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In this episode of the “Seven Figure Builder Show,” host Juli Baranik interviews Rob Jolles, a seasoned professional speaker and best-selling author. Rob shares his journey from starting as an insurance salesman to becoming an acclaimed trainer and speaker, traveling globally and accumulating millions of miles. 

He shares the nuances of selling, emphasizing the importance of understanding its true definition and the customer’s decision cycle. Rob discusses how dealing with rejection and understanding the mechanics of persuasion are crucial skills in sales. 

He also touches on his books, including one on why people may not believe you, highlighting the importance of authenticity in communication. The conversation also covers personal development, handling objections in sales, and creating urgency, offering a rich blend of personal anecdotes and professional advice.

You’ll love these topics:

  1. Redefining Selling: Rob emphasizes a unique perspective on selling, defining it not just as meeting needs with solutions but as instilling one’s ideas into someone else’s mind so convincingly that they feel it was their own idea. This deeper understanding of selling could resonate well with listeners who are looking to refine their sales techniques.
  2. Handling Rejection: His discussion about handling rejection in sales is particularly insightful. Rob stresses that the ability to manage rejection is more crucial than having a set of advanced sales skills. This can be comforting and empowering for professionals who dread the sales aspect of their roles.
  3. Authentic Communication: Rob’s book, “Why People Don’t Believe You,” could intrigue listeners interested in communication and authenticity. His approach to making genuine connections and the importance of being believed can offer valuable lessons on trust-building.
  4. Creating Urgency Without Pressure: He talks about creating urgency in a sales context in a way that isn’t pushy but rather focused on understanding and magnifying the client’s problems and needs. This approach helps in making the sale feel more necessary and natural rather than forced.
  5. Professional and Personal Growth: Rob’s narrative of evolving from a reluctant insurance salesman to a passionate professional speaker will likely inspire listeners. His emphasis on continuous learning and adapting, whether in sales or personal life, reinforces the importance of growth and resilience.
  6. The Human Side of Business: Rob shares his personal reflections on success, happiness, and interacting with others, offering a more holistic view of business as not just a commercial activity but a human-centric endeavor.

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