#20: Mindset Is Key with Jen Gutfried

Do you want to make more money, work less and experience the freedom of both time & financial success? Don’t miss this episode with Jen Gutfried as she shares her expertise in helping Female coaches and service providers turn their dreams into reality. Discover how mindset plays an important role in our success journey, plus gain insights on improving it for a greater chance at hitting 6 figures – or beyond! Tune-in now for some serious motivation that can help change your business game forever!

#18: Automation Magic with Patty Rogers

Patty Rogers is an expert on turbocharging your lead generation and creating referrals that keep coming – no extra effort required! She’ll show you the secrets to successfully automating all elements of converting customers into raving fans. Wanna know how? Just tune in for this inspiring episode, where she reveals her Conversion Code strategy: a blueprint enabling you accelerate turning leads into clients with ease AND integrity!

#16: Million Dollar Events with Anza Goodbar

Anza has a great plan to help business owners reach incredible new heights. She knows how to create events that turn customers into devotees, and position you as the go-to expert in your industry! By employing the right strategy for success, these powerful live events can give you huge 6 or even 7 figure boosts in revenue – meaning massive growth if everything goes according to her 3 year blueprint. Don’t miss this episode; it’s filled with valuable insights so discover what could make all of your event dreams come true!

#13: Funnel Fabulous with Kristen Miller

True Story – I literally was so excited to chat with Kristen Miller about funnels I showed up to our call 1 hour early! Yes, I’m a geek. Luckily she was flexible and happy to hop on early. ❤️ Thank you, Kristen for being gracious and a fabulous guest on the Seven Figure Builder Show! This episode is a fabulous mix of funnels, automation, and skyrocketing conversions.

#12: Holistic Lifestyle For Success with Ali Turner

Ali Turner is a total powerhouse and I am so excited for a collab in the works! In this episode, Ali shares her original ultimate driving goal – and how it completely changed her perspective when she attained it. Discover how to keep your personal time for yourself as a priority and how it you so much more powerful as an entrepreneur, in your family, and friendships. Ali is creating an incredible legacy and I can’t wait to share this deep and insightful episode with you! Thanks Ali for being a true inspiration.

#11: Discovering Internal Peace with Megan Nolan

In this episode, Megan Nolan, mental fitness, emotional fitness coach and personal trainer, shares the critical impact of self care on success. She guides people to recognize their mental blocks and create steps to thrive and reach their goals. Megan recently joined us as guest host to help listeners get out of self care overwhelm to reach amazing physical, mental, and emotional health. With her expertise we dig into what it takes to transform an overwhelmed feeling into a successful reality. Tune in for strategies on how get organized and grounded so you can focus on what matters most. Take this journey with us that leads you towards living healthy, amazing, and successful life!

#9: Global Brand Expansion with Antoinette Logan

In this episode, Antoinette Logan shares how she turned her struggles into a source of inspiration and thriving business. Her determination led her to receive the prestigious Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award from President Biden. As a CEO, international author, speaker, educator, life coach, and business consultant, Antoinette has dedicated her life to empowering others and sharing her story to inspire change.

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