ticket coaching phenomenon. In this episode, we unbox the strategies that propelled her financial freedom journey, all while keeping her family at the core of her vision.

Imagine involving your kids in goal-setting for the family’s future; that’s just one golden nugget from our chat focusing on the power of a collective family vision and the magic of outsourcing in both the professional and personal realms. Tabatha and I dissect the significance of forgiveness in the entrepreneurial grind and celebrate the small victories that often go unnoticed, yet are milestones towards the larger dream. Plus, we get real about the impact of teaching financial literacy to our little ones, turning everyday moments into lessons on enterprise and responsibility.

As we wrapped up our enriching dialogue, Tabatha left us with some potent parting thoughts on defining success through personal gifts and making a tangible impact around us. Balancing the demands of nurturing five daughters with the rigors of business growth, she stands as a living example that success is not a one-size-fits-all formula but a personalized journey. Before you go, don’t forget to tune into Tabatha’s podcast, “What Went Wrong,” for an honest look at overcoming entrepreneurial obstacles and finding the gratitude within the grind.

#114: Mastering Client Connections and the Power of Authenticity with Rob Jolles

Gain invaluable insights from Rob Jolles, a sales maestro with 3 million miles of travel wisdom, as he joins me, Juli Baranik, to unravel the art of effective selling. Transform your understanding of the customer decision cycle and learn how to fuse your strategies with the natural rhythm of your client’s thought process. We tackle the elephant in the room—rejection—and how to emerge stronger, reshaping your view on commission-based roles across all professions. Rob’s rich experience and my personal evolution from a reserved youngster to a confident professional converge to offer you a treasure trove of knowledge that promises to refine your sales approach.

Embark on a journey of self-improvement with me as I share the power of learning from your setbacks. By embracing balanced feedback and celebrating incremental victories, we can all cultivate the confidence necessary for success. I’ll give you a glimpse into my book “Why People Don’t Believe You,” exploring how authenticity builds trust and why projecting genuineness can be the linchpin to professional growth. Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned pro, this episode is your roadmap to forging stronger, more genuine connections in your career.

Closing deals with finesse isn’t just about the right questions; it’s about the dance of dialogue that leads to that critical ‘yes’. Discover probing techniques that reveal key client issues, and master the art of trial closing to streamline your path to success. In our casual coffee chat, Rob and I break down the formal barriers, sharing a candid conversation that epitomizes the relaxed dynamics vital for fostering authentic connections. Join us for a session that’s not only rich with strategic wisdom but also brimming with the ease of a chat between confidant

#113: Scaling Your Business with Strategic Action and the Power of Podcasting with Julie DeLucca-Collins

Discover the transformative power of goal setting and strategic action as Julie DeLucca-Collins, a wizard of business strategy and coaching, joins me on an empowering journey through the challenges and triumphs of scaling the corporate ladder and expanding business ventures. In our rich conversation, we dissect the importance of tiny, consistent habits that lead to enduring success and the often-underrated role podcasting plays in amplifying your brand’s voice. Together, we tackle the brass tacks of strategic planning and how it’s more than just a lofty ideal – it’s a meticulous process of aligning your pricing with revenue aspirations, debunking myths, and setting milestones for a path that’s uniquely yours.

Strap in for an insightful exploration of what it truly takes to grow your business, with practical advice straight from the trenches. Julie and I get real about the necessity of setting aside CEO dates for self-reflection and strategic reassessment, ensuring your business engine runs like a well-oiled machine. We delve into the fascinating interplay between lagging and leading indicators and share a personal account of how an unexpected podcasting venture evolved into a pillar of support, driving home the concept that business success is not just about numbers, but about the strategies and stories behind them.

Wrapping up, we reflect on the essence of success, finding resonance in values like service, growth, learning, and connection. It’s not merely the financial milestones that define our achievements, but also the positive impact we create and our fidelity to personal convictions. Embrace this episode as a stepping stone to stepping out of fear, gaining confidence through action, and welcoming mistakes as an indispensable part of the journey. I encourage you to share your thoughts and continue the conversation on social media, where connections are forged, and growth happens collectively. Join us for a powerful dialogue that’s sure to enrich your perspective, and if it strikes a chord, pass on the wisdom to others in your circle.

#106: Journey to Financial Mastery and Creating a Life of Fulfillment with Casey Stubbs

Discover the transformative power of adversity as Casey Stubbs joins me, Juli Baranik, to recount his awe-inspiring shift from a construction worker to an online trading maven during the market crash of 2008. His tenacity and willingness to act on valuable advice laid the foundation for a flourishing business that we delve into, providing a roadmap for listeners to turn information into action. Casey’s journey is a prime example of how you can pivot your career and create multiple streams of income by leveraging your passions and persistence.

Brace yourself for a narrative that travels from the disciplined savings of military life to the bold world of entrepreneurship. I share my own story of prudent investing with a modest salary, which served as the cornerstone for my future business ventures. This episode is peppered with strategies to bolster your online presence, including email marketing and content creation that extend beyond mere revenue generation to foster indispensable connections and opportunities.

Finally, we explore the bedrock of any successful venture: relationships. Learn how to build a team that echoes your business ethos, and how these strategic connections can strengthen both your personal and professional worlds. We discuss the value of creating memories with loved ones and the importance of seeking a deeper spiritual truth. As we close, I invite you to connect with Casey at tradingstrategyguides.com and discover my resources at sevenfigurebuilder.com. This episode isn’t just a conversation; it’s an invitation to craft a life of triumph and fulfillment.

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