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Ever wondered why some students thrive while others struggle, despite having the same learning opportunities? Caroline Sumners of Empower Academic Coaching joins us to illuminate the transformative power of executive functioning skills in the academic success of children, especially those with ADHD, anxiety, and learning disabilities. Discover the ‘how’ of learning as Caroline takes us through the necessity of organization, planning, and goal-setting in education. Her story of shifting from educator to entrepreneur offers a glimpse into the challenges COVID-19 brought to the academic landscape and the subsequent rise in demand for academic coaching.

Navigating a child’s journey through education can feel like sailing in stormy seas for many parents. This episode provides an anchor, discussing how personalized learning and executive function coaching can be the lighthouse guiding us to calmer waters. We explore how Caroline’s strategies, tailored to individual student experiences, and leveraging resources such as teacher feedback and educational psychologists, are crucial for a child’s progress. The discussion also serves as a reminder of the signs that may indicate a child needs extra support and reaffirms the importance of preserving the sanctity of the parent-child relationship during trying academic times.

Wrapping up the conversation, we reflect on the value of seeking external help in navigating the educational system. Hear how Caroline overcame professional dismissals and how such experiences can inspire parents to advocate effectively for their children. Listen in for a heartfelt discussion on the importance of returning to one’s role as a parent first and how setting core values can guide not only business decisions but also foster personal growth. Caroline’s dedication to empowerment and peace in education shines through, inviting listeners to be a part of the positive change Empower Academic Coaching is creating.

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