What would you do with an extra 10 – 20 hours a week at your fingertips? Maybe spend more time with your family, get back into that hobby you used to love, or put your efforts in new growth areas for your business?

Building a business, especially one that’s in a growth phase does require a lot of hours. In fact, to ensure a successful business at six or seven figures functions properly, it will require well over 100 hours a week.

Which you do not have and cannot single-handedly produce.

There are two options: People (team) and systems + automation to execute on those hours.

In this episode, systems strategist and automation developer, Juli Baranik https://www.facebook.com/sevenfigurebuilder joins us to put the overwhelm of automation to rest!


04:05 – automation doesn’t have to be scary

05:11 – 3 key areas to start automating

10:23 – an example of feedback and setting reminders for your team

14:50 – when you should begin bringing in systems and automation

18:15 – difference between a VA and what Juli does for business owners

23:00 – Juli’s system for podcast guesting


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