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Embark on a journey of discovery with the remarkable Eric Rios, as we unlock the mysteries behind building and scaling service-based businesses to seven-figure triumphs. From the simple but foundational lessons learned at seven years old to the intricacies of efficient processes and the critical importance of tracking every business move, Eric’s insights exemplify the art of entrepreneurship. His stories illuminate the potential of the overlooked—like how a missed call can ripple into a wave of lost revenue—reminding us that success often lies in the minutiae.

Our conversation takes a deeper turn as we explore the transformative power of coaching and the real-world impact it has on businesses struggling to implement effective processes. Eric’s advice, grounded in experience, offers a roadmap to bridging the knowledge gap that plagues many entrepreneurs. We also unravel the threads of fear and confidence in public speaking, providing tangible steps for anyone looking to captivate an audience, from the novice speaker to the seasoned orator seeking to amplify their influence and grow their business through the spoken word.

As we wrap up, I reflect on my personal journey, where the definition of success is as unique as the individual pursuing it. I recount the moments that forged my belief in prioritizing life’s true riches—time with loved ones, and being present for life’s fleeting moments. It’s a candid look at the ebbs and flows of professional fulfillment and personal well-being, a reminder that living life on our terms isn’t just a goal, but a daily practice. Join us for this intimate and inspiring episode that may just be the nudge you need to pursue your own path to success.

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