#95: AI in Content Creation: Harnessing Hashtags for Visibility with Catherine B. Roy

Discover how to transform your LinkedIn profile into a magnet for success with insights from Katherine B Roy, a business coach who has seamlessly shifted gears from programming to empowering professionals in the art of online networking. Katherine breaks down the essentials of building a strong personal brand and leveraging LinkedIn’s evolution into a powerhouse search engine to connect with the ideal audience. Her strategies for optimizing profiles and fostering human-to-human connections will equip you with the tools to attract potential clients and partners, turning your LinkedIn presence into an inbound marketing phenomenon.

As we navigate the intersection of AI and human connection, I share my firsthand experiences with ChatGPT’s impact on content creation and business efficiency. While AI has streamlined my digital workflow, I underscore the importance of maintaining authentic engagement in professional relationships, reminding us that technology should enhance, not replace, personal touch. Meanwhile, podcasting emerges as an unexpected catalyst for growth, offering personal enrichment and diverse revenue opportunities. From hosting Nobel laureates to crafting a sustainable business model, the episode is a treasure trove of advice for anyone looking to ignite their entrepreneurial journey and thrive in a digital world.

#94: Executive Function Skills: Revolutionizing Education with Caroline Sumners

Ever wondered why some students thrive while others struggle, despite having the same learning opportunities? Caroline Sumners of Empower Academic Coaching joins us to illuminate the transformative power of executive functioning skills in the academic success of children, especially those with ADHD, anxiety, and learning disabilities. Discover the ‘how’ of learning as Caroline takes us through the necessity of organization, planning, and goal-setting in education. Her story of shifting from educator to entrepreneur offers a glimpse into the challenges COVID-19 brought to the academic landscape and the subsequent rise in demand for academic coaching.

Navigating a child’s journey through education can feel like sailing in stormy seas for many parents. This episode provides an anchor, discussing how personalized learning and executive function coaching can be the lighthouse guiding us to calmer waters. We explore how Caroline’s strategies, tailored to individual student experiences, and leveraging resources such as teacher feedback and educational psychologists, are crucial for a child’s progress. The discussion also serves as a reminder of the signs that may indicate a child needs extra support and reaffirms the importance of preserving the sanctity of the parent-child relationship during trying academic times.

Wrapping up the conversation, we reflect on the value of seeking external help in navigating the educational system. Hear how Caroline overcame professional dismissals and how such experiences can inspire parents to advocate effectively for their children. Listen in for a heartfelt discussion on the importance of returning to one’s role as a parent first and how setting core values can guide not only business decisions but also foster personal growth. Caroline’s dedication to empowerment and peace in education shines through, inviting listeners to be a part of the positive change Empower Academic Coaching is creating.

#93: Overcoming Child Sleep Obstacles with Meredith Brough

Sleepless nights and bedtime battles are a thing of the past as I, Juli Baranik, team up with sleep savant Meredith Brough, bringing you a treasure trove of insights and strategies to help your little ones—and you—get the rest you deserve. Your journey to dreamland doesn’t have to be a solo quest; Meredith shares her holistic approach to sleep training that respects both the mother’s intuition and the child’s needs, offering a comforting alternative to the tears that too often accompany traditional methods. We tackle the elephant in the room: sleep deprivation for new parents, and how being proactive with sleep strategies can transform the experience from stress-filled to blissful. Through our candid conversation, you’ll discover the secrets to understanding your child’s sleep patterns and how this knowledge can lead to a more harmonious home.

Adaptability is key in the world of parenting, and nowhere is this more evident than in establishing a sleep schedule that can handle the curveballs life throws. In this episode, we reflect on personal anecdotes and the diverse needs of each child, from sensory issues to anxiety, offering wisdom and comfort to parents in the thick of the bedtime struggle. We confront the modern challenges of technology’s blue glow and the varied stances families take on electronics before bedtime, providing practical tips for your nighttime routine. Moreover, I open up about my own path of growing a business that empowers parents through sleep coaching, from founding a training school to leading a mastermind group, all while keeping my heart attuned to the intuitive and loving aspects of nighttime parenting. Tune in to be supported, inspired, and perhaps, to finally enjoy a peaceful night’s sleep

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