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What would you do if your life was suddenly upended by a 92-day ICU stay and a grueling battle with the FTC? On this episode of the Seven Figure Builder Show, I sit down with the incredible Anik Singal to explore his extraordinary journey through these harrowing experiences. Anik shares how a nurse’s profound words transformed his attitude during life-threatening times and provides raw insights into the importance of understanding regulatory rules for marketers. His compelling stories of resilience and survival offer listeners a masterclass in overcoming extreme challenges and finding a deeper purpose in life.

Imagine nearly selling your company for millions, only to face a sudden investigation that leads to devastating business losses. We discuss the relentless spirit required to bounce back from setbacks, the value of learning from failures, and the drive to leave a meaningful legacy. Anik and I emphasize the necessity of resilience and maintaining forward momentum, no matter the obstacles. From evolving beliefs about entrepreneurship to the critical choice of how to react to setbacks, this episode is packed with valuable lessons for any aspiring entrepreneur.

Navigating the tricky landscape of marketing compliance, Anik provides expert advice on managing net impressions, avoiding regulatory scrutiny, and the pivotal role of a good compliance attorney. We cover the intricacies of implied earnings claims, testimonial guidelines, and practical strategies to maintain ethical marketing practices. Anik’s personal journey, his passion for empowering others, and his new book round out this deeply inspiring conversation. Tune in and connect with us at for more transformative content.

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