#25: Website Design Genius with Izzy Waite

Looking to take your business up a notch? Join Izzy White, the energetic branding and website designer who’s sure to get you motivated! She’ll show how her passion for design has taken her on an incredible journey from start-up inspiration all the way through creating websites with amazing tools. Tune in now – you’re guaranteed not only some fascinating insights but also plenty of fun along the way.

#24: Productivity and Family with Alegre and Natascha

Get ready to meet the ultimate productivity queens – Alegre and Natascha! These two incredible women manage five businesses and juggle three kids, all while inspiring moms and caregivers to prioritize their own goals and save precious time. With their expertise in brain science, they have written two books and offer three web courses packed with practical tips to help you achieve your goals and make the most of your time. Trust us, you won’t want to miss this full episode!

#23: Virtual Assistant Empire with Natalie Guzman

Tune in to hear the inspiring story of Natalie Guzman, founder and CEO of two powerhouse businesses. Unsatisfied with her 9-5 job after having children, she decided to make a change for herself and went on an incredible journey – launching NG Virtual Assistant & hitting six figures within three months AND NG Marketing Group one year later! Join us as we delve into how Natalie made it all happen while also juggling family life so you can take action today towards turning your entrepreneurial dreams into reality.

#22: Hormonal Health with Dinara Mukh

Ever wanted to get a handle on those pesky sugar cravings? Wonder if your diet has more of an impact than exercise when it comes to professional success in life and business? TEDx expert Dinara Mukh is here with the answer! Tune in for this motivational episode as she explains how nutrition plays a critical role that should be included our daily routines. Learn all about insulin sensitivity, which will ultimately make you feel amazing both physically and professionally–it’s sure to change your life!

#21: The Business Automation Whiz with Samantha Whisnant

Join Samantha Whisnant on her amazing journey of self-made success! This global entrepreneur shares how she has used systemization to help coaches scale their businesses all the way up to 7 figures. Not only that, but these automation strategies provide the time and flexibility for a lifestyle most people can only dream about! Don’t miss your chance – tune in now to get inspired by this savvy business woman’s unique insights into automations and scaling quickly.

#20: Mindset Is Key with Jen Gutfried

Do you want to make more money, work less and experience the freedom of both time & financial success? Don’t miss this episode with Jen Gutfried as she shares her expertise in helping Female coaches and service providers turn their dreams into reality. Discover how mindset plays an important role in our success journey, plus gain insights on improving it for a greater chance at hitting 6 figures – or beyond! Tune-in now for some serious motivation that can help change your business game forever!

#18: Automation Magic with Patty Rogers

Patty Rogers is an expert on turbocharging your lead generation and creating referrals that keep coming – no extra effort required! She’ll show you the secrets to successfully automating all elements of converting customers into raving fans. Wanna know how? Just tune in for this inspiring episode, where she reveals her Conversion Code strategy: a blueprint enabling you accelerate turning leads into clients with ease AND integrity!

#16: Million Dollar Events with Anza Goodbar

Anza has a great plan to help business owners reach incredible new heights. She knows how to create events that turn customers into devotees, and position you as the go-to expert in your industry! By employing the right strategy for success, these powerful live events can give you huge 6 or even 7 figure boosts in revenue – meaning massive growth if everything goes according to her 3 year blueprint. Don’t miss this episode; it’s filled with valuable insights so discover what could make all of your event dreams come true!

#13: Funnel Fabulous with Kristen Miller

True Story – I literally was so excited to chat with Kristen Miller about funnels I showed up to our call 1 hour early! Yes, I’m a geek. Luckily she was flexible and happy to hop on early. ❤️ Thank you, Kristen for being gracious and a fabulous guest on the Seven Figure Builder Show! This episode is a fabulous mix of funnels, automation, and skyrocketing conversions.

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