Build Your Nurse Practitioner Clinic

Here are 10 suggestions to get more patients for your Nurse Practitioner office that you can begin doing today!

1. Establish yourself as your patient’s primary care provider

Let patients know you want to be their primary care provider (in your specific area of expertise, of course) and would like their business. Patients have unlimited options for who they want to utilize for their medical care, but very few of them take the time to really see “them” and care about their health long term as do as a nurse practitioner. Set yourself apart by solidifying that relationship, make your patients feel safe and cared for, so you are the first person they think of for any of their medical and wellness needs.

2. Ask current patients to help

Reach out to your existing patients and let them know you are looking to grow your nurse practitioner practice. If your visit schedule is looking slim, let your favorite patients know you are currently accepting new patients. Ask them to spread the word to their friends and family who might be in need of a medical provider. Otherwise, patients might assume you’re closed to new patients.

3. Offer a referral program

Write a thank-you note to a patient who’s introduced someone new to your practice. Depending on your local regulations, you can offer a gift card or discount for future services as a gesture of gratitude. When your patient is checking out, provide them with two business cards. One with your phone number and an invitation to call with any concerns. The second, a regular business card. Tell your patients, “If you think today’s visit exceeded expectations, we’d love for you to tell your friends and family!”

4. Build your professional network

Patients often rely on several medical providers. Network within your healthcare community letting other providers know you are looking to build your practice. Join and attend events held by local healthcare organizations. Always have business cards with you wherever you go to keep yourself fresh in the mind of people as you network with them.

5. Look Legit

Your website and Facebook page will serve as valuable resources for patients considering a visit. Make sure to clearly indicate you are welcoming new patients. Include a warm and friendly professional headshot of yourself along with a brief bio. Remember, you are ultimately building trust and confidence in every interaction with your patient. Every aspect of your practice should be warm and welcoming.

6. Market Yourself

Building your practice involves putting yourself out there. Consider attending local events and community gatherings. Offer free health screening and build a relationship in your interaction with everyone you see. Get help from experts to put your best foot forward in your marketing. You know medicine, let your marketing team do what they do best to help you!

7. Local Business Listings

Convert the curious into customers! List your name in local business directories that pop up as organic search results on search engines. Hands down one of the best (and affordable) ways to promote your business. Looking for help with this? Check out our Seven Figure Builder for 24 listings you can create today.

8. Ask for Testimonials

Testimonials are critical in the building of your reputation and patient base. Most practitioners just hope and pray for the word to spread. Be proactive in sending a followup email to EVERY patient after their visit asking for feedback. Read them and take them to heart. Be strategic in where you are sending your patients for their testimonials. Have a plan in place. For example, first, collect testimonials on your website. That is where people will generally end up and you need to show you are a reputable practitioner. Take screenshots of reviews and comments you have gotten on social media and feature them on a testimonial page on your website.

Social proof goes a LONG way.

Once you have enough testimonials on your website, update your follow up email to point to your Google Business Page. Once that has enough review, update it to your Facebook Business Page… and so on. Concentrate in a single area and then move onto the next.

9. Provide Value Always

Create a blog on your website and write articles for your target patient demographic. Write as if you are speaking to them, in a personal and friendly fashion. You should write articles for each topic you want to be known for your expertise. We can help you come up with the best list of keywords for these articles, because ultimately these articles will give you organic traffic from search engines.

10. Be Better Than The Rest

The best way to attract more patients to your nurse practitioner practice is to provide excellent customer service to those you already have. Naturally satisfied patients will share their experience with friends and family members sending new patients your way.

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