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When was the last time you truly reflected on the power of your words, or the weight of your core message? Journey with us on this episode of Seven Figure Builder, where Juli Baranik, joines forces with the esteemed Dr. Heather Browne, a psychotherapist and business coach with a knack for showcasing the parallels between business and personal relationships. We dive into the depths of effective communication, highlighting the importance of understanding your core message and the audience you serve.

Together, we unravel the art of managing anxiety and worry in business—no small feat in today’s high-pressure work environment. Dr. Browne shares invaluable insights on reframing discomfort as a stepping stone for both personal and professional growth. We also discuss strategies for establishing a safe space for employees to express their concerns and needs, ultimately fostering a more supportive, harmonious workplace.

But we don’t stop there. We throw open the doors to our personal lives, sharing our experiences and triumphs in maintaining a work-life balance. Because let’s face it, as passionate entrepreneurs, we often find ourselves juggling our dreams with the demands of our daily lives. We also explore fun, creative ways to celebrate achievements and make those around us feel genuinely valued. Get ready to discover how to effectively communicate, deeply connect, and maintain balance, both in your work and life. Let’s start the conversation!

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