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Buckle up for a fascinating exploration into the world of entrepreneurship with our guest, marketing and monetization strategist, Michelle. She takes us on a riveting journey, recounting her transition from healthcare administration to creating a viral blog, landing her first marketing gig at a beauty brand startup, and finally stepping into her own business. Michelle’s passion for empowering women entrepreneurs to monetize their skills shines through as she shares her experiences working with e-commerce businesses.

Life as an entrepreneur is rarely a smooth sail; add family responsibilities to the mix and it can get quite chaotic. But Michelle challenges the popular notion of achieving a ‘balance’. Instead, she advocates for creating harmony, assuring us it’s perfectly okay for our routines to look different from others. She enlightens us with the realities of juggling entrepreneurship and family life, urging listeners to focus on their unique visions. In an exciting revelation, Michelle shares about her upcoming book packed with strategies and tactics, and offers a valuable piece of advice to her younger self about the importance of working smarter, not harder.

We wrap up our engrossing chat with Michelle touching upon self-care, defining success, and digital marketing. She emphasizes the need for scheduling self-care and shares her strategies for achieving time freedom. Michelle encourages us to define success on our own terms, cautioning against the vanity of showcasing accomplishments on social media. Lastly, she extends an open invitation to her upcoming event, Creative Cashflow Summit Live – an opportunity not to be missed for anyone seeking to elevate their business and financial acumen. So, join us and let Michelle inspire you to create harmony in your life and write your own entrepreneurial success story.

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