#131: Unlocking Brand Brilliance and Storytelling Mastery with Evan Cholfin

Curious about the secret sauce behind captivating brand stories? Join us as we sit down with Evan J. Cholfin, the visionary CEO and founder of LUXHAMMER. Discover how a childhood passion for stop-motion movies led him to become a leading force in the film, television, and marketing industries. Evan shares his journey from early career milestones, like producing events that opened doors to Hollywood projects such as “Moneyball” and HBO’s “The Night Of,” to the critical role of continuous creativity.

Get an insider’s view on innovative strategies that transform brand perceptions and drive massive engagement. Learn about the groundbreaking campaign that struck a chord with millennials for JW Marriott, and how a Marvel-meets-Incredibles film for Supermouth inspired kids worldwide to brush their teeth. Plus, hear the behind-the-scenes tale of artist Yassan’s record-breaking GPS art journey for Japan Airlines. Evan also opens up about his process for immersive brand storytelling and the creative brainstorming techniques that keep his ideas fresh and compelling.

#130: Achieving Financial Goals and Personal Freedom with Bridget Long

What if you could multiply your income by ten while balancing family responsibilities and achieving financial independence? Join us on the Seven Figure Builder Show as we welcome the incredible Bridget Long, an entrepreneur with over three decades of experience, including 14 years in the cutting-edge beauty technology sector. Bridget dives deep into the unique challenges women face in entrepreneurship, emphasizing the necessity of crystal-clear goals and motivations. Learn practical exercises for identifying what you truly want, and discover how efficient time management, planning, and collaborative skills can foster a supportive community of women entrepreneurs.

Mindset is everything, and this episode dives into why it’s crucial for professional growth. We discuss the transformative journey of a seasoned therapist who expanded her reach by embracing new technology and creating an online course. Bridget shares insights on leveraging family support and shifting your money mindset to break free from limiting beliefs. We also highlight the importance of setting achievable financial targets and adopting daily habits that pave the way to financial freedom. Asking for help and being open to change are key takeaways that can propel you toward success.

Lastly, we reflect on the entrepreneurial journey and personal transformation, sharing the inspiring story of balancing professional aspirations with single motherhood. Rediscovering purpose after achieving family goals becomes a profound quest, guided by Viktor Frankl’s insights on the necessity of purpose. From choosing a life of adventure and freedom in the south of France to contemplating future moves for joy and financial benefits, this episode is packed with motivational stories and actionable advice. Tune in for an exhilarating journey of growth, self-awareness, and making choices that bring true happiness and freedom.

#129: Overcoming Business Obstacles and Ensuring Marketing Compliance with Anik Singal

What would you do if your life was suddenly upended by a 92-day ICU stay and a grueling battle with the FTC? On this episode of the Seven Figure Builder Show, I sit down with the incredible Anik Singal to explore his extraordinary journey through these harrowing experiences. Anik shares how a nurse’s profound words transformed his attitude during life-threatening times and provides raw insights into the importance of understanding regulatory rules for marketers. His compelling stories of resilience and survival offer listeners a masterclass in overcoming extreme challenges and finding a deeper purpose in life.

Imagine nearly selling your company for millions, only to face a sudden investigation that leads to devastating business losses. We discuss the relentless spirit required to bounce back from setbacks, the value of learning from failures, and the drive to leave a meaningful legacy. Anik and I emphasize the necessity of resilience and maintaining forward momentum, no matter the obstacles. From evolving beliefs about entrepreneurship to the critical choice of how to react to setbacks, this episode is packed with valuable lessons for any aspiring entrepreneur.

Navigating the tricky landscape of marketing compliance, Anik provides expert advice on managing net impressions, avoiding regulatory scrutiny, and the pivotal role of a good compliance attorney. We cover the intricacies of implied earnings claims, testimonial guidelines, and practical strategies to maintain ethical marketing practices. Anik’s personal journey, his passion for empowering others, and his new book round out this deeply inspiring conversation. Tune in and connect with us at sevenfigurebuilder.com for more transformative content.

#128: Behavioral Finance Secrets for Long-Term Success with Rick Salmeron

Unlock the secrets to financial success and personal fulfillment with insights from Rick Salmeron, founder of Salmeron Financial. In this episode of the Seven Figure Builder Show, we reveal how smart financial decisions and expert advice can illuminate blind spots you never knew existed. Rick introduces his innovative “peace of mind square,” which interlinks health, relationships, contribution, and money, emphasizing how financial well-being supports every aspect of life. Discover why behavior trumps investment choices for achieving lasting financial success and how your past actions shape your current financial results.

But it doesn’t stop there. We delve into the transformative power of self-esteem on both personal and professional levels. Imagine a self-esteem thermometer that could measure your joy and prosperity – Rick explains how daily habits significantly impact your overall self-worth and success. We also discuss the importance of momentum and building a supportive dream team, underscoring how inner wisdom and a solid support system can drive you towards your goals. This episode is brimming with actionable advice and inspirational stories that you won’t want to miss. Tune in, and don’t forget to share these invaluable lessons with anyone who could benefit.

#127: Maximizing Online Course Creation and Marketing Strategies with Julie Hood

Discover how to craft online courses that captivate and educate without overwhelming your audience, as Julie Hood from CourseCreatorsHQ.com graces our show with her wisdom. Together, we unpack the secrets to generating a passive income through course creation, emphasizing the fine line between information-rich content and information overload. Our conversation pivots to the innovative use of private podcasts, a medium that not only fosters intimate learning experiences but also skyrockets completion rates.

Transform your personal triumphs into a unique educational framework with our strategic insights on market research and course development. Julie and I explore how starting with mini-courses can establish trust and stave off creator burnout. We also share tactics for pinpointing hot topics and the pain points of your audience, leveraging social platforms and tools like Answer the Public to ensure your content hits the mark. Engaging and supporting students are central themes as we discuss live coaching calls and tiered course access, imparting key strategies to maintain motivation and drive course completion.

Wrapping up, we tackle the nuances of pricing your courses and the psychology behind effective marketing. Ensuring your course price reflects its value is paramount, as is constructing a compelling and market-validated offer. The art of email marketing takes the spotlight, highlighting the role of a robust list, targeted messaging, and the courage to embrace failure as part of the growth journey. By the end of our talk, you’ll be equipped with actionable advice from Julie Hood, honed to enhance every facet of your course creation and marketing efforts.

#126: Scaling to Seven Figures and Beyond: Financial Insights and Intuitive Strategy with Alyssa Lang

Are you ready to transform your entrepreneurial journey with the wisdom of someone who’s already scaled the mountain? This episode, I sit down with Alyssa Lang, the mastermind behind Workflow Queen, to dissect the anatomy of a seven-figure business and discuss how female entrepreneurs can harness financial knowledge to their advantage. Alyssa’s transition from bookkeeping to building an empire is nothing short of inspiring, and she doesn’t shy away from sharing the nitty-gritty of what it takes to make a business thrive. From the significance of a well-rounded business perspective to the integration of technology and automation, she lays down the blueprint for success that’s as much about smart systems as it is about hard work.

As we weave through the intricacies of operational efficiency and profit margins, Alyssa brings to light how deceptive high revenues can be if they aren’t coupled with actual profitability. We dissect industry benchmarks, delve into the wisdom of tax allocation, and underscore the transformative power of trusting your gut—even when it bucks the trend. Alyssa also offers a candid look at how intuition plays a crucial role in differentiating your offerings in a crowded marketplace. By the end of our chat, you’ll understand how financial stability and a clear vision can propel your side hustle into a purpose-driven powerhouse, and how a free boot camp could be your golden ticket to a high-ticket launch. Tune in for an episode that’s as much about the numbers as it is about the grit and passion it takes to make your business dreams a reality.

#125: Mastering Relationship-Based Sales and Magnetizing High-Ticket Offers with Laura Wright

Unlock the secrets of relationship-based sales and high-ticket offers with Laura Wright, a masterful sales strategist and the acclaimed author of “No Woman Down.” In a vibrant exchange, Laura imparts the exhilarating world of sales done right—where genuine connections meet strategic intent, and transactions evolve into transformative experiences. Her “five steps to yes” strategy is more than a method; it’s a journey to understanding your ideal client and leveraging the power of authentic engagements. Lean in as we dissect the alchemy of building a conscious community where sales are not just profitable but intelligently and intentionally delightful.

Prepare yourself to navigate the elegant dance of sales calls with poise and an ever-present zest. In this episode, I share personal anecdotes, revealing the finesse in cultivating professional relationships that blossom into lucrative partnerships over time. We weave through the nuances of handling objections, not as setbacks but as bridges to advocate for your client’s future successes. Laura gifts us her perspective on how the highest energy in the room can magnetize prospects and turn conversations into trust-filled, closed deals. This dialogue promises to enrich your sales toolkit, ensuring every conversation you have doesn’t just count but leaves a lasting imprint of your expertise and authenticity.

#124: Building a Business on Evergreen Content and SEO Wisdom with Robyn Graham

Imagine a thriving business that doesn’t rely on the whims of social media algorithms. That’s the reality Dr. Robyn Graham and I explore in a deep dive into the Success Without Social Method. Entrepreneurs, take note: we’re peeling back the layers on how to create a magnetic personal brand and capture the hearts of your ‘soulmate clients’ through your website and the magic of SEO. You’ll learn to craft evergreen content that converts and break free from the daily grind of social media posts, all while tapping into the art of blogging and strategic redirection.

Content creation can be daunting, but with the right tools, it transforms into a powerful ally. We’re sharing a hack that turns verbal musings into authentic, relatable blog posts. Dive into the insights gained from customer feedback, and let it guide your SEO strategy, ensuring that you’re not just heard, but heard by the right people. Dr. Graham and I also reveal the secret to keeping your content fresh with varied keywords, so your message blossoms and reaches your ideal clientele with every search.

Lastly, the conversation takes a turn towards the profound impact social media has on our mental well-being. Through our personal experiences and expert knowledge, we discuss the comparison trap, the illusion of online perfection, and the necessity of setting boundaries for a healthier life and business. As we unpack the psychological toll of social media, we also uncover alternative routes to success that honor your values and contribute to a greater societal good. Join us for an enlightening journey that redefines what it means to be successful in today’s digital world.

#123: The Strategic Roadmap to Career Excellence and Empathy in Leadership with Terry Yoffe

Embarking on a journey of triumph over adversity, Terry Yoffe joins us to share her incredible narrative that weaves through the fabric of ambition, resilience, and the relentless pursuit of one’s passions. Engage with us as Terry, a distinguished executive career, business, and communications coach, recounts her serendipitous beginnings at Women’s Wear Daily and the strategic climbs through the ranks of The New Yorker and Bon Appetit. Her reflections on the power of reputation and the critical nature of embracing opportunities are reminders of how each decision can be a stepping stone toward an exceptional career and, ultimately, the discovery of one’s true vocation in life.

As Terry peels back the layers of her professional evolution, she imparts wisdom on the dynamic landscape of leadership and the art of communication, stressing adaptability in a world where empathy has become a cornerstone of influence. Listen with us and learn how coaching is pivotal in breaking down personal barriers, refining skills, and fostering environments where collaboration flourishes. Terry’s insights into the common challenges we face, from advocating for ourselves to confronting the fear of failure, resonate with the understanding that growth is a conquest over internal battles as much as it is about seizing external opportunities. Join Terry and me, Juli Baranik, for an episode that promises to illuminate the path to personal and professional greatness.

#122: A Beacon of Business and Belief: Crafting a Legacy with Ken Joslin

Have you ever pondered the harmony between your spiritual beliefs and the hustle of your business life? Ken Joslin, a beacon of entrepreneurial spirit and faith, joins me, Juli Baranik, to dissect how these elements can converge to create a truly impactful life. We’re not just talking shop on the Seven Figure Builder Show; we’re redefining what it means to be successful by intertwining the core values of faith, health, relationships, business, and finances. Ken’s personal odyssey from mortgage broker to pastor, and now, a real estate mogul, paints a vivid picture of how steadfast faith acts as the bedrock for not only a fulfilling life but also a flourishing business.

Imagine leading with a servant’s heart in a world often driven by self-interest. This episode with Ken Joslin becomes a masterclass in servant leadership, showing us that the well-trodden path of Jesus can provide an exemplary blueprint for leaders today. We tackle the common misconception that faith and business must be worlds apart, proposing instead that financial prosperity is a bloom from a purpose-driven existence. It’s about setting a legacy in motion, where relationships are nurtured, and success transcends the material realm, shaping us and those we influence.

As the countdown to the CREATE conference in Atlanta continues, we share exhilarating stories of transformation like Kevin Fernandez’s, whose life took a dramatic turn for the better through the power of community and our 21-day challenge. This episode isn’t just a prelude to an event; it’s a clarion call for leaders ready to engage in a life-altering collective journey. So, if your heart’s beating for more than just profit and you’re thirsting for a legacy steeped in significance, let this episode be your gateway to a grander vision of entrepreneurship—one that’s as much about soul as it is about strategy.

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