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Embark on a transformative journey with me, Juli Baranik, as I sit down with David Newman of Do It Marketing to delve into the secrets behind consulting success and the mastery of marketing. As we navigate David’s personal odyssey from corporate consulting to entrepreneurial guru, he sheds light on the early hurdles of monetizing his expertise. The conversation then shifts gears to the pivotal revelations in marketing and sales that propelled his, and countless others’, ventures to new heights. Laugh along with us as David recounts the amusing beginnings of his coaching career, and discover how zeroing in on a niche can skyrocket a business’s trajectory.

Strap in as we tackle the art of sales with a fresh perspective, merging research, relevance, and relationship into a powerful trifecta for success. Learn from our candid tales of overcoming the dread of selling and how embracing your unique charm can forge trust with clients, turning sales into the product of genuine friendships. This episode peels back the layers on how creating heartfelt connections and being a beacon of aid rather than just a vendor can redefine your sales strategy and lead to triumphant outcomes.

Finally, gear up for the grand finale as we discuss the critical moves in prepping your business for a lucrative sale. I’ll walk you through the nitty-gritty of clean financials, the importance of early preparation, and the magic of a business model that thrives independently of its creator. Unearth the power of systemizing your services and get a glimpse into the minds of potential buyers hunting for their next acquisition. As a parting gift, embrace the insights on action as the driving force behind entrepreneurial success, with passion, love, and movement as your unerring guides. Don’t miss out on these game-changing discussions that can redefine your business playbook.

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