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Join me on an incredible journey as Nathan Hirsch reveals the secrets behind scaling his business from a mere 1 million to a staggering 12 million. We dive deep into the keys to making a business not just successful, but sellable. 

Discover how Nathan built multiple companies to be an attractive investment, and how to vet potential buyers for a successful exit strategy. Nathan also unveils the secret behind his winning business ideas – solving real problems. Discover how he applied this principle to bookkeeping, emphasizing the importance of hiring a trustworthy bookkeeper and maintaining impeccable records. 

Nathan reveals his unique approach to networking. By reaching out to five new podcasts every day and building respectful relationships through follow-ups, he has managed to connect with countless entrepreneurs. 

Join the conversation as Nathan Hirsch shares his experience on scaling a business, making it sellable, and finding success through problem-solving entrepreneurship. Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to learn from a master in the field.

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