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When Meghan DeVito conquered the demons of alcoholism, she emerged not just as a survivor but as a luminous guide for leaders teetering on the edge of exhaustion. Her inspirational story, which she recounts with profound openness, is the heartbeat of our latest exchange, offering a lifeline to high-achieving individuals—particularly women—juggling the tightrope of career success and personal fulfillment. In another moment of shared vulnerability, we discuss how easily love can be lost in translation without a shared language, and how acts of service and quality time with my family have misfired without the mutual understanding of our individual needs.

Technology, an ever-pervasive force, can build up invisible walls within our own homes, a challenge Meghan and I dive into. By sharing stories from our lives, we illustrate the strengthening of family bonds through designated tech-free zones and a respite from the digital world. The conversation shifts from digital boundaries to the delicate balance of service, where personal gifts can be channeled into the church or community in ways that also cherish the sanctity of family time. Success, we muse, isn’t a loud parade of accomplishments but rather the whisper of peace and contentment that resonates throughout our daily lives.

Our chat ends in a celebration of struggle transformed into strength, a theme that resonates as a call for others navigating their own tumultuous waters. By sharing Meghan’s journey and the nuances of setting life-affirming boundaries, we extend an invitation to all listeners to find solace in our stories and take away pearls of wisdom to apply in their own lives. It’s a conversation steeped in the kind of real talk between trusted friends that fosters growth and support—a cornerstone of this community- aimed at nurturing a balanced and peaceful existence. I know you won’t want to miss this special episode with Meghan DeVito, out now! 

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