The Importance of Self-Discipline

So the word of the week… month… year (I’m not sure how long it’ll be) in my house is self-discipline.
This is something that we’re working on with my son and daughter – to get an understanding and appreciation of self-discipline. They are quickly moving from parental discipline and accountability to SELF-discipline and LIFE holding you accountable. 
My husband & I tell them all the time that every decision you make has consequences – both positive and negative. 
➕️ If you put in the hard work, then you very quickly will see positive consequences. 
➖️ If you make stupid decisions, you very quickly will see negative negative consequences.
My oldest is in the military so he gets more than enough self-discipline and structure to help him form these habits. But the younger two haven’t had that luxury, so it is something that we are working on in our household to help raise responsible productive members of society.

Self-Discipline in Training

Another area where I’m reminded of the importance of self-discipline is in Liberty training with my horse, Simba. If you’ve never heard of Liberty training, you’re not alone. It is training your horse to listen to you without ropes or force. It requires repetition, reward, repetition, reward – over and over and over again. 
We started out very small and have learned bigger movements, bigger tricks, & bigger means of showing his restraint and obedience using just my voice and body movements.  It is something truly magical to witness and has formed a connection and a bond that we never had before.

So what does this have to do with marketing and automation?

I’m reminded that the very small and incremental steps of repetition, consistency, accuracy & more repetition can create huge milestones in our children, our pets, and most definitely our businesses.
Especially when you’re looking at automation, it is so vitally important to have a well-thought out process that you’re going to put into practice.
Automation is a means to speed up your processes to be more efficient and effective. It requires less manual effort, will free up your time, and you will feel like you’ve been able to clone yourself in a way that you never thought possible without having to expand your team.
But before you put any process into automation,  it needs to have been well thought out and tried and polished. This will ensure that you’re speeding up your business and adding fuel where it will benefit your business.

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