If you’re not familiar with the marketing funnel, you’re missing out!

The bottom line is, the marketing funnel is reality, and based on how we interact as humans.

Initially, when a customer first comes in contact with your brand, with you, with your service, with anything that you do, they first get to know you. Right?

They don’t walk up to you and throw money at you. It’d be nice if they did throw money at you saying I want to buy your stuff, right?

They don’t know what you have to sell, they don’t know what services you offer, and they don’t know what products you have. You customers first have to get to know you.

The Marketing Funnel will help you build trust

Get To Know You

There are good ways to get them familiar with your services. You can start with blog articles, YouTube videos, podcast interviews… these are more just “get to know you” type of resources, right? Ebooks, templates, reports, white papers, guides, resources. They’re low pressure, they’re easy to digest. There’s no real sales pitch involved with anything there. But it’s “get to know you” information.

Get To Like You

So now we know you. After that we want to like you.

And this is just all within our human psyche, right, we get to know somebody, then we like them, and then we trust them. The same thing applies here in the marketing funnel.

In the like stage, we’ll be checking out people’s social media, the about us sections on their website, their testimonials, FAQs, guarantees, demos, trials, webinars, newsletters, and endorsements. So there’s a little more engagement involved here from a customer perspective. And they are really digging into more about what we’re about as a business, what we value, how we serve. So that’s the like phase of the sales funnel, okay.

Get To Trust You

After that, is the trust. So that’s where people are ready to take action. And it’s really 2% of people in the marketing funnel are ready to take action.

You may have heard that people need to see your information multiple times before they are ready to purchase, and it’s true. Seven to 15 times is the regular standard right now before they’re ready to make an action.

So this is a process. When people see your first social media post, generally they’re not going to jump up and go by your stuff, right? They need to see it over and over again from multiple different avenues.

That’s why you can put the content on social media, you can put it on email, you put it on your website, so you reach out to people a multitude of different ways. They need to see the information a couple different ways before they’re actually ready to make an action.

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