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Angeles Health and Wellness

Alison Malizzi

Nurse Practitioner

We primarily help:


Our area of specialty:

Help men increase their mood, sex drive, and energy with Testosterone and Hormone Evaluation and treatment which can include replacement tailored specifically for you


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Recent Testimonial:

Alison is very awesome at what she does! I came to her to seek medical and dietary help. She put in so much time into my plan and sat down with me for hours. She made sure she had everything as I can tell she is very dedicated to her work. She loves her job and loves helping people just as she helped me. In two weeks, I’ve been able to drop 7lbs because of her plan. I can’t wait to see what these upcoming months have for me based on her plan which was perfect for me. She takes into consideration everything that goes on in our lives, she always has recommendations, she always follows up with me, and best of all, she always makes you feel valued, worthy, loved, and motivated.

Ella Ray Brand Consulting

Ella Ray


We primarily help:

female coaches

Our area of specialty:

Personal Branding, Marketing, Funnel Design, Graphic Design, Copy, Personal Style, Voice Training


Complete Branding and Marketing Suite

Recent Testimonial:

Thank you so much, Ella! Your input was so incredibly helpful and very insightful. It helped me refine my brand and get a more cohesive feel. You are truly an expert in branding and it is so great to work with you. I’m so excited to see the impacts of my new brand and can’t wait to share the results with you!! I’ve worked with a lot of designers and copywriters through the years, and you are one of the best. You are a genius! You captured exactly what I wanted but couldn’t achieve. You have truly helped me transform the face of Seven Figure Builder ❤. (Juli Baranik)

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