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Scaling Smart: The Elite Approach to Mastering Digital Marketing

Diving Deep with Ben Sturtevant on Seven Figure Builder to Unleash Your Business’s Full Potential

Diagnosing Your Business’s Health: The ‘Leaky Bucket’ Dilemma

In a thought-provoking episode of Seven Figure Builder, Juli Baranik engaged with the enterprising Ben Sturtevant, prolific in the world of digital marketing since 2003 and co-founder of Elite CEOs. Their discussion shone a light on a common plight faced by many businesses: the ‘leaky bucket’ syndrome. This term, coined by Sturtevant, refers to the inefficiencies and systemic problems that cause businesses to hemorrhage resources and opportunities. By scrutinizing these ‘leaks’, entrepreneurs can better understand where their efforts may be falling short and what it takes to convert those efforts into palpable growth.


Action Over Perfection: Triggering Forward Momentum

During the conversation, Sturtevant emphasized the importance of momentum in the entrepreneurial journey. He persuasively argued that ‘perfect’ should not be the enemy of ‘good.’ In fact, taking imperfect action is often the key to breakthrough rather than waiting for the mythical ‘right moment.’ This advice encourages business owners to embrace the ‘ready, fire, aim’ approach, allowing them to refine their offerings based on real-world feedback and results, rather than stalling indefinitely in pursuit of flawlessness.


The Power and Promise of the Elite 360 System

The episode’s crescendo was the introduction of the Elite 360 System, born out of Ben’s extensive experience and tailored to the needs of modern entrepreneurs. This white-labeled version of go high level represents an enticing promise: to work smarter, not harder, and to eradicate the primary bottlenecks of marketing systems setup. Sturtevant laid bare the mechanics behind this strategic ecosystem, designed for businesses that aspire to automate processes to ensure consistent lead generation and seamless client appointments. It embodies the very essence of the ‘laptop lifestyle,’ with efficiency and automation at its core.

Crafting Actionable Goals with Accountability

The art of goal-setting was another gem unpacked in this session. The 98-day action plan crafted by Elite CEOs showcases the impact of step-by-step accountability in business growth. The notion of reverse engineering one’s objectives demystifies the path to achievement. This methodology underscores the significance of breaking down grand ambitions into daily actionable tasks that cumulatively lead to the ultimate goal.

The Future: Expanding Influence and Empowering Entrepreneurs

Looking ahead, Ben Sturtevant shared his aspirational vision for the future—to expand the Elite 360 System to an even broader audience eager to leverage the power of automation and tap into the benefits of system efficiency. He passionately speaks to the heart of entrepreneurial aspirations: to generate passive income streams and facilitate growth even in the entrepreneur’s absence.
In summary, this illuminating episode with Ben Sturtevant reminds us that in digital marketing, and business at large, the tools and systems we implement can either restrict or propel us forward. Investing in structured systems like the Elite 360 can be the deciding factor between stagnation and the freedom to live the life we envisage for ourselves.

Listeners are encouraged to engage with Seven Figure Builder by sharing the episode and reaching out for in-depth discussions with Juli Baranik. Access to Ben’s expertise through a specialized ops and marketing audit is an exclusive offer to our podcast community. It’s an opportunity to close the loop on your business’s ‘leak’ and construct a pathway to success that encompasses both economic gain and influential impact.

3 Things That Will Surprise You

  1. Ben Sturtevant has a unique background that includes a degree in physical therapy before transitioning into digital marketing to better support his family.
  2. Despite his expertise in digital marketing, Ben also co-founded Elite360, demonstrating his entrepreneurial versatility and passion for coaching in the high-ticket space.
  3. Ben’s vision for the future is ambitious, aiming to expand his software user base to 5,000, showcasing his belief in the transformative power of automation and system efficiency.

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