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Have you ever felt that your career success didn’t quite match up with personal fulfillment? Michael “MOJO” Johnson, a renowned mindset and mental performance coach, joins us to unravel this very conundrum. Transforming from an under-confident child to a diesel mechanic and finally a fitness industry luminary, Michael’s inspirational journey is proof that aligning your inner values with your professional life is not just desirable, but achievable.

This episode takes a deep look at the psychological foundations of self-identity and how they shape our decisions and leadership styles. Michael dissects the misunderstood concept of the ego and elucidates the profound impact of childhood experiences on our adult lives. He introduces us to the idea of a “success map”—a tool for navigating the complexities of personal and professional aspirations. Through Michael’s lens, we gain an understanding of how to lead with clarity and purpose, steering our businesses and teams toward not just success, but fulfillment.

Strap in for a deep discussion on the art of alignment, vital for harmonizing ambition with well-being. Michael shares his insights on the potential value conflicts in relationships and how active listening and communication can be the key to resolving them. In the realm of sales leadership and business interactions, he advises on the delicate balance of positivity and realism, encouraging a tailored approach to guiding others. This episode promises not only a wealth of strategies for tackling personal motivations but also for achieving harmony in both life and work.

Michael Johnson Bio

Michael Mojo is the mindset and mental performance coach for some of Australia’s top rich listers, industry leaders, athletes and business teams.

Michael has an undeniable talent for bridging the gap between advanced sciences, human behaviour, personal development and the mental performance fields. Producing powerful tools and teachings that people can easily understand and implement to help them succeed at greater levels.

He has been featured alongside the likes of Dr Joe Dispenza, Dr John Demartini, Dr Dave Logan, Grant Cardone, Gary Vaynerchuk and Barbara Corcoran (Shark Tank).

Through his events, programs and coaching Michael has guided tens of thousands of people to create change so they don’t end up stressed out, burned out, tired, self destructive and living an unhealthy or unfulfilled lifestyle.

Today more than ever people are lost, unfulfilled and destroying their mindset by trying to fit the expectations of others rather than leading their own path to success.

Michael is here to share what he’s learned on his journey to becoming the best individual he can be in every area. It’s his mission to help people raise their standards, get the clarity they need to succeed and create the lifestyle they’ve always dreamed of.

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