Your path to freedom

STEP 1: Get Dream Clients

Discover how to get the dream clients you crave while spending LESS time on social media

STEP 2: Free Up Time

Incorporate personalized marketing automation so you can be present with your family

STEP 3: Enjoy 'Me' Time

Take some time for yourself to rest and recharge knowing that your business is growing

Get the dream clients you crave


It’s time to finally get the clients your dreams with the Social Media Breakthrough Workshop! This powerful workshop will help you market and grow your brand, allowing you to connect with potential clients without wasting countless hours scrolling through your phone. If you’re tired of feeling overwhelmed by social media, this workshop is perfect for you – it’ll show you how to increase visibility easily on all major platforms and really make your offer stand out. Stop struggling on your own and get to work with the Social Media Breakthrough Workshop.
You won’t believe what a difference it can make!

your Automation audit

take back your time

Meet 1:1 with me to discover the most effective areas of your marketing and customer experience to automate.  I will create a custom plan for you to know exactly what will give you the most free time while accelerating the growth of your business.

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Hey, Juli Baranik here.

First and foremost, I want to say congratulations!  You have worked like crazy over the years to get where you are.  Your business is blooming and you are finally enjoying the fruits of your labor.  

I want to tell you, that I am proud and excited for you that you are finally in this chapter.  I also know it can be VERY overwhelming to wear as many hats as you do.  I’ve been there!  

The great news, is I can help give you some relief and put some of those responsibilities on autopilot.  You will finally get a sigh of relief knowing things are working as you planned and you didn’t have to do it all!  

The first step to your free time is a free call with me! Hit the book now button to get access to my personal schedule, and I’ll show you how I can help.

Talk to you soon!

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