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Curious about the secret sauce behind captivating brand stories? Join us as we sit down with Evan J. Cholfin, the visionary CEO and founder of LUXHAMMER. Discover how a childhood passion for stop-motion movies led him to become a leading force in the film, television, and marketing industries. Evan shares his journey from early career milestones, like producing events that opened doors to Hollywood projects such as “Moneyball” and HBO’s “The Night Of,” to the critical role of continuous creativity.

Get an insider’s view on innovative strategies that transform brand perceptions and drive massive engagement. Learn about the groundbreaking campaign that struck a chord with millennials for JW Marriott, and how a Marvel-meets-Incredibles film for Supermouth inspired kids worldwide to brush their teeth. Plus, hear the behind-the-scenes tale of artist Yassan’s record-breaking GPS art journey for Japan Airlines. Evan also opens up about his process for immersive brand storytelling and the creative brainstorming techniques that keep his ideas fresh and compelling.

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