#81: A Masterclass in Branding, Growth, and Authentic Success with Abby Bradetich

Embark on a journey with Abby Bradetich of Illuminescence Creations as we unfold the tale of an audacious business ascent to the coveted seven-figure summit. Abby’s narrative is not just one of financial triumph but of forging a trailblazing path for bold female founders. Our conversation weaves through the transformation from solo entrepreneur to agency leader, shedding light on the strategic brilliance behind branding and content creation that converts intrigue into sales. As Abby reveals her playbook, we explore how personal branding and an unwavering commitment to client relationships serve as cornerstones in building an empowering online presence.

#80: Fine-Tuning Your Business for Peak Performance and Profit with Leonor Herrera

Ever felt like you’re pouring heart and soul into your business but the profits just don’t reflect the effort? Unlock the formula to boost your bottom line with Atlanta’s business coach extraordinaire, Leonor Herrera. This episode peels back the layers of a business, showing you how to fine-tune your operations and sharpen your sales strategy for greater revenue. Journey with us as Leonor Herrera recounts her own metamorphosis from nanny agency owner to a certified coach who’s guiding entrepreneurs through the maze of challenges they face. We’re not just talking about trimming the fat from your product line; it’s about zooming out for a better view of the entire playground where your business thrives.

Cracking the code to success in business isn’t just about the numbers; it’s about overcoming the mental blocks that hold us back, particularly when it comes to money. I spill the beans on some game-changing advice from mentors about understanding money personalities and their undeniable impact on our lives. In this heart-to-heart, we delve into the power of celebrating your wins, no matter the size, to keep the entrepreneurial flame burning bright. So, whether you’re part of the vibrant business community or standing at the helm of your own venture, this episode is a treasure trove of insights for anyone ready to embrace their ambition and wave goodbye to the naysayers. Get set to be galvanized into action and toast to your next milestone—your business thanks you in advance!

#79: Unlocking Media Success: A PR Conversation with Bridgetta Tomarchio

Join us for an enlightening conversation with Bridgetta Tomarchio, a seasoned Publicist, a PR, Business & Author Coach, and passionate Soulprenher. With over a decade of experience, Bridgetta shares invaluable insights on how to get PR ready, craft a compelling book, and enhance your business for a powerful launch. Don’t miss this opportunity to glean wisdom from a true expert in the field! Tune in and unlock the keys to media success in this episode with Bridgetta Tomarchio.

#78: Streamlining Business Processes for Growth and Sustainability with Ilaria Sambi

Wondering how you can streamline your business processes for maximum efficiency and growth? Say no more! Get ready to be enlightened by our extraordinary guest, Ilaria Sambi, a specialist in online business management and email funnel strategy. Ilaria imparts the value of having effective systems in place, with a focus on creating a user-friendly onboarding process for clients. She underlines that success, in this digital era, is massively influenced by the accessibility and effectiveness of your systems. If you’re keen on auditing and improving your current systems, this episode could be your guidebook!

Shifting gears, we discuss the crucial mindset transformation needed for channeling your energy and time towards business growth and sustainability. Ilaria and I divulge our personal definitions of success, and here’s a hint: it involves a lot of freedom and flexibility! With her ambitious plans to expand her business and aid more clients in their journey to success, Ilaria perfectly embodies the importance of systems and sustainability in any business. Wrapping up our chat, we encourage you to share this episode and continue the conversation. So tune in, get inspired, and let’s start building your path to success today!

#77: Transforming Lives through Storytelling and Podcasting with Deven Rodriguez

Can the daily stories of our lives, those seemingly ordinary experiences, transform into extraordinary tales that inspire and connect us with others? Open your heart and mind as we explore this fascinating concept with Deven Rodriguez, founder of Storypreneur, who teaches us how to harness the transformative power of storytelling. From high-powered CEOs to everyday individuals, we discuss how sharing personal narratives can not only connect us with others but also inspire and empower them.

#76: Meet YOUR Go High Level Gal: Pamela Dale

Ever wondered how to transition from a typical 9-5 job to being the owner of a thriving business from the comfort of your own home? Today’s guest, Pamela Dale, is a living example! She’s an inspiring high-level affiliate marketer who has not only carved a path for herself but has also helped numerous women to achieve financial freedom through well-crafted strategies and effective tech platforms.

#75: Achieving Business Growth and Personal Fulfillment with Lauren Goldstein

Enter Lauren Goldstein, the ‘Biz Doctor,’ who has made a career out of guiding business owners just like you from mere operation to full ownership of their enterprise.

In this enlightening installment of the 7 Figure Builder Show, Lauren and I pull back the curtain on the intricate dance of delegation, illustrating the necessity for clear roles, expectations, and effective time management. But don’t be fooled – we’re not just here to talk about business growth. Lauren’s unique perspective on finding personal success and fulfillment, drawing from her experiences and mission of helping women achieve balance in both their personal and professional lives, provides a refreshing take on the entrepreneurial journey.

#74: The Art of Balancing Health, Wellness, and Life with Heather Nunn

Imagine having a roadmap to navigate the complex world of health and wellness – wouldn’t that be wonderful? Our esteemed guest, Heather Nunn, a retired nurse with over 30+ years of experience, is here to guide us through this labyrinth. After her splendid journey as a nurse, Heather turned her focus to health coaching, dedicating her efforts to help individuals understand their health needs better and find what truly works for them.

#73: Unlocking Opportunities Through Book Publishing with Lily Patrascu

Join us as we welcome Lily Patrascu, in an enlightening conversation. Lily takes us through her journey, from being an au pair to a property business manager, demonstrating the transformative power of publishing a book. She shares how a well-written and well-published book not only cements your credibility in the market but also unlocks a multitude of opportunities such as speaking engagements, increased course prices, and winning more business deals.

#72: The Art of Crafting a High-End Business with Moira Ni Ghallachoir

Ever wondered how to meld luxury and business without falling into the hustle trap? Join us, as we unravel this conundrum with Moira Ni Ghallachoir, a globe-trotter and successful entrepreneur, who advocates for creating a business you love while living a luxurious life. Listen to how she harmonizes work and leisure, crafting irresistible offers while evading the grind.

Moira Ni Ghallachoir takes us on a transformative journey, sharing her valuable insights on transitioning from a hustle mindset to one of choice. She throws light on developing an offer that aligns with your authentic self, fostering personal satisfaction and financial reward. Absorb her wisdom as she navigates the journey of evolving an offer from 5K to a whopping 30K, while overcoming mindset blocks and the intricacies of serving higher level clients.

In this lively discourse, we underline the potency of simplicity, trust, and fun in a business. We delve into the power of building genuine relationships with clients and enhancing customer experiences. We also discuss the importance and power of retreats in fostering a sense of community, accelerating entrepreneurial growth. This rich discussion concludes with a refreshing recap of shared insights and a link to the full episode. Don’t miss Moira Ni Ghallachoir on this enlightening episode filled with invaluable advice and personal stories, designed to inspire you in leveling up your entrepreneurial journey.

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