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Discover the transformative lessons that Don Gleason, a former military officer turned leadership coach, brings to the table as he joins me, Juli Baranik, on theSeven Figure Builder Show. Together, we embark on a journey through Don’s past experiences in the military to his present role at Booz Allen Hamilton, and his own venture, Achieve New Heights. Our dialogue uncovers the power of aligning one’s personal and professional life—a must-listen for anyone seeking fulfillment and success.

Venture into the world of team dynamics and the pursuit of personal clarity with insights from our thought-provoking exchange. We unravel the intricacies of team composition, critical for success in technically driven environments, and discuss the creation of a digital course that aids individuals through career transitions. The wisdom shared in this episode, drawn from influential works like “The E-Myth Revisited,” provides a blueprint for integrating business objectives with personal vision—essential knowledge for those aiming to excel in their ventures.

Rounding off our enlightening discussion, we tackle the essence of success and the value of employee engagement with real-life stories that redefine achievement. As we dissect the fabric of networking through Don’s expertise, his transformation from a reserved officer to a networking aficionado offers hope and inspiration for personal growth. We invite you to tune in for a session brimming with actionable advice and the keys to enduring connections—essential tools for anyone looking to scale the heights of their professional landscape. Join us on this episode and let’s climb new heights together at

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