JULI BARANIK: “If you’re trying to get leads on Facebook through your Direct Messenger, and struggling to find enough hours throughout the day, and feel like you’re constantly on Messenger, and you wish that you just had someone in your pocket that could send out messages for you, I’ve got the perfect solution for you.

Welcome to the seven figure builders show. My name is Juli Baranik. I’m the founder of Seven Figure Builder. Today, we’re going to talk about how to automate your Facebook lead generation and incorporate that into your existing strategy. This is honestly a total game changer, I have been searching for this type of solution forever, and finally stumbled across it. So if you haven’t heard of the software YunaPro, you’re not alone. And that’s okay. But you are going to love this.

YunaPro was created by Dave & Lucy, who are incredible people and very genuine, heartfelt and want to help people expand their audiences and grow their businesses themselves. So they have this software that will help you collect leads, and get people’s attention, have that one on one conversation, so you can see everything on this link, I’m gonna send it to you so you can check it out. But the real beauty is behind the scenes.

So I recently purchased this myself and I was just blown away by the software. So let me show you what it looks like software itself will sync up to your Facebook account, it’s very easy to set up, you just walk through the instructions that Dave lays out for you. And he’s got tutorials in every single piece of the software. So you got videos everywhere, that will make it super easy to set it up.

When you come into the software every single day, you’re going to sync up the YunaPro with your Facebook account, you just by hitting the word begin, okay, and then it will sync up with your account. It’ll pull all of your friends into YunaPro. So it knows exactly what’s happening with your account up to that moment. You then can scan your friend activity, which this is something you just do once in a while, but it’s pretty cool, I thought.

It will tell you what deactivated friends you have in your account. So think about people that have signed up for Facebook forever ago, they became friends with you years ago. But they since have stopped using Facebook. So you don’t want them as part of your account, you don’t need them in your friend account. And you as you probably are aware can only have a max of 5000 friends in your Facebook account. So you don’t need deadweight. So you want to get rid of all the deactivated friends in your account.

You also can unfriend people that are not engaging with you. Now you don’t want to go through and just hack off your friend account list. But you can go in every month and you can cut down like 10% of your unengaged friends, people that you don’t know that aren’t engaging with your content. So ultimately, you have a very streamlined friend list that is engaging with your content that wants to hear from you, and is engaged with the things that you’re trying to share with them.

In addition, you can gain friends by groups. And this is extremely powerful, that the groups that you’re involved in, you can come down here and send friend requests to people that have specific interests, or you can exclude people that you don’t want to connect with. So you can decide how many friend requests you want to send, you can decide how often you want to send this because ultimately you want this to reflect human behavior, you don’t want it to act like a machine. So you want it to be at a specific cadence, but a random cadence, so the software does all that for you, all you do is just pick the settings that you want. You can choose to send requests to only to people that you have things in common with, so that you are only connecting with people with your ideal target audience, you don’t want to just connect with everybody, that would just be awful.

So you choose the keywords of the people that you want to target the people that are your ideal audience, you can choose keywords that you want to avoid. So if you want to say you’re in the fitness industry, and you want to target people that want to lose weight, but you don’t want to target coaches, so you could target weight loss, but not coaches, for example. So that would help you dig into specifically your ideal audience, and it would send those friend requests out and help you connect with those people.

You can also gain friends by posts. And this is extremely powerful. You go into specific Facebook posts, which could be just regular posts within a group that could be post just in somebody’s feed. They could be ads that people are promoting. Take the link and put it into YunaPro. And you can friend requests people that have mutual friends. So what that does is it broadens your sphere of influence. It broadens who you’re connecting with, with people that are like minded and extremely targeted of people that like and engage a specific post, you find a post that is speaking directly to your target audience. And you can connect with those people that are engaging with that post.

You can also broadcast messages to your new friends and this is extremely powerful. Now this does not send out mass spammy obnoxious emails or rather it’s depending on what you send them. But it is not automating the entire conversation. It’s just automating that initial greeting to them to see who wants to talk to you. Everything after that is manual. It needs to be because it needs to be personalized. It cannot be just a bot talking to people, because that’s never going to get you anywhere.

But what this does is it automates opening the door to those conversations to see who indeed is interested in talking to you, you now have friends that are connecting with you, you have an initial greeting to them, and you have them responding back. From there, it’s up to you, you take that conversation, and you continue that conversation to nurture it, and to be able to advance them to whatever it is you’re trying to get them to.

So this is extremely powerful – one of my favorite features actually in this software. And there are many that you can create message templates, and say, you know, recently added friends within the past 24 hours within the past whatever, it’ll only send a message to the people that you are not already in a conversation with. So you don’t want to send them just a random message when you’ve already started that conversation. So you would say no here, and you would just choose the maximum number of messages that you want to send how long you want to send them out. And you would just select your message template that you’ve already created. And I’ll show you where that lives and then you would just hit save. And that would create a job to then send out your messages to those new friends that you got every day.

So you want to do this every single day. And it will keep those conversations coming in, keep those leads coming in the front door. And again, just opening that door for conversation. And then it’s up to you to continue it forward. And to be able to connect on a one on one basis with these people. So the message templates is really slick too, that you can come in here and you can choose your welcome message. And ideally, you want to have a couple different messages so that you’re not sending the exact same message every single time. But Facebook will randomly choose one of these three, but it’s personalized, it’s directly to the person and again, it’s just simply opening that door for that conversation. So you choose your messages and then when you come back to broadcast messages, that’s the template that you’re choosing over here is your message template. Pretty slick.

There’s lots of other really cool features within the software that you definitely want to check out. So I’m going to put the link below for you to check out YunaPro say hi to Dave and Lucy they’re very sweet very down to earth people. You can tell them I sent you they’ve got groups to support you and help you grow in that I have been very impressed with what I’ve seen so far. So I thought it was worthwhile to share with you that I highly recommend them hit the link below. You can hit me up at SevenFigureBuilder.com I have the link below. And make sure to follow me at my next episode and I will see you there!”

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