Juli Baranik 0:00
But if you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to market off the coast of Mexico, you are in luck. I’m here with my friend today, Debbie White, and welcome to the Seven Figure Builder show. My name is Juli Baranik, where we help business owners work smarter, not harder, and grow their business to seven figures and beyond. So welcome, Debbie. I’m excited to have you here.

Debbie White 0:18
Thank you, Juli. Thanks for having me. This will be so much fun.

Juli Baranik 0:21
Yeah, absolutely. My pleasure. So for those that haven’t had the pleasure to meet you yet, can you tell me what it is that you do with your business?

Debbie White 0:28
Yes, I’m a brand and business mentor. I help women entrepreneurs, develop a high converting online brand and marketing system. So you can earn a six figure and up to your way, income doing what you love doing. And I’m all about ease and all of that too. And a little bit about me that I think’s a little unique. Because I’ve been around for a while. I spent three, three decades in corporate marketing, coming up with ads for Fortune 500 companies. And I’ve also started, this is my sixth business quite successful. So I have a lot of thoughts and ideas about okay, how do I start my business? How do I grow my business? And of course with marketing.

Juli Baranik 1:13
Absolutely. Yeah, you’ve got a lot of experience there. And I’m sure a lot of different perspectives from all the businesses that you’ve had over the years.

Debbie White 1:20
Sure. And I’m still learning. I mean, I think that’s the thing too, is, you know, just to continually learn, there’s so much out there, and it’d be fun to talk about some things.

Juli Baranik 1:29
Definitely. I always say it’s a smart people that learn, right? We can screw things up, but you got to learn from it and move forward. So tell me, where are you right now.

Debbie White 1:39
So right now I’m in my office. I’m in Zihuatanejo, Mexico, and I’m looking out my window to the Pacific Ocean is right there. We’re on a cove. And it’s crazy. And there’s a lighthouse of Zihuatanejo is right there. Wow. Yeah.

Juli Baranik 1:55
That sounds incredible. Yeah, absolutely. And how did you end up there? That’s not you know, the place that most people are right now.

Debbie White 2:03
Well, you know, I was in Seattle, in the Seattle area, I lived there for on and off about 20 plus years. And I do love the area. But you know, of course, I made this decision in the winter when it’s raining, very Mexico. But I was actually in a group mastermind, doing a visionary workshop journaling about how we saw our perfect, ordinary day, ordinary work day, and just just kind of dreaming into that vision. And, you know, I love being guided by things like that. And I just started writing things like I’m walking along the ocean, I had a green juice, I went back and it worked a little bit. And I went for a swim. It was like, Well, that was interesting how that just popped out. I don’t do that here in Seattle now. So one thing led to another and we basically sold 90% of our belongings a year half ago, and moved to Zihuatanejo.

Juli Baranik 3:03
That’s fantastic. So this is where you plan to stay indefinitely.

Debbie White 3:07
For now, who knows?

Juli Baranik 3:10
Take it as it comes. Right?

Debbie White 3:12
Yeah, pretty much. I mean, it’s like, you know, I want to I don’t want to have any regrets. And I was definitely inspired my, my father who passed away recently, and he was the most adventurous, oh my gosh, person that I think I’ve ever met. And he and my mom actually sail to Zihuatanejo. It was their favorite destination. They sailed on their boat in the 90s for five years down the coast of Mexico through the canal, all kinds of places. And this was their favorite little town, and we heard about it for years, but had never come here. So I came here on my own and had this magical week where I was coming just to be quiet and read a book. You know, I ended up meeting all these people. I said yes to everything. I was invited to like a party every night. I’m not a party girl. Random Trip. Yeah. And then I came home and I said to my husband, we got to go back to the see one place and there’s something about this place. And it’s just been this really interesting, like synchronicity and also magic, but also a saying, why not? We kept saying why not? Why not do this? Yeah.

Juli Baranik 4:17
If not now When? Right? Yeah. So like we’re doing it. That’s incredible. Okay, so I have a random question then. Yeah. Have you ever seen the movie Shawshank Redemption? I’m having flashbacks. Is that what they talk about? That’s one of my husband’s favorite movies that we’ve seen over and over.

Debbie White 4:35
Trying to get on the map. Yeah. Is that and then the birthplace of LSD? I know. No. I did not know that. Currently. There’s a whole story on that it was in the New York Times twice this year, this past year. 2022. Though. It’s kind of this little gem that’s just starting to be discovered, I think but yeah, the Shawshank Redemption place.

Juli Baranik 4:56
All right, that’s yeah, I love that movie. I have to tell him, my husband will appreciate that very much. That’s very cool.

Debbie White 5:04
It really is that cool!

Juli Baranik 5:07
Awesome. So tell me more about how you help coaches, you focus with coaches, consultants, entrepreneurs, who do you really help? And how do you help them?

Debbie White 5:16
Yeah, um, I work with a really interesting mix of women entrepreneurs, and some of them are coaches, some of them are service providers. Gosh, I’ve worked with apparel brands, and even creatives. And what I love doing is really deep diving in what I know its brand strategy, but it’s really getting so clear on what their brand is really all about, and their purpose, and their target audience and all the stuff that we usually kind of, we do those things, but typically, we do them pretty quickly. And then we just kind of roll in and kind of forget about it. It’s infused in everything I teach all the way through, you know, posting, emailing whatever social channel you’re on. And what I find is, the women that I attract are very purpose driven. Even if they don’t know what their purpose is, there is some people say heart centered, I don’t really use that word, but some people do and soul led, whatever. But I attract people that want to make a difference. And you really can pull a lot of that in your marketing. And what I find is when we get really clear, and we know, this is what my brand stands for, it’s empowering. Like these women are so much more confident, not just in their marketing, but in themselves. And for me, that’s my personal purpose. That’s my personal mission is to empower women with the, their inherent gifts that they already have. Yeah, and just pull that into their brand and their marketing. And then they’ll tell me things like, oh my gosh, it’s actually easy to market now. It’s fun.

Juli Baranik 6:52
But then it comes natural, because you’re going out of your own mission, instead of let me go find my mission statement and remember what it is that I’m trying to accomplish.

Debbie White 6:59
It’s very rewarding work. And it’s really fun to work with people and to see the lights go off, you know, and when the lights go off, they get so excited. So revved up about their work. I mean, and I know you’ve seen this, it makes all the difference. So that’s where that’s what I do. And it just tons of fun.

Juli Baranik 7:20
That’s so cool. Yeah. Do you focus more on women in the States? Are women there around the world?

Debbie White 7:25
Around the world. I have clients all around the world, which is amazing. I have a I mean, gosh, I have clients in I’m just trying to think how many countries all over. I’ve even had clients in Australia, and they’re on calls at like 5am or 3am, or whatever. That’s awesome are in. Like, I’m very dedicated. That’s right.

Juli Baranik 7:47
That’s right. That’s how you know they want to talk to you is when they’re willing to wake up that early,

Debbie White 7:50
Everywhere all over all over all over Europe all over the Americas I have someone in South America, America all all over.

Juli Baranik 7:59
That’s awesome.

Debbie White 8:00
It’s really it’s really cool. Yeah.

Juli Baranik 8:02
So what do you think in marketing – What makes marketing the most effective?

Debbie White 8:07
Oh, gosh, well, marketing is the most effective when you’re doing all the things. If I could, if I could just say in a nutshell, when I look at content, and people are like, I don’t know why my contents not resonating or converting, I can usually look at it pretty quickly and go, I know exactly why. And there’s several things, other several pieces. But what I see I’ll start with service providers, I think the most common mistake service providers make and it’s easy to do, is we get into I’m putting myself in that category. To get into this. I know what they need. Here’s what I want to say, here’s what they need. Let me let me tell them, and it’s really, it’s not even they’re not even registering it. You know, it’s like, it’s like, what dogs hear like higher frequencies. It’s like a whole different frequency. They can’t even hear it, they don’t even see it. It’s like they want a certain thing. And if you don’t speak the very words, they’re saying they want to start with or listening to like, what they actually want, you will miss them. And I mean, I’ve seen like massive experts kind of fumble and do this. I’m like, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, timeout. This is not about you remember that you guys know that? Yeah. So we have to be careful in that balance of Yeah, our audience does want to know us. We do need to build that relationship. But we have to keep it front and center that this is for them. Everything is for them. And it has to be in their language. So I think that’s the number one thing that I see happen most often. And then we get into you know, there’s just a lot of things I see. Usually if you don’t really have a good handle on your messaging, your messaging is probably saying too many things, what I call all over the place so your audience is confused. They might not even know exactly what you Do and they certainly don’t know, what do you specialize in and what makes you different. And I think women, honestly, and I think this all boils down to just, especially when it gets into I want women to differentiate, I think women have a hard time voicing and owning the things that make them unique and amazing. I think, I think that’s hard for women to do. It feels like bragging, it feels like something it feels like, you know, it gets into that area, but there’s always a way to do it, where it’s really in service of, of your audience, for them to realize, like, why and why this might be so important. So that’s, that’s another thing. And then I could go on and on call to actions, consistency, storytelling.

Juli Baranik 10:48
So would you think the root cause of that issue, there would be not enough market research or just focusing more on their own needs and not really connecting with their audience?

Debbie White 11:00
I think we, I think it’s all of that. And but what I think happens is we get into this, you know, I got to create this content. And it does seem now like we have to be creating content. You know, I mean, I’m creating it on a daily basis, right? Yeah, watching it so that I’m showing up on it, you know, on a daily basis, which I prefer, but this constant machine of how do we create this constant, you know, this content. And I feel like, what’s happening is, it’s really easy for us to just kind of lose the big picture, and we go in, we go in, under into all this detail stuff, because we’re teachers, especially if you’re a service provider, so we we forget that we have to keep it, it’s gonna feel kind of high level kind of service of what and and we’re gonna sound like we’re repeating ourselves over and over again. And that’s great marketing. Yeah. And I think that’s hard for a lot of people that like, well, I want to have this conversation about this deeper stuff. And a little bit of that, and here’s good, but we can get where we’re not connecting, because that’s not what they were asking for. You know, I’m just going to use an example, I have a client who is an amazing health coach. I mean, she’s, she’s so overqualified in so many ways, doctor, it’s all kinds of stuff. And she loves to deep dive and all these things and talk about all these, you know, there’s so many things she can help you with. But her audience just wants to have more energy. Okay, so we have to remember, like, meet them where they’re at. And then when you’re working with them, we can get into all the the deeper detail. Yeah. But we may not even catch them if we’re not meeting our audience exactly what they’re looking for. For instance, for me, my audience doesn’t know what brand strategies they need. That’s what big companies do. And they don’t Yeah, they just need marketing that converts. They just need marketing that feels authentic. And it’s like, perfect. I know. And so I have to be really careful and not like throw the brand strategy word out. But I come from a marketing background. And I know that that’s actually what we’re working on, but that they don’t, that’s not what they want. Yeah, that makes total sense. They want their marketing to feel authentic. They want a system. That’s easy. It’s like got it. You know, that’s what they want. Those are the words I use that. Yeah, they. So we have to be so aware of what they’re wanting. And that, of course requires us to know our audience really, really well.

Juli Baranik 13:29
Absolutely. Yeah, no, I’m just thinking my background is from a tech world. So it’s very easy for me to get into tech speak. And then people’s eyes just glaze over. So it’s the same, same thing, but from a, you know, just marketing perspective. So yeah, totally. Yeah.

Debbie White 13:44
Yeah. And then and then once you kind of have that down, and you know, like, this is what I’m here to do. Then, of course, there’s the thing about, you hear everyone talk about authenticity, it’s almost become cliche. But I also know that if you can thread in what they’re wanting with your own opinions, your own personality, show up on videos, they, you know, we can get to know people so much faster, we trust them so much faster, when we can see the moving face and the expressions and all that stuff. All of that really just helps cement that beginning stage relationship as they go through, you know, getting to you know – who is Debbie. To Hey, I like what Debbie saying. To ya kind of trust her. I kind of like her. You know, I think I’d like to learn more from her. I’m gonna think I’m gonna follow her for a while, you know, it’s that journey. So that is really helpful too. I know a lot of women again, me included. It’s not natural just to show up and go, Okay, I got this video thing down. I was terrified, but I almost didn’t do this business because of that component. But practice, practice, practice. Don’t worry about being perfect. But that definitely helps your audience start To relate to you, and in a much more natural way, and I encourage people to completely be themselves. You know, and I think some people think, well, I need to take a course on how to talk on video. I’m like, No, you don’t. You know, I say, um, and and, and I go, Yeah, and you sound like a normal person, and people are more likely to trust you. I even looked this up. And it’s true. There’s studies that show you you’re more trustworthy if you’re speaking in just a normal voice versus like a perfect, perfect newscaster voice. Yeah. So it’s just fascinating to me.

Juli Baranik 15:34
So what do you recommend for people to get out of their comfort zone, I mean, obviously, to be transparent in your content, and what you’re producing, you have to get out of that comfort zone, which is scary. It is scary.

Debbie White 15:45
I really love I mean, you know, just out I do have a group. What I love about that, is we do a lot of group reflect reflection. And when we do group reflection, you can hear from other people, basically affirming these qualities about you that you feel funny even saying, and it’s like, but you make that difference. It’s amazing, or the simplified version of what you’re trying to say. But the other thing you can do, I’ll just say this, when the pandemic hit is when I really started coming out as a coach and saying, Okay, I’m gonna do this thing. And I was so just shocked by what was happening with a pandemic that I said, you know, what, I’m gonna go live every day, for the next two weeks and do whatever I can to help people just throw out advice. I didn’t even know what my plan was. So I did, I went live every day in a Facebook group. And I tell you what, after day 14, I was like, I’m not as nervous. I guess I can do this. And I think it’s like, it is like riding a bicycle, as far as the video part is just doing it and be okay with, you know, with falling down. That’s how I coach people, like, just, like, get over it. Like, everyone started out crappy, and you’ll get better. And I think it’s so awesome when people go online for the first time and say, This is my first time doing. I mean, people are so proud of you to like, show up. And it’s, you know, and then I, when I went live for the first time, I had some, you know, silly, cheap phone holder I got off of, you know, Amazon or something. And I got all excited because I use my hands a lot. And I was like, nervous, and I knocked the camera and it was going like this. And then I’m like, crashed. Like I crashed my first crash, my phone crashed. I’m like, I spilled my first live, which is perfect. Because under spiller. So funny, but you know, and we all start like that. No, you just have to go, you just have to go.

Juli Baranik 17:55
Absolutely fail fast. Move on, right?

Debbie White 17:59
And here’s what I liked doing it when you can’t really steeped into why are you even doing this business? Like, what’s it all about as far as for other people like what? Why, you know, I’m really here to empower women, right? And I really think about what that means to me. And when I really get anchored in that, I feel like I can do anything, right? If I start thinking about Oh, are they gonna think about me, you and mindset is a huge part of this, is you have to, you have to kind of get over yourself. And you have to really understand the impact that you’re capable of having. And that you do already have. And that’s, that’s the that’s the North Star. And so I would just really lean into that. And then I feel like I can’t do anything like I’m doing it for them because they need this. So let’s go it’s not about me.

Juli Baranik 18:52
Absolutely. It helps you get over that. You know, trepidation or nervousness.

Debbie White 18:58
I still get nervous.

Juli Baranik 19:02
Yeah, that’s easy to.

Debbie White 19:04
You know, I mean, we’re human, but it’s not like debilitating. I mean, I have so many stories about my first launches in the silly things I would do. And I look back like, oh my gosh, I was so nervous.

Juli Baranik 19:16
So what’s the most embarrassing one that you’re willing to share with us?

Debbie White 19:19
I have so many. So I mean, you know, I, I love to show up. You know, I get excited about things I’m showing up. Well, I had this. When I first started I used to do like the long eight day launch. You guys know this kind of the Kelly Roach live launch method that a lot of people have used I don’t do that anymore. Now I just do a short 90 minute master classes. But I was doing this thing and it was open cart day. Y’all know that’s like the big deal. And I wanted to wear this lucky shirt I had and it was it’s kind of an orangey red and it’s silk. Well, you guys know silk shows all of your sweat. And when I get nervous I sweat like crazy. So I’m like, Okay, I want I’m gonna wear the shirt, but I got an idea. And I literally stuffed kitchen towels, under my armpits into my bra, because it was kind of flowy. Like, on each armpit, did the whole thing. And like, ended the thing, and then took the things that I’m like, Oh my God. And then the next month, I’m like, Okay, I think I’m gonna graduate to maxi pads. And then I literally kept doing stuff. So I tell the story. I literally tell people this story, because a lot of people that join me and work with me are women, that it’s interesting. They’re not really that comfortable with video. And I get it, that was me, you know, I did all kinds of silly things to to like, you know, I dance before I’m having to do so many things to get my mind like, you know, in that space, and now it’s, it’s not that big a deal? Because it’s like anything, just like how nervous you probably were the first time you got in a car, and you went through an intersection. And hopefully you didn’t stop in the middle of the intersection like I did with my mom. And you kept going all the way through. The first time through. Yeah, in Houston, Texas during rush hour. I did that.

Juli Baranik 21:14
So funny. Yeah, you don’t want to freeze and panic in the middle of an intersection like that.

Debbie White 21:18
Yeah, but you might on video, and no one’s gonna get hurt. So it’s all good.

Juli Baranik 21:22
So that’s safer. Yeah. So looking for the year ahead, what is your most life changing goal that you have in mind?

Debbie White 21:30
Well, I’m really shifting my business around quite a bit. First time, I’ve done that, since I’ve really started. So I’m really looking to serve more more women. So I have a shorter, less, you know, just really affordable, lovely little two month container that I really want to open it. I previously only had a year long program. Gotcha. That was high ticket. So I’m excited about that. And I’m always excited about connecting and meeting other women out doing what I’m doing. Like you, you know, Juli, that’s one of the things you know, last year, my word of the year was connections. And this year, it’s friendship. It’s just a continuation, I really, you know, that that’s a big part of, to me what makes this all enjoyable. And the other thing, which I do want to talk to you about is I’ve been playing with AI. And I’m saying how it’s going to completely shift everything, even in marketing, but it doesn’t take away the need to really, in fact, I think it’s even more important to make sure you really have your brand and your marketing, messaging and what you’re all about really firm. So you don’t sound like every other person. That’s gonna be Yeah, I know. But that’s an automation that is incredible. I know, I saw that you’re using Jasper, I’ve been playing around with Jasper and I can already see like, this is, this is massive, this is gonna go away. And I know a lot of people are afraid of it, it’s like robots aren’t going to write my copy. And me of all people who literally my career was writing copy. And coming up with creative ads for major companies, I’m embracing it because we are having to create so much copy and content, it’s and you can direct it. And you can add your own brand, voice and pillars and content within it. It’s a game changer,

Juli Baranik 23:23
it totally is. I personally love it. In that it helps me get over my writer’s block. So if I can’t think of what to write, it’s like, okay, this gives me a starting place. And then you go in and tweak it and put it in your own voice and refine it. And then, you know, you can move a lot faster I find.

Debbie White 23:39
Oh my gosh, it’s amazing. Just brainstorming alone. I’m coming up with ideas to do for like, you know, PR pitches and stuff. And so I just writing a couple ideas out and it’ll spit out, you know, little fun punchy headlines which you need for a pitch, you know, and it’s like, I want to come up with that, that faster way some things I wouldn’t even connect with, you know, it’s, it’s really an amazing tool. And I think that’s where I would say to everyone listening is this is a powerful tool. And if you want a copywriter researcher, you know, content, you know, sidekick that’s how you need to treat it, you’re still in charge you still need to guide them with your voice and with what makes your brand you that can’t be replaced but it’s a hell of a sorry, said that the hell of a sidekick to have for the price. I mean, it’s one of my clients was like, Yeah, but that there’s a fee and I’m like, of course there is but think about what would you pay someone to create that amount of content? You couldn’t.

Juli Baranik 24:43
Yeah, it would cost a fortune.

Debbie White 24:46
So it’s, it’s going to be a game changer. And I think it’s gonna be interesting. My only thing I will say, I wonder I always wonder about these things because I’ve been in this marketing world for a really long time back when I started, people did paste up for ads, I mean, it’s just so different. I mean, that’s how long ago it was. And I just wonder if the expectation for how much content we can create is gonna get to the place. I mean, I wonder about that. And I’m gonna go back to saying, that’s why it has to be so onpoint. Because I think we’re gonna get even, I think that the quantity is going to ramp up. So the quality really has to be there of what we’re saying. That’s, that’s my prediction. I just think there’s gonna be a lot more quantity.

Juli Baranik 25:30
I agree. And the quality is the differentiator. I mean, that’s what really shines through because it will be masses of even more quantity that’s already out there. So I agree with you totally.

Debbie White 25:40
Like, oh, no, my emails really gonna get in contact with all these people playing around with chat GPT and AI.

Juli Baranik 25:48
Yeah. One of my other favorites is otter.ai. Have you seen that one? I love otter for transcribing and making videos.

Debbie White 25:51
Yep, we use that on our call. So when our clients, because we do so much brainstorming, we can pull the transcript. Yep. They can just be like, Oh, my God, there it is. Oh, great. Yeah. It’s amazing. Yeah, absolutely. Yeah. What are your favorite tools?

Juli Baranik 26:18
Oh, I have lots of them. That’s one of them. Data integration is huge for me that I make sure that data is flowing seamlessly, from my intake forms to my CRM to I have a ton of automation that runs behind the scenes. I joke around but I call it my Jarvis because I’m a big Avengers fans, it helps me do you know all the things behind the scenes and keep things running seamlessly. But keeping that high touch, you know, personalized FEEL, and that’s something that I’m really passionate about is automation can become so impersonal so quickly. And it’s so important to have that connection with your clients and not feel like they’re talking to a chatbot or a machine or something like that, because that shuts people off immediately.

Debbie White 27:05
It does, I would, I would absolutely agree with that. And I can say I can attribute the success of my business to being very, very high touch. And we were I was actually interviewed by I’m not gonna say his name, but some big muckety muck out there. That’s really intellect conversion rates. And, you know, I mean, I don’t, that’s important, but he like, he’s got all the acronyms down. I was like, look it up with that acronym was very, very conversion direct selling and, you know, approach, which is important that he was telling me you have the highest conversion rate I’ve ever heard of, I don’t mean, this is a brag, but yeah, it’s like wanting to know, and I’m, like, really? Come on, you know, a lot of people. And, you know, from like, people signing up for a masterclass and, and converting it, you know, my, my program is high ticket. And I’m like, okay, so and then of the explaining things explaining how I did it. And it really came down to a couple things. Yes, I think the marketing helps. I mean, that’s my thing. But the conversion of it, were really high touch. And he’s like, Well, what, what do you do? And I’m like, Well, I mean, we greet everybody that comes in, I want to know, all their pain points, every single person I want to get back to them. He’s like, You do all that, like, we serve, try, you know, and then I see who’s on the call, and then I’ll send them you know, like a bom bom video. That’s another great little thing with a little video platform built in an email. It’s real personalized, just whatever we can to build, you know, you don’t have a lot of time to build that connection. But it’s so important to to bring the humaneness and the just that high touch into it. And I I teach the same way. It’s very high touch, I just don’t think we can get big transformations like big wow aha’s. If we don’t have that, those one on one within a group setting or whatever that is, but you’ve got to have those one on one touchpoints. But just to your point, the automations amazing to be able to do these things quickly. But that allows you I think, to have more time to have that touch to have that personal touch.

Juli Baranik 29:21
Yeah, and that’s how I like to use it personally, is to automate things that don’t require the personal touch, so that it helps me focus my attention on that one on one connection with people.

Debbie White 29:31
Yeah, I agree. That’s, I mean, I think that is the future. I think that’s people that you know, are doing really well. I think that’s what they’re doing. If you kind of look behind this, like What are y’all doing? They’re very high touch.

Juli Baranik 29:44
Yeah, totally. So what would you see as the next area that you want to automate in your business? What do you think other than the content we were talking about?

Debbie White 29:54
I’m in process right now of I mean, I laugh because we all have you know, if you’ve been in business a while you have a lot of legal magnets. And I’m in process right now of like, I really want to have like the killer lead magnet or a couple and just have those so tight and automated and just the experience be Wow, it feels high touch, you know, when they get the Thank you, it doesn’t stop there, there’s like a little something extra coming and where they really feel like they can get to know me and also give them a lot of value. To build that connection. I’m really excited about that piece. It’s such an important part. I have lead magnets, but I feel like that’s an area that I’m going to double down on right now. It’s it’s a basic, it’s a it’s a foundational element, but it’s so important.

Juli Baranik 30:42
Yeah, absolutely. Yeah. So what would you say is a common myth about your job about marketing about your expertise?

Debbie White 30:51
A common myth? Oh, my gosh, well, I mean, I think, I think from the outside, someone could say, oh, you’re a marketing expert, it’s so easy for you. But just like we said, it doesn’t stop with the marketing, it’s, it’s taking a client from cold all the way through to the high touch to the one on one to the phone call to the whole, you know, onboarding, during, even when they leave, like, the whole customer journey is so much bigger. And I know this from a marketing standpoint, but I think people think, Oh, she’s got this one thing up front. But it’s the whole system that we’re working on and continually trying to improve. That makes the mix it all really, really work. Well. Yeah. I think another thing, a misconception that people have about their own marketing, because I hear this is the amount of time it takes for a customer to convert. When people see your marketing, and this is how it works. And I know it’s just fascinating to me to Well, first of all, it takes about 16 touches with you, whether it’s your marketing, your direct messages, whatever that touch point is for them to get to typically where they’re ready to convert. The other thing is, it can be yours. I have a lot of clients that have been following me since I started. And a few of them finally converted. I’m sure there’s still some out there. I think they’ll convert at some point. Yeah. But there are a lot of like lookers that don’t even hit like, don’t even respond. And I do that sometimes I hate to say it, I’ve joined a $20,000 mastermind, and I didn’t say boo. She didn’t even know who I was. How do I know you? Like I didn’t. I was the girl in the back that never raised. There’s a lot of people watching us. A lot of people are watching you listeners, and you’re just not seeing it. So just keep going be patient. And they’re not today, buyers. Most people are not today, buyers. But a lot of them are Sunday buyers. And I think we forget that.

Juli Baranik 33:01
Yeah, absolutely. And you know, the thought I had the other day because I think the same thing, right? We have to touch people at least seven times to 16 times depending on the studies that you read. But then there are those times where I’ll buy the first time that I see something. And I think I was thinking about this too, that I think it can be across multiple different resources, where I was looking at for something and so I had those seven different touch points on different resources that I couldn’t find what I wanted. And then I saw what I want. I’m like, Oh, that’s it, and then I bought and then I’m like, wait, I wasn’t even looking for that to this. But I purchased it today, you know?

Debbie White 33:39
No, it’s absolutely true. And you know, it’s interesting, because if we really get granular, I think the best marketing obviously is really strategic, but it feels completely fresh and original, right. And then there’s what I call, it’s not what I call, I mean, a lot of people call this there’s the energy behind it. And I you know, I work with this fabulous mindset coach, and it’s really changed my game on just how I approach life. And I, you know, she says this all the time, and I agree with her. I mean, at the end of the day people are buying, they’re buying your energy, they’re buying the dream you’re painting, they’re buying the idea of the transformation for them, you know, but you’re delivering that message. So we really do have to watch our intention or energy. And I don’t mean fake energy, but that’s just being really aligned and what we’re really here to do and getting just amazingly excited about it. Yeah, that’s a big part of it. Total really big part of it.

Juli Baranik 34:44
Yep. Yeah, it’s funny I I am very into horses and I have a horse and have learned over the years. Liberty training, if you’ve ever heard of that, but it’s opened my eyes a lot to the whole energy conversation. Oh, okay. I’ve been able to Danger. Yeah, well, this is being able to train your head completely off topic. But related with the with the horse it is it’s teaching your horse to listen to you without any ropes or force or anything else. And it’s all based off of your body language, your words, you know, your connection with your horse. And it takes a lot of hard work and a lot of time. But he can read my energy from across the field. Like, as I’m walking up, he can tell if I’m tense, or if I’m, you know, distracted, or, you know, like, we’ll be walking along, and I don’t have any, you know, ropes on him or anything. And as soon as I pull out my phone, he goes off and he does something else, because he knows I’m distracted.

Debbie White 35:40
Well, first of all, it’s amazing. But when you think about it, that makes total sense to me. I was saying, I didn’t mean to interrupt you, I was a horse lover as a girl. So I did ride when I was younger, and they do feel your energy when you’re on that horse, then that was the firt. Like, they know when you’re scared they start, you know, they know. But what’s so fascinating about what you said is this translates I think it’s a beautiful analogy to we can feel I know you guys have seen people on video, and you can sense things. You can feel them. You can you can pick up on the subtext. And yeah, it’s, it’s really fascinating. And so confidence is a big part of that. And some people are like, how do I how do I get confidence? And I mean, I pull it all back. It’s a combination of mindset, and really just being so firmly rooted in what you’re really here to do. And knowing that that really does make a difference for other people. And why tamp that down? Why Why hold that back? So that combination, and then getting things strategic? And then you know what to do is go gangbusters.

Juli Baranik 36:47
Yeah, that and just getting to a point where you don’t care what other people think like being transparent with yourself and just putting yourself out there and getting out of your own way. That was kind of my my own realization recently is I need to just get out of my own way.

Debbie White 37:00
We all do. I mean, and I still do, I still do. I still get my own way. I’m not nearly like I used to though. I’m much better about it now. Much better about it out. But I feel like that’s that’s probably the number one thing the women I work with? Well, I think we can all agree on is we all get in our own way, whether that’s fear, or I think we all tamp down ourselves a little bit to make sure we look a certain or appear a certain something. Honestly, when you look at people, I mean, just turn the sound off and scroll. And there’s some big influencers or big personal brands out there. They have a presence there. I’m not talking about how they look, either some of these people aren’t what I call traditionally beautiful, right? And there’s a presence and it’s because they’re so into what they’re doing, or they’re or they’re passionate, or maybe in a quiet way, but they’re so real, you know, whatever that thing is, it’s like, we’re drawn to that. And it’s like, we need a new word for authentics. It’s been overused, but they’re just showing up. Yeah. You know, like, Hey, you’re my best friend or you’re my you’re my dear friend out there. You came on there, like I see you. I know you guys. And like, let’s get real. I mean, that’s the vibe that people are like, yes, I want that. Yeah.

Juli Baranik 38:18
And that’s what draws people in. So if you could go back and give yourself your 18 year old self one piece of advice, what would it be?

Debbie White 38:28
Don’t worry so much. Just stop worrying. Stop worrying, and go get some mindset work done. Like don’t wait till you’re in your 50s. Right. Oh, oh, I just worried so much about things that don’t matter. You know. And, you know, I remember I worked corporate until I was 28. And my grandmother, at that time, I made all these really cool cards and stuff. You know, I take my husband’s a photographer, I take his photos and make handmade cards and adults kind of crafty stuff. And she’s like, you really should start a card line. You know, and like, I couldn’t do that. And I look back, I started six businesses after that, at some point, I finally did start businesses. But when I didn’t think I could, I didn’t think I could do a lot of stuff back then. And it’s I’ve gotten a lot more Yes, I can. Yes, I can. But it took a long time. Yeah, just you know, any woman watching this no matter what your age is, I don’t care if you’re, you know, 22 or you’re 81. I’ve had a client that was only one by the way. And she’s like, You can if you want it, you can if you want it. You can you’re capable of so much more than you even realize, yeah, I wish that I would have understood that.

Juli Baranik 39:45
And harnessing when you find those people that believe in you even when you don’t taking that energy and owning that. I think it’s a great start.

Debbie White 39:55
Exactly. And that’s why I love working with a whole bunch of women because we not only lift each other up, but we really do become stronger together? It’s such a cool thing. You know, it’s, it’s, it really is. So I don’t think we’re supposed to have this journey all by ourselves. And I’m a big believer and working with others that can really specialize and help you get to that next step, get to that next level that you desire from someone that’s done it.

Juli Baranik 40:23
So at what point did you look at your business and consider it a success?

Debbie White 40:28
Hmm, that’s a good question. You know, there’s so many definitions of success. One could be okay, financially. I’ve had several financially successful businesses. I’ve had several multi six figure businesses, I’ve had a seven figure business. But you know, what’s sad is when I was in them, I’d have to stop and really kind of realized like, Oh, I’m so I was so hard on myself, I didn’t look at that as success. There was always more there was always like, well, but I haven’t done this yet. I’m not as big as that yet. And that’s too bad. That’s where I wish I could go back until that person, like, appreciate it celebrate, it was always on to the next on to the next. So but what I’ve realized now success isn’t just the dollar amount. It’s really, you know, it comes down to Are you satisfied? Are you making a difference? Do you feel fulfilled in your mission? And what you’re doing? Do you have a balanced life with your friends and family? You know, are you putting all of those things first? That’s success to me.

Juli Baranik 41:43
Absolutely. Yeah. Yeah, I was watching in the quiet. You know, from the outside, of course, one of the big name coaches, who has multiple, multiple 6-7-8 figure businesses publicly closing down a business, because of time that, you know, he was the only one the only driver in that business. And at first I’m, like, really, like, you’re so successful in this, and yet, you’re shutting it off. But then I get it, like much respect for people that can do that, first of all, but choose to do that, because of a deeper purpose. And realizing that, you know, you’re only you only have so many hours in the day, and it’s up to you to choose how you’re going to spend them.

Debbie White 42:22
Yeah, yeah, absolutely. Yeah. And we have to have balance, or, you know, I think most of us choose, you know, having your own business for the freedom. And yet, if we’re working all hours, and the nights and the weekends, then you have a very expensive, you no job, basically, it’s not a real business, like separate. And I just refuse to do that.

Juli Baranik 42:51
And setting those healthy boundaries, both for yourself, for your clients, for your business, for your family, protecting that time and, you know, interaction with your family.

Debbie White 43:00
And the other thing is, I don’t, you know, we have to have real life experiences to be a great marketer to just, I just think, you know, I don’t, I think we have to get out there and really live and really have really great life experiences to bring that into our businesses. You know, I mean, you could look at that I like my, this is really important. I’m like, well, that’s really important. You need to have those life experiences. And if you’re not gonna do it for yourself first. Really flip that because it’s really true. Um, and, you know, if you don’t, you’re kind of burnout. I’ve seen people burnout, it’s not pretty. I’ve seen so many people completely burnout, unplug, stop their businesses not have any income for a year, year and a half. And you don’t have to do that. And the key is not to get yourself to that point where you’re, you’re just running on empty. You got to take breaks, and no, you know, some of this does take time. And really look at what are the biggest levers I can pull? And where’s the fat I can trim that can have balance in my life?

Juli Baranik 44:09
Absolutely. If you could be remembered for one thing, what would it be?

Debbie White 44:15
I hope I’m remembered for really empowering women to live the life that they really dreamed of living. That is everything to me. And I hope that’s what it is. I have been told this by clients and it’s, it’s pretty amazing. That that’s, that’s what I want to do.

Juli Baranik 44:35
I would say that’s one of the highest compliments you can get from them.

So what can people expect from you next?

Debbie White 44:46
Well, I’m going to just been doing everything I can to empower women with marketing. I mean, and do it in a way that this world is changing is changing fast. And I’m always looking at ways to do it. simpler, better and more distinctively unique to you and your brand. I’m always going to be looking at how can I do this? How can I make it even better and simpler for people.

Juli Baranik 45:15
Awesome. How can listeners support you and your work? Where can they find you?

Debbie White 45:19
You can find me on Instagram. I’m at, FranklyDeb. So that’s like, frankly, my dear at FranklyDeb. And that’s my handle. That’s my website as well. And I always have fun little freebies and all kinds of things, you can check that out on Instagram.

Juli Baranik 45:38
Awesome. And I will have the links down below. So you can click on those and check out Deb. And what is one final thought you want to leave our listeners with?

Debbie White 45:45
One final thought is I encourage everyone to just really lean into what is possible. Instead of looking behind about well that didn’t work or this isn’t working or just all the negative things. It’s really easy to tell ourselves every single day and really lean into what is possible because so much really is truly possible for each and every one of us.

Juli Baranik 46:11
That’s awesome. Well, thank you so much, Debbie for coming on today. I really enjoyed chatting with you. And make sure to follow us at SevenFigureBuilder.com and hit us up on the next episode. I look forward to seeing you guys soon!

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