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Have you ever pondered if chasing society’s version of your ‘best self’ is really what you crave, or if there’s something more authentically ‘you’ out there? Sophia Hyde, life coach and author, radiates her Florida sunshine into our studio, offering a refreshing take on personal achievement through her book, “Unleash Your Favorite Self.” We navigate the Favorite Life Wheel with Sophia, a compass of ten life areas she’s pinpointed for unlocking true desires and redefining success to suit our genuine selves. As we exchange stories and insights, you’ll be encouraged to shed the weight of societal expectations and step into a life that genuinely reflects who you are.

Our candid chat doesn’t shy away from the thornier aspects of personal growth, particularly the shifting sands of relationships as we evolve. Drawing inspiration from unlikely sources, such as the support Travis Kelsey shows for Taylor Swift, we reveal how nurturing partnerships can elevate our journeys. My own tale of a marriage that grew stronger through mutual support across nineteen years serves as a testament to this truth. By the end of this episode, you’ll be equipped with the wisdom and lived experiences to lay down the bricks for your favorite life, one that resonates with your unique values and aspirations. Join us for a thought-provoking session that promises to inspire a blueprint for authentic living.

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