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Unlock the customer-centric secrets that transformed Amazon into a global powerhouse as we sit down with insurance savant and tech guru, Steve Anderson. In our candid conversation, Steve distills the ethos that catapulted his transition from traditional insurance sales to a heralded technology consultant and now, an insightful author dissecting Amazon’s unparalleled success. His revelations about the power of customer obsession and strategic risk-taking provide a treasure trove of wisdom for any business owner seeking to elevate their enterprise to the legendary status achieved by Jeff Bezos’ behemoth.

Join Juli for a riveting dialogue that transcends the typical business banter, exploring how the principles of voyeurism, instant gratification, and high-velocity decision-making fuel today’s corporate titans like Zillow, Facebook, and, of course, Amazon. We traverse Amazon’s daring experiments, from groceries to healthcare, underscoring the monumental value of learning from failure. Unearth the transformative potential of fostering a culture that prizes fun and continuous learning, and discover how Steve’s own journey from drafting a white paper to publishing a compelling book can inspire your path to redefining success.

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