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Mastery of the User Experience: Conversion Tips from Rhami Aboud


Dive into Seven Figure Builder’s Insightful Dialogue with Web Expert Rhami Aboud


Are you ready to skyrocket your online business and create a website that not only captures attention but converts visitors into raving customers? Tune in to this episode of Seven Figure Builder where Juli Baranik sits down with web design wizard Rhami Aboud. Together, they unravel the secrets to building a seven-figure SaaS company from the ground up. Rhami shares invaluable insights on user experience, the do’s and don’ts of A/B testing, and why SEO isn’t just a buzzword—it’s your ticket to long-term success. If you’re tired of guesswork and ready for game-changing strategies, this is an episode you can’t afford to miss!


Capturing User Attention in Seconds

In a digital landscape clouded with distractions, Juli’s chat with Rhami is focused on the nitty-gritty of user experience and conversion optimization. Within the opening segment, Rhami revealed an essential truth: mobile users’ attention spans average a mere 6 to 10 seconds. Winning that split-second interest demands not only an irresistible offer but immediate visibility of captivating content ‘above the fold.’

The Art and Science of Website And Funnel Creation

The guest, founder of Arch Web Design, underscored the power of clear, solutions-oriented language on websites. This approach forms the bedrock of audience retention and ensures a comprehensive showcase of services or products. For SaaS companies, in particular, Rhami stressed the significance of a balanced website and funnel strategy to enhance product visibility and lead generation.

Harnessing Analytics for Superior UX

The discussion moved to the analytical aspect of user experience. Tracking tools such as Google Analytics, heat mapping, and screen recording software are pivotal in unveiling improvement areas and upgrading conversion rates. Rhami recommended these technologies, noting their capability to monitor user behavior meticulously.

Personal Growth Outside the Comfort Zone

Another gem from the episode was the ideology that personal growth often sprouts from discomfort. Rhami and Juli pondered this truth, discussing the daily efforts of self-reflection critical for personal evolution. Whether through silent drives or quiet moments, introspection is a path to growth.

Dreams, Potential, and the Pursuit of Helping Others

Rhami used his platform to transmit a resonating message: understand one’s dreams and persistently pursue them. Aspirations are not just personal landmarks but beacons that illuminate paths to aid others. True to this philosophy, Rhami guides listeners to follow his journey on social media and offers access to a wealth of complimentary resources.

Practical Steps to Enhanced Conversions

Detailing conversion rate optimization, Rhami conveyed actionable advice. Three key software tools for beginners, the role of A/B testing, and the positioning of call-to-action buttons were among the many tactical points discussed. With his background in web design and UX, he brought a wealth of experience to the conversation, emphasizing the necessary focus on user needs and desires for cogent website messaging.

The Evolution of Success and its Redefined Parameters

As the episode unfolded, the spotlight shone on Rhami’s renewed definition of success. A paradigm shift from a pure business focus to encompassing family, friends, and fulfillment signified a more holistic view. Rhami discussed his new business venture, aimed at helping those feeling stuck or not realizing their full potential, underlining his belief in the transformative power of personal growth.

UX Design as a Pillar for Scale

To end our episode, Juli and Rhami expounded on the idea that hardship can help refocus and pinpoint new growth opportunities. Their conversation challenges listeners to rethink their approach to user experience, advocating the necessity of analytics, well-crafted messages, and tool utilization for SaaS companies and beyond.

We close out the episode by encouraging listeners to share the invaluable insights and visit the information in the website for extended and exclusive content, continuing the mission of Seven Figure Builder to empower the entrepreneurial community with knowledge to scale their businesses to seven figures and beyond.

3 Things That Will Surprise You

  1. Rhami Aboud started his agency, Arch Web Design, in March 2020, amidst the challenging times of the global pandemic, showing growth and opportunism in a period where many businesses were struggling.

  2. Rhami is working on a new business aimed at helping individuals who feel stuck or are not living up to their potential, highlighting his passion for personal development not just in business, but in everyday life and the community.Ben’s vision for the future is ambitious, aiming to expand his software user base to 5,000, showcasing his belief in the transformative power of automation and system efficiency.

  3. Rhami’s redefined priorities include a balance between business success and valuing family and friends, offering a reminder of the importance of personal relationships in the definition of success.

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