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Sleepless nights and bedtime battles are a thing of the past as I, Juli Baranik, team up with sleep savant Meredith Brough, bringing you a treasure trove of insights and strategies to help your little ones—and you—get the rest you deserve. Your journey to dreamland doesn’t have to be a solo quest; Meredith shares her holistic approach to sleep training that respects both the mother’s intuition and the child’s needs, offering a comforting alternative to the tears that too often accompany traditional methods. We tackle the elephant in the room: sleep deprivation for new parents, and how being proactive with sleep strategies can transform the experience from stress-filled to blissful. Through our candid conversation, you’ll discover the secrets to understanding your child’s sleep patterns and how this knowledge can lead to a more harmonious home.

Adaptability is key in the world of parenting, and nowhere is this more evident than in establishing a sleep schedule that can handle the curveballs life throws. In this episode, we reflect on personal anecdotes and the diverse needs of each child, from sensory issues to anxiety, offering wisdom and comfort to parents in the thick of the bedtime struggle. We confront the modern challenges of technology’s blue glow and the varied stances families take on electronics before bedtime, providing practical tips for your nighttime routine. Moreover, I open up about my own path of growing a business that empowers parents through sleep coaching, from founding a training school to leading a mastermind group, all while keeping my heart attuned to the intuitive and loving aspects of nighttime parenting. Tune in to be supported, inspired, and perhaps, to finally enjoy a peaceful night’s sleep

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