[00:00:00] Juli Baranik: Welcome to the seven figure builder show. My name is Julie Baranik, founder of seven figure builder, where we help high achieving CEOs work smarter, not harder with gorgeous insights to scale to seven figures and beyond.

[00:00:10] Juli Baranik: And I’m here today with my friend, Kim Dang. Hey, Kim.

[00:00:14] Kim Dang: Hey, Julie. I’m happy to be here. 

[00:00:17] Juli Baranik: I’m thrilled to have you. So first and foremost, where in the world are you?

[00:00:20] Kim Dang:  I’m in Miami.

[00:00:25] Juli Baranik: The beautiful sun behind you.

[00:00:28] Kim Dang: Yeah, I have a gorgeous view of the Miami beach over there, , and the water. And so it’s, I’m blessed by the weather that we have here and I really like living in Miami.

[00:00:39] Kim Dang: I travel quite a bit, so I’m going to be going to Medellin, Colombia in about a week and, staying there for a month. And then after that, probably going to some conferences. There’s a Kajabi conference that’s upcoming. That’s pretty interesting.

[00:00:53] Juli Baranik: Awesome. Yeah, that is gorgeous down there. So for people that haven’t had the chance to meet you yet, can you tell us just a little bit about what you do with your business?

[00:01:01] Kim Dang: Yeah. So my name is Kim Dang. A lot of my handles are at Kim Possible Dang. And, I’m the founder and CEO of Group Convert, like the group G R O U P C O N V E R T, converting a group. It’s a tool that lets you collect Facebook groups in order for you to go and, start that conversation with them automatically, because Facebook groups are.

[00:01:25] Kim Dang: Growing very rapidly now, more than ever. And because of that, there’s all these people flowing into these groups, but their information isn’t really gathered or it’s gathered in a very manual way. You have to answer 3 questions to come into a group if it’s private on Facebook and a lot of times people are copying and pasting that information over.

[00:01:45] Kim Dang: So my tool lets you just. Collect that automatically push it to a Google sheet to connect it to your email autoresponder or whatever software that you have to keep track of your leads and have a conversation with them, to create a clear path to purchase so that they make a buying decision. So it’s very clear.

[00:02:04] Kim Dang: That’s the software side of my company. I started out, when I was younger, creating a dismantling company, like a legal chop shop. Right after I graduated from college and, from there I’m like, all right, EECOM, let’s go into software. So then now I own the tool, and I’ve since, taught people how to scale their little, tiny, simple software companies, going anywhere from zero to over a million dollars a year, like passive income, from there, I parlayed that to, building out an education company now that.

[00:02:35] Kim Dang: I take coaches, course creators, , to monetize from their community. And I specialize using a Facebook group because that’s one of my more popular tools. And then, from there I teach them how to scale out as in what automations, who do they hire and what order to have a, kind of group coaching business that upsells into a mastermind level.

[00:02:56] Kim Dang: If they have an expertise that they can teach the world, I can show them how to convert one to many inside of a group.

[00:03:03] Juli Baranik: Amazing. So it sounds like you’re bored, right? Like you really have nothing to do.

[00:03:08] Kim Dang: I was like, I’m sitting around, right?

[00:03:09] Juli Baranik:  Absolutely. So I am like super excited to talk about this with you today.

[00:03:16] Juli Baranik: But first and foremost, why Facebook groups? Like, why that of all things? Do you really want to dig in there?

[00:03:22] Kim Dang: Yeah, so it’s because I’m trying to solve the next problem, which was created from the first initial me solving a solution or providing a solution to these people. So I started off with my own Facebook group because my friend, Rachel, she’s like, Kim, you can do an affiliate marketing.

[00:03:45] Kim Dang: That’s different than e comm that what you’re doing over there. Because you don’t need any inventory. You can just make money online. And I said, okay, I’ll do that. So I started a Facebook group for affiliate marketing. I earned very little income from affiliate marketing, but I just noticed that. There was something I was doing all the time, copying, pasting, copying, pasting, people’s answers and questions as they’re coming into my group, I’m like, Oh man, there must be a better solution.

[00:04:10] Kim Dang: So I commissioned, a random person on Upwork to create a tool for me that will just do it automatically. And I remember, , at that time when I created the group, I only had 25 people. So I manually collected 25 emails and I sent. My email list, my whopping email list of 25 people, the tool, offering the tools thinking, Oh, you know what?

[00:04:32] Kim Dang: If I need this, they would probably need it. And then I saw two people subscribe to me for 7 a month on absolutely like, Pixels, you know, like the internet so that I got for 380 one time. So I’m like, Oh my gosh, this is crazy. So I saw that within a week of me just going, Hey guys, I have this tool. And going into that and going, you know, I’m gonna be a software owner.

[00:04:58] Kim Dang: My income went from for that, software business, like making just a few couple bucks a day to doing, 1, 500 a month within like a week and a half to over 2000. This was three years ago. So now it’s, it’s very substantial. And I’ve since then acquired other software companies that are like tiny and then have scaled them out.

[00:05:23] Kim Dang: So that’s why , now I’m doing this, but going back to your question, why Facebook groups? It’s because that’s one of my more popular tools. And when I saw that we have over 12, 000 subscribers and they were like, Kim. Uh, what do I do after I collect the emails and I realized oh, I can show them how to monetize that group So that’s when I started looking into all right.

[00:05:47] Kim Dang: How do I monetize and to answer that question? It’s like oh you can pitch into the group and so I I looked into like how do How do they convert one to many into a group because a group is basically a platform they are selling from a virtual stage and when I just honed in on like What do they have to say?

[00:06:06] Kim Dang: How do they say it? What does that look like? How do they open up the group? How do they talk to the group? I saw clients coming in within two weeks in my program because of the way that we tell them what to say, how to say, how to pitch into their group. They’ll go from like trying to struggle selling a 500 SEO course like Tyler did to doing 66, 000 because 13 people said yes to his 5, 000 group coaching program that we just made up.

[00:06:31] Kim Dang: We just added like, hey, can you do group coaching from this course? And he’s like, yeah. And I said, can you show up two times a week, like an hour each time to answer questions? in a zoom room. He’s like, yes, I can do that, Kim. So that enabled people to go from barely making anything from their group, because they just have their group on the side, to doing these massive numbers in as short as two weeks.

[00:06:54] Kim Dang: So we really hone that down. And so if you have an expertise, And you are struggling to monetize from your audience because you’re trying other methods like cold emailing, other things. A Facebook group is one of the best vehicles that I’ve witnessed, to go from absolutely nothing, no audience, no testimonials, not even an offer, to , enrolling nine to 15 clients into a high ticket offer in as little as two weeks.

[00:07:23] Kim Dang: And so I’m like, I’m totally freaked out over this group thing, because I saw how strong it could be and how many lives it actually changes through this process. Because a lot of people, they really want to be able to spend time with their family. They really want to have time back. And they really want to live a life that they.

[00:07:42] Kim Dang: Truly want to live like wake up and do what they want to do. And a lot of times that’s aligned with them teaching something they already know, and being able to help other people. So it’s a very fulfilling vehicle. That’s also why Facebook groups to me, I could say, Hey, I can teach you to monetize from your audience.

[00:08:01] Kim Dang: But, you know, that would mean that I really am talking to everyone. However, if I say, Thank you. I can teach you to monetize from a Facebook group, then they’re like, Oh yeah, I have one over here in the corner. Uh, let me dust that off.

[00:08:18] Juli Baranik: Absolutely. And you mentioned about passive income, like Facebook will also promote it for you that the more active you are, right.

[00:08:25] Juli Baranik: The more Facebook is going to say, Hey, don’t you want to join this group? And then it brings people in and suggest it to them, right?

[00:08:32] Kim Dang: Yeah. So it’s actually living, breathing asset that continues. I call it. ATMs, you know, online ATMs. Inside of a group, there’s content generated testimonials, people talking to each other, and you are the leader of that group.

[00:08:48] Kim Dang: So there’s all this, it’s like an echo chamber effect of great things going on in that group. And as long as you know how to, like, talk to the group the right way, how to set up. The group structurally. So there’s a clear path to purchase. It actually can be quite easy for you to consistently monetize from your group month after month.

[00:09:08] Juli Baranik: Awesome. So lots of people out there have Facebook groups, right? And lots of people are not making the kind of money that you’re talking about. So what are the biggest mistakes that you see people making in the Facebook group?

[00:09:19] Kim Dang: Yeah, not creating a clear path, not setting up the group. So there’s a clear path to purchase just willy nilly.

[00:09:25] Kim Dang: The banner doesn’t even, there’s no call to action on the banner. And there’s no call to action to even click on it. There’s in the description, there’s no link to their opt in, like structurally setting up the group. I have this thing called the value post pipeline. So as soon as someone comes in, if your group is set up the right way, There’s going to be a pin post that pin post will tell them exactly like what to expect what to do next and lead them into a clicking decision.

[00:09:50] Kim Dang: So they’ll step one, step two, step three, click here to continue your journey and you click that leads them to another post and another post would say, Hey. I have Instagram subscribe to me. Let’s all subscribe to each other. Go ahead and drop your Instagram below so it like helps share so you can utilize a group to go and increase your social media as well.

[00:10:10] Kim Dang: And then, all right, click here and it will be another post inside of the group that has a video of you doing a training, kind of like a little webinar, so that they can go and enter your course. All these things can happen, but people just have no idea how to. That to even put it there. And then also when you ask three questions and people are coming into your group, you can set it up so that you’re actually making a sale.

[00:10:37] Kim Dang: So one of the things you can ask is, do you have my thing? And your thing could be your book. Your thing could be a PDF that you sell for like 27 bucks, something like low ticket. And they’ll say, No, I don’t have it yet. Can I get it? Or You’ll see them answer no or yeah, I just got it. I just am on the trial version or like, yeah, I just got it, but I need help.

[00:10:58] Kim Dang: So from that, those are all leads. And, you could include a link. Like I say, Hey, do you have group convert? It lets you collect emails from Facebook groups. So and so use it. And so and so multi seven figure CEO and eight figure CEO person use it. So some social proof. And then if you don’t have it, go here.

[00:11:15] Kim Dang: www. groupconvert. com. Just by including that question as people are coming into my group on a daily basis, it allows us to get more subscribers. Because of just the exposure of it. They gone through one kind of line of defense already, which is they want to learn from that group. They’re there to learn how to grow their group.

[00:11:37] Kim Dang: So my group is how to grow their group. And then from there, they’re answering the question. And the question is like, Hey, this lets you collect emails from your group. So when you’re growing it, you can actually have your own list. And so it’s very intent driven. But if you don’t even include that question and you’re like, Hey, are you going to follow the rules of this?

[00:11:56] Kim Dang: Yes, please. It becomes this. Yeah. Like you just don’t know. So there are things like that tactically that you just don’t know. You don’t know that is like, Oh, structurally. Yeah. You know, you can change it. But then there’s also like the bigger opt down kind of psychological aspect to think about this, which is how to treat the group, which is where for my clients, I say, Hey, don’t open up your first group until you have at least 200 people waiting to come in.

[00:12:26] Kim Dang: Because when you open it up, they can flood in all at once. And they can introduce themselves. The first pin post, and that will kick the algorithm and push you all the way to the top in a very short amount of time. And you can ride that wave into making a call to action to buy your coaching offer or buy your thing.

[00:12:47] Kim Dang: We have people who sell e comm like physical products as well, but that is. Okay, how do you open up the group? What does that look like? So I show them how to do that and doing that will allow you to monetize from your group in as little as two weeks because it takes about two weeks to fill up the group.

[00:13:06] Kim Dang: So that’s another thing that I see people thinking they’ll just let anyone in anyone in and then just slowly build it up when they can treat it like a virtual room that exists on the Internet and you’re letting people in. And before you let them in. They actually are in the waiting room section, which is all the members request area.

[00:13:25] Kim Dang: And you can see every single detail that they have. You can see their social media profile. You can see the questions that they answer. And they’ll answer questions like, yeah, I need help. Because one of the questions I have is, hey, we help entrepreneurs, course creators make an extra 50 to 100, 000 a month with group sizes as small as 200 people.

[00:13:46] Kim Dang: If you are curious about this and you want us to reach out, drop your phone number below. So we have their phone number, we have their email address, we have their actual profile, so we can click send a message and my team will have the conversations. Um, and then we let them inside of the group for our training or whatever it is.

[00:14:06] Kim Dang: We run these five day challenges, that they can benefit from and oh, another thing, a secret, not really a secret, but something that most people won’t know is that, with these groups, If you set it up so that the videos that they see the first videos they see is a video that sells the next video that sells the next video and you do it in succession where it’s the first video sells the vehicle and have them commit to your vehicle.

[00:14:34] Kim Dang: So, for example, for me, they’re committing to having a group and they’re committing to that. And then the second video. sells the first part of what your formula is. Let’s say you have three part formula for us. It’s GOL group offer launch. They’re like, Oh, okay. They’re committing to saying yes to learning part one of your formula, part two, and then part three.

[00:14:57] Kim Dang: And when you teach them, you teach them how to think differently. So when you can actually pitch. Within just like three or five days, your offer to them with all of their objections broken completely down and them committing to you every single day, every single video so you can actually put them through this amazing objection handling, mind breaking, kind of, long form.

[00:15:24] Kim Dang: It’s a longer form webinar that now exists And lives and consistently converts for you. And so, you can actually, once you do that live once or twice, you can actually run ads to the group. People watch the videos as they go along, engage with the content and then make a buying decision. And so , it’s actually really cool that can exist inside of a group as well.

[00:15:49] Kim Dang: And a lot of the people that I’m talking to is most of your audience, which are like female entrepreneurs. So. You know, if they have anything to teach, this utilizing a group is one of the best vehicles that I see to give you the highest ROI in the shortest amount of time with the warmest, warmest calls.

[00:16:08] Kim Dang: That’s what Christopher Stubbs just told me. And, he’s been an entrepreneur for over a decade, teaching men how to be like. In their power, and he’s like, yeah, I’ve done all the ads and the webinars and all that stuff. Kim, I said, yeah, this is a great alternative, right? He’s like, no, there’s not an alternative.

[00:16:26] Kim Dang: This is the way. And I was like, Oh my gosh. He got 90 percent conversion ratio. So he’s like, I’ve never experienced this in my life. And so, yeah, it’s pretty exciting that this, , solution exists. For people if they want to do it because, the mistake is, Hey, I got to build up my audience. It’ll take time.

[00:16:50] Kim Dang: Hey, I need to put together an offer all this stuff. And so I realized that no, none of that is true. If you know how to utilize the Facebook group. 

[00:17:01] Juli Baranik: So essentially you’re creating the Facebook group as a selling engine for what it is that you’re ultimately trying to accomplish and then using the funnel of people coming into your Facebook group to feed them through that engine and then convert them in the conversations, which is absolutely incredible.

[00:17:17] Kim Dang: And they can be converted straight up through a sales form once they watch like video three or four it sends you could actually pitch straight up so you can just sell straight to an order form. If you don’t have a high ticket offer if your offers high ticket like above 5000 you do need to send them to schedule a call.

[00:17:37] Juli Baranik: So let’s talk about content within the group, because I know a lot of people feel like they’re constantly pitching, pitching, pitching, pitching, and then people get very turned off by the fact that they’re being sold to all the time. So how is that happy medium? Like, what do you recommend for people with that?

[00:17:52] Kim Dang: Yeah, so I recommend my clients have a, common nurture group where it’s like not pitching, pitching, pitching all the time. It’s just, uh, hey, this is a free training and I’ll show you this. And by the way, I have a, five day challenge coming up or a three day challenge coming up. Well, it’s going to exist in this smaller group.

[00:18:12] Kim Dang: Click here and the small group. All it is is they know that there’s going to be a pitch. And so the small group exists and lives continuously as a pitch machine. But people are saying yes to entering it from your main group and the small group. Once the training is over, you have a VA, just delete all the videos.

[00:18:34] Kim Dang: And so it can start all over again. It could start in two week cohorts over and over again, as your main group is like growing, uh, and the small group and it feeds each other. So you run ads. So once you convert organically, my clients, I take them through three stages. Stage 1, they fill up a group, 200 to 300 people, I show them how to do that, I tell them exactly what to say, how to say it, they pitch, they convert 3 to 5 percent of that group, anywhere from 9 to 15 clients.

[00:19:03] Kim Dang: For stage 1, they get that cash. Okay, cool. And now, what happens at the end of that training? The group itself collapses, as in all the videos are just removed from that. And we’re like, Hey, if you want to continue your journey with your peers, go ahead and join the main group. And that’s a call to action is through emails, SMS, also a link.

[00:19:24] Kim Dang: And so the small group feeds the main group and the main group continues growing. And the main group is not like a pitch fest. But the small group is so you have the main group that you nurture. And a lot of times my clients don’t even nurture their main group. Like they just leave it to die.

[00:19:41] Kim Dang: Because the smaller pitch group is enough for them to generate the extra 50, 100, 000 a month from like this small teeny audience. And yeah, like I have clients who their group is as small as literally 40 people and they only have like 10 people watching them. But nine people would buy into their 4k offer.

[00:20:00] Kim Dang: That’s still 36, 000 that they make in like five days. So it’s still pretty good. One of the things I do know when I answer that question is your energy, right, your time. So a lot of my clients, they’re like, ah, Kim, this is fine with this group and that group, but I don’t want to continue pitching live all the time.

[00:20:19] Kim Dang: Can this be automated? And the answer is yeah. So we actually tell our clients after they pitch stage one, they pitch stage two to pitch again. And stage three is when we run ads to their pitch, they can choose one of the replays. And from there, we send the people into a Kajabi portal or some kind of like membership replay portal.

[00:20:41] Kim Dang: And that. Will convert as well because you’ve done it live and you got that back and forth feedback from the audience so you can like figure out the tweaks and the kinks and then you run ads to a training that it won’t convert 3 to 5%. It’ll convert 1 to 2%, but that’s still good. And so, that’s when I take them into a more like evergreen journey, which is.

[00:21:05] Kim Dang: Hey, you can sell in and out of your five day training. You can sell in and out of launches. It’s like sales can come in every single day. If you choose to want to do that, because some people like a lifestyle business, they’re like, I don’t want to do any of that. No book calls for me. Yeah.

[00:21:24] Juli Baranik: Yeah. Well, and the smaller group that you mentioned creates urgency, right?

[00:21:28] Juli Baranik: Because they’re only in there for that short period of time. And then you close it out. And then if they don’t make a decision. Then you feed them back to the bigger group, but, you know, they’re losing that, that excitement and that urgency, with that short period of time, right? 

[00:21:41] Kim Dang: Yeah. Bingo. Not only urgency.

[00:21:44] Kim Dang: Oh my gosh. So many things. FOMO. Which is like when you start enrolling clients, we’re putting in congratulations posts in that small group. So they see their peers running to the back of the room. So there’s a lot of components that mimics a live in person event without you having to book out that ballroom and the food and all that stuff.

[00:22:03] Kim Dang: And you’re doing it from the comfort of your own house. So there’s a lot of like rushing to the back of the room effect. And then there’s also, yeah, all the videos go down. So they lose all that and they have to make a decision. Or I mean, that’s it. And during the meantime, they’re doing a lot of the work they’re committing to you every step of the way.

[00:22:20] Kim Dang: And there’s a phrase that I say a lot in my training, which is, movement equals magic. So when you’re moving, you’re committing, you’re doing all this thing. Some of them, they’re like, man, I did more in the past five days than I did in the past year. I need to continue this momentum. Like they feel like they can’t stop.

[00:22:38] Kim Dang: And so when I invite them to come and work with me. It’s more like, you know, what if you could do this, what if you can continue this momentum for the next year of your life, how would your life look like a year from now and they’re like, Oh, my God, I need that. Oh, let’s do that. They’re already in motion.

[00:22:57] Kim Dang: So they’re the best clients, they come in, they already did the homework. I just take them the rest of the way. But, yeah, it’s like you said it is. It’s real scarcity. , it is, fear of missing out. It’s social proof. Oh, you’re streaming testimonials from past clients in there if you have any.

[00:23:15] Kim Dang: And then there’s also, oh, and you’re getting testimonials while you’re doing your training, even before they enter into your program, because One of the homework that they have is to drop their testimonial and biggest insight into a comments section. So you can go and take a picture of all the testimonials and video testimonials.

[00:23:35] Kim Dang: So they’re going to go live inside of the group as an asset for you for the future. And they’re going to go, Oh, this training is amazing. This is the biggest insight I got from today. And that’s part of their homework. So it’s actually really cool. Like you can get a lot done in a short period of time.

[00:23:53] Juli Baranik: Absolutely. So the whole thing, I like, I geek out on systems and automation and data and all that fun stuff. But like, the whole thing is a big system with automation. And how does it help people work smarter, not harder? Like, how does it really make their life easier? Other than I know, we’ve talked about little pieces of it throughout.

[00:24:10] Kim Dang: Because it’s like, in two weeks, you’re working on an asset. That you don’t need to change all the time that it can just exist and live and it’s like one of the most highest converting series of videos, and it could be your like, I say the seat that you’re sitting in right now when you’re watching me, whether it’s a chair or cushion, a wooden, seat that you’re on, that’s the seat of your multimillion dollar empire right now, because you can do this.

[00:24:37] Kim Dang: Right where you are. And so working, smarter and not harder is you’re not on this content hamster wheel of creating a bunch of different content. You create this one asset. And some of my clients have used the very first time that they do their launch, again, and again, and again, the same slides, the same message, the same thing over and over again for like.

[00:25:00] Kim Dang: over a year and it still works. Like for me, the training that I give now is the same training that I gave two years ago. Of course I tweak it and I add more stuff to it and we like improve a lot on our back end and everything. But, it’s essentially the same thing. It’s breaking down every single objection that they have towards your vehicle, your method, and then it’s positioning you so that you’re the very next.

[00:25:25] Kim Dang: logical step in their journey. The only objection they should have left by the time you pitch is money. And one of the things that I, like a phrase I really connect with is something I learned from, Sam Evans. He’s like, Hey, let’s eat our customers complexity. So it’s one thing to be successful and to convert, right?

[00:25:45] Kim Dang: It’s another thing to teach someone to get the same results that you get or even like surpass your results. So one of the things we do is, all right, what’s complex in this whole thing? Hmm. Maybe the funnel. So for us, we white label this, go high level software and we call ours group launch. And so group launch and with group launch, they can come in, fill out a teeny form and then have everything up and running in one form.

[00:26:14] Kim Dang: They have their landing page opt in to the thank you, to the book call, to the sales page, to all of the emails connected to all the SMS connected, all the nurture posts. Connected so everything is all connected up and running. They just got to change their image and the bullet points and the copy, but we work with them on that.

[00:26:35] Kim Dang: So, that’s 1 way to work smarter not harder to join some kind of, like. Program or system that allows you to just collapse a bunch of time. And so that’s one way we collapse time. Another way is we used to have people watch a bunch of videos we’re like, okay, you got to say this like this. And we record a bunch of videos for them that doesn’t collapse as much time as having like a trained offer coach, sit down with them and literally.

[00:27:05] Kim Dang: Tell them exactly what they’re going to say. What does their offer look like? What’s the price point? What’s each line item and then how they’re going to pitch it. And the psychology behind all of that in a few calls. So like in one to two calls. My clients are like, Oh, I’m ready to fricking do this. I have my funnel.

[00:27:22] Kim Dang: I have a group, you know, I have the assets for the group, which is like literally a banner. And I’m ready to go. And so they’ll do their launch very quickly. And they’ll be so shocked. Like one of my clients, he just launched in one week, three days, he gave his audience three days.

[00:27:38] Kim Dang: He’s like, guys, I have a training coming up. And he had 400 people sign up for his training. In three days from his Instagram. So he didn’t even have a group. Wow. He pitched and he enrolled 10 people into his 7k offer. He did like 70, 000 in three days notice to his audience. And his group filled up to 400 people.

[00:27:59] Kim Dang: So it was sizable. But for him, he’s like, wow, I just made 70, 000. And that’s just like, that’s just like a regular example. The crazier ones is Lombard, who, who had 2000 people like join her training. And she did 42 enrollments. She did 250, 000 in five days, and she was, and it was her first time offering a high ticket offer that she was just selling this 9.

[00:28:27] Kim Dang: 97 thing until we’re like, Hey. Charge 5, 000 at least and she’s like, okay, 5, 600 and I’m like, oh, yeah, do that. And so she pitched that and she was like, Kim, this is insane. And I said, I know, like, this is what’s possible. This is what you can do. The biggest mistake that I see people do is they think they can just like go and mimic.

[00:28:50] Kim Dang: Someone and be like, Oh, I’m just gonna copy this person. But really, it’s that sit down with a someone that’s already done that for hundreds of other people. And then just telling you what to say that has been the breakthrough in terms of our clients getting success And their journey, their customer journey, collapsing time for them.

[00:29:10] Kim Dang: Yeah. So that, that’s something that I want to share because you might be a coach listening to this and you’re like, you know, they got to just deal with those videos, but You know, if you pay a coach to really do that for them, and it takes a couple of calls, the ROI is massive because it really the people who in this space, the people who are earning 500, 000 to 1 million a month have a more dialed back end system that is geared towards ascension than it is front end sales.

[00:29:41] Kim Dang: Front end sales can tap out at one to 200, 000 a month. But back in Ascension, we had a client come in. She paid 9k, which is a three month program, which is 9k. And then she was like, all right, on the onboarding call, because we dialed in our back end system, the onboarding call, have her be aware of our higher level program and she’s like, Hmm, I’m going to do that.

[00:30:05] Kim Dang: And so she went from an IK client to a 40, 000 client in one conversation. And I don’t think people know that they can do that. So I’m just like, this is something you can do like the back end is going to be a lot more higher. This is, of course, of course, if you have a solid core offer and you’re ready to, like, do that back end, you know, you can’t just willingly do this.

[00:30:29] Kim Dang: But, this is something that I’ve noticed. That works really well as well.

[00:30:33] Juli Baranik:  Yeah, that’s amazing. Yeah. And you know, we think about so often that in our funnels when you’re first making that sale that people are often, you know, you’re in the buying cycle. So they’re more likely to buy something else. But once they’re onboarding, I don’t think anybody really thinks about the fact that you can offer them that higher level, like usually it’s like farther in the journey, you think about, okay, I’m going to pitch them later.

[00:30:55] Juli Baranik: You know, to that Ascension model of this is my higher level package, but you’re right that during that onboarding period, they’re really still in that buyer cycle of, I’m ready to buy. I trust you. I’ve given you my money. So, , that’s not that far of a leap to really jump them up to the next level, which is absolutely incredible.

[00:31:13] Juli Baranik: . Awesome. And then you mentioned about, you know, doing this whole system that you’re building, you’re doing over and over again, you can really refine it to bring in, all the questions that they have and just polishing it better and better and better every single time that you don’t have to reinvent the wheel, which is, you know, really awesome that it just makes it easier for you every single time.

[00:31:32] Kim Dang: Yeah, and when the messaging is better and better, it’s intuitive selling to you know, like the people who are like, heck, yeah, to you, when they come into your group, because we have a lot of layering processes, which is like, we grade them, if they book a call, we anchor their book call to after our pitch, but we book out our entire, like the entire calendar, by day one.

[00:31:56] Kim Dang: So we have these strategies that’s like, okay, you, you do this and you’ll be able to book out your entire calendar, but you’ll jump on warm people warm calls because they are allowed to only be in your calendar after the pitch, but they’re anchored to watching the videos because they already scheduled a call.

[00:32:13] Kim Dang: So there’s these like tactical things like that. By https: otter. ai warm. It’s so that I’m like, Oh man, you got, you got to try it out. If you have a Facebook group, you got to try it out at least like maybe once. And then you’ll be hooked. Yes. And it’s the same, it’s the same thing. Like you’re not, yeah, you’re not on this content hamster wheel, creating all these dances for Tik TOKs.

[00:32:41] Kim Dang: A lot of my clients come from that world of like, Kim, I got to continue posting and posting, posting, and I’m jumping on all these. It’s really cool calls and I’m like, yeah, cause you know, that’s the way that they tell you what to do. But this is something that you can do where you don’t have to do that.

[00:32:58] Kim Dang: You have one asset. It works really well and you can run ads to that asset later on and it will just convert on its own. Like one of my clients, Shelly, she now. At first she came to me, she was selling 60 an hour per time teaching people how to do handstands in a studio. Like, she had her own yoga place.

[00:33:17] Kim Dang: And after that, I’m like, um, maybe you can pitch group coaching and you’ll teach them through Zoom. And she’s like, what? handstand through zoom and I said, yeah, you can do it. And so we crafted a 4, 500 offer for her. She pitched that into a group. She went from barely making anything to doing 90 to 100, 000 a month.

[00:33:38] Kim Dang: And with that money, she just hired coaches right away. I was like, all right, run fast, get coaches underneath you hire people to teach this stuff through zoom with you and in your place. And she’s like, okay, okay, she started running fast. And now I’m like, all right, you have that asset, run ads to it.

[00:33:56] Kim Dang: And so now she’s like on vacation with her husband that she retired. And the ads would run into these videos that leads to her closer closing, booking a call, closing. And she has zero intervention in the whole process. And she went to one of our live events at, my penthouse in Miami. And she’s like, guys, I just closed the deal.

[00:34:18] Kim Dang: I’m here with you guys. That is awesome. That’s what can be possible. Yeah.

[00:34:28] Juli Baranik: So you have accomplished incredible things. You’ve taught people to accomplish incredible things. How do you define success? Like, what does that look like to you? 

[00:34:35] Kim Dang: Success to me is very different than success to a lot of people because everyone’s idea of success is just different.

[00:34:43] Kim Dang: They come from all walks of life. For me, success is I feel like I am already successful. To a degree because I have thousands of people who, are super, super happy that I’m in their life and they know about me. I have tons of clients. I have an amazing team and we get massive client wins every single week.

[00:35:05] Kim Dang: So I’m like, this is really cool. And then and I get to now tinker and work on random projects, software projects. So I’m actually building out bigger software because I’m like, Oh, you know, this is a multiple million dollar company, but this problem that I saw over here can be a billion dollar company.

[00:35:24] Kim Dang: And with this as a cash cow, and it’s helping a lot of people, I can go and take, like, take profits from that. And, put it into solving a much bigger problem. So I’m like around there. And, , success to me is being able to have a life where my family is taken care of. So I retired. My parents, they don’t have to worry about money for the rest of their life.

[00:35:48] Kim Dang: And my team members are happy successes. I’m surrounded by people who I’m like, You know, not a lot, not like I’m not crazy known, but in my circle, in the space, , I feel very like lucky that people show up to my trainings or they happen to talk to me and they’re like, is this the real Kim Dang or am I talking to a bot or is this real?

[00:36:13] Kim Dang: Are you real? I have that. Reality right now? And so yeah, if the people in my life are healthy, happy, and my team members are not stressed out and they’re doing well, and I’m continuously recruiting and getting more jobs for people. I define that as success. And if I am healthy, and Now I feel like I trained my body to be this.

[00:36:37] Kim Dang: I’m like a marathon equivalent of a business person because, I would, I’m able to go back to back to back to back of calls meetings, this and that podcast this that and then still go on date night, you know, still be able to Live without feeling like, Oh my gosh, my life. And then I can stop at any time I could, which I don’t want to, cause I would have to fire a bunch of people, but I, I’m like, Oh, you know, this is voluntary that, yeah.

[00:37:08] Kim Dang: So I feel successful in that sense. Yeah.

[00:37:12] Juli Baranik: That’s amazing. And you’ve got so many things going on, obviously, but what is the most life changing goal for you this coming year? What can you share with us?

[00:37:19] Kim Dang:  So I started releasing these. Apps like this software called group flow. It’s a try group flow dot com and it scrapes leads not like email addresses where it’s kind of illegal, but it’s great leads from all these groups and a crowd sources which group.

[00:37:42] Kim Dang: Is more relevant and then also, in the future, it’s gonna give a weighted value to each member. So let’s say a member online on Facebook is part of seven paid masterminds because they’re a crazy buyer, or they just invest in themselves in a massive way. That person would have like a weighted value.

[00:38:03] Kim Dang: Some kind of value to them that, because of their profile, because of the groups that they’re a part of, we know, okay, this person , might be a buyer and we can actually form that kind of list and have that. let’s be available for our users and also, what I noticed is that people, who are doing organic marketing, they value certain posts and some posts will go viral, their own posts, and they’ll have to keep track of the people who comment below.

[00:38:33] Kim Dang: So the software keeps track of all these posts for you and we’ll go back and revisit the posts to continue communicating with the people and with the advent of AI, Which is, it’s going like massive speed, massive changes right now. We can actually include messaging that’s like on more automated, but like attached to a GPT, three.

[00:38:54] Kim Dang: And so I feel like the future is pretty crazy this upcoming year. Because of how fast things are changing and I feel like my goal is to be able to get, , try group flow to 5, 000 users. , that’s my goal and seeing where that goes. Plus it’s a tool that will help my current clients as well, because a lot of them are trying to figure out organic marketing at like if ads don’t work that well.

[00:39:21] Kim Dang: And this will enable them to do that. And we have like crazy insight on our users because they actually it’s a CRM. So we know how much they close, we see like the book calls to the close. So we can actually see within a paid group, the revenue that it’s being generated in that group. And what type of audience, what type of niche, what person that is, and then we can compare that across multiple groups, to give like massive insight, which I think is the equivalent of like a pixel, you know, a Facebook pixel is invisible, you know, there’s like ads running and it’s targeting people and we have no idea.

[00:40:01] Kim Dang: Who’s really being targeted until after the fact until they do the click until they do the thing for this, it would be, taking the data and information of what is invisible in a pixel and bringing it to the forefront two coaches, course creators, people who want to reach their audience.

[00:40:18] Kim Dang: So that’s incredible. That’s the future.

[00:40:22] Juli Baranik: It sounds absolutely incredible. And for people that might that their minds are just like blown with this conversation. How can they find you? How can they support you? How can they get involved?

[00:40:32] Kim Dang: I send everyone to group convert dot com. It’s a tool. It’s very tiny, but it will enable you to go into my email newsletter.

[00:40:41] Kim Dang: And from there, you can enter more into my world. If you are curious to have a conversation with my team, I do have a little tiny, like 20 minute video that I put onto the landing page is called group convert ignite. I. G. N. I. T. dot com slash application. If you want to apply to come and work with us, it’s like a little 20 minute video that kind of explains everything.

[00:41:07] Kim Dang: And then if you are serious, only if you’re serious and you want to work with us. Then you can schedule a call with the team, and you’ll jump on a call with one of my team members, and if it makes sense, they will go and, provide you the level of offer that you qualify for, in that process.

[00:41:25] Kim Dang: So, you can find me everywhere on possible dang, , any Twitter, YouTube, or wherever. But the main website you should go to, to get access into my world is group convert. com.

[00:41:39] Juli Baranik: Beautiful. And we’ll have all the links down there below, so everybody can click on them and definitely check out what Kim is doing.

[00:41:44] Juli Baranik: This is just mind blowing stuff and can really help transform your business. And if you found value in this episode, please do share it because that’s how people find us. And you can find me at seven figure builder. com and I look forward to seeing you in the next episode. Thank you, Kim, for being on with us today.

[00:42:00] Kim Dang: Thanks dearly for having me. Absolutely.

[00:42:03] Juli Baranik: We’ll see you guys soon.

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