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Join me, Juli Baranik, as I welcome the accomplished book publisher, Lily Patrascu, in an enlightening conversation. Lily takes us through her journey, from being an au pair to a property business manager, demonstrating the transformative power of publishing a book. She shares how a well-written and well-published book not only cements your credibility in the market but also unlocks a multitude of opportunities such as speaking engagements, increased course prices, and winning more business deals.

Dive straight into the world of book publishing as Lily reveals her secrets. Learn how to identify high-demand products using keyword planners and tools like Title Generator, and create catchy book titles that resonate with your audience. Lily also explains how one can write a book in just a week with sheer focus and determination. Crucially, she emphasizes on writing a book that solves a problem for your audience, making it an irresistible read.

We also discuss how to craft an effective book outline. Lily underlines the importance of formulating topics that align with your coaching system while keeping it memorable. She also shares insights on how to turn keywords into attractive titles and how to develop an attention-grabbing system using acronyms or alliterations. The conversation ends on a high note, as Lily shares her definition of success and how she is living it. So, tune in, be inspired and start your own book publishing journey.

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