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Financial Finesse: Mastering the Art of Business Economics with Natalia Zacharin


A Deep Dive into Sustainable Profitability on Seven Figure Builder with Akron Consulting’s Finest


Decoding the Numbers for Business Excellence

The latest installment of the Seven Figure Builder podcast welcomed the astute Natalia Zacharin, founder of Akron Consulting, for a discussion steered by host Juli Baranik that was nothing short of revelatory. Tackling the intricate dance of accounting, bookkeeping, and fiscal strategy, Zacharin shed light on the fundamental economic principles that enable businesses to thrive.


A Balancing Act: Profit vs. Cash Flow

Natalia Zacharin demystified a common misconception about financial success: the difference between net profit and available cash. With her comparison of a business’s finances to a well-oiled ecosystem, she underscored the importance of maintaining a reserve of three to six months’ worth of expenses to ensure resilience and stability in any fiscal climate.

Strategic Forecasting: The CFO Difference

The conversation pivoted to the transformative role of a Chief Financial Officer (CFO) in a growing business. Zacharin likened accounting to checking your weight, while engaging with a CFO is akin to enlisting a personal trainer to sculpt and design your financial future. She vouched for the necessity of tailoring financial strategies to a business’s unique needs, advocating for the introduction of a CFO once the revenue odometer ticks over $500,000.

Building a Sellable Legacy

Highlighting the potential of businesses to evolve into sellable assets, Zacharin emphasized the significance of grooming one’s enterprise as an appreciating asset. Strategies for enhancing a business’s market value included fostering systems that promise recurring revenue and designing a business model that could thrive independent of the owner’s constant involvement.

The Intangible Ingredients of Success

Natalia spoke candidly about the softer aspects of success, reflecting on its definition as a blend of professional achievement and personal fulfillment. She interwove tales of her entrepreneurial journey, outlining the challenges and triumphs that led to her current standing. Bringing a human touch, she insisted on the vitality of gratitude, resilience, and sustained efforts toward goal achievement.

Unleashing Impactful Innovation

In the vein of proactive business management, Zacharin called on entrepreneurs to step out of traditional archetypes and to harness impactful innovation. From smart hiring to leveraging advanced technology and implementing streamlined processes, she drove home the message that conscious effort and flexible thinking pave the path to scalable revenue growth.

Charting the Course: The Entrepreneur’s Odyssey

Natalia’s philosophy on entrepreneurship as an odyssey resonated deeply, delving into personal anecdotes of starting her venture out of necessity and struggling with self-doubt and financial hurdles. Her belief in perseverance as a beacon toward eventual success served to inspire and motivate, encouraging listeners to push beyond their comfort zones and never relent on their ambitions.

Connecting with the Financial Architect

Listeners looking to connect with Natalia Zacharin can find her at Akron Consulting, accessible through her website, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram. Her parting wisdom was a call to action for entrepreneurs keen on sculpting a financial stronghold and achieving a harmonious work-life balance.

As the episode concluded, Juli Baranik extended an invitation to the audience to share, engage, and join her for more enriching discussions on Seven Figure Builder. Natalia Zacharin’s insights serve as proof of the treasure trove of knowledge that awaits the entrepreneur eager to chart a course through the complex seas of business economics.

We close out the episode by encouraging listeners to share the invaluable insights and visit the information in the website for extended and exclusive content, continuing the mission of Seven Figure Builder to empower the entrepreneurial community with knowledge to scale their businesses to seven figures and beyond.

3 Things That Will Surprise You

  1. Natalia Zacharin started her business out of necessity, overcoming a lack of experience and financial insecurity.

  2. Despite her accomplishments, she finds it challenging to feel successful due to her constant drive to achieve new goals.

  3. She defines success as having the freedom to take care of her family and health, as well as the flexibility to build her own schedule.

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