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LEVEL 1: Stop Wasting Time in the Social Media Crazy Cycle With The Wrong Avatar 
We’ll begin with identifying your ultimate ideal client – which is the most important of all steps. If you don’t clearly know who you are talking to, you are effectively talking to no one. From there, you’ll discover how to become irreplaceable to your clients – ultimately helping them achieve their goals. You’ll also learn how you take routine tasks off of your plate to free up your time for more important tasks that require your focus.

LEVEL 2: Get Laser Focused With Your Content Keywords To See Immediate Impact
Discover how your keywords can make or break your business and how to find the most impactful keywords for your blog posts, YouTube videos, social media posts, web pages, podcasts, news articles, and more. You will learn which social media account should be your #1 priority for your specific business model to reach your ideal clients. Also, uncover the #1 mistake you don’t want to make or it could cost you valuable rankings on Google!

LEVEL 3: Discover The Revolutionary Content Strategy Map That Will Give You Ultimate Clarity 
Learn how to turn your disjointed content into an eye-opening organized content strategy map that will eliminate writer’s block and help you target the topics your ideal clients actually care about. You’ll discover how to research the top searched keywords with the least competition in your niche so you can be on the first page of Google. Then you’ll uncover how to spy on your competitors to see what keywords they are using to get their rankings, both to generate ideas and see if you should compete for those keywords or not.

LEVEL 4: Discover Your Hidden Learning & Content Strengths To Unleash Your Creativity and Make Content Creation Feel Natural 
Discover your specific learning type, style, and content strength to feel comfortable in your own voice as you’re creating your content. Then you’ll learn how to strategically repurpose and structure your content. You’ll also get easy-to-use design templates to make your posting a breeze!

LEVEL 5: How To Take Your Business To The Next Level With Automation, Optimization, and Monetization 
Discover how to free up your time by utilizing automation for tasks that you hate doing, that only drain you, or that you do regularly. Consistent posting will be a breeze as you can automate your content creation and schedule all your content across multiple platforms to enjoy more time with your family. You will be able to see your business grow faster by understanding benchmarks that are relevant to your niche. Take advantage of the data at your fingertips to stop guessing what is working. Armed with this newfound knowledge, you’ll be able to transform your business into a highly profitable money-making machine!

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What Will You Learn?

  • Know exactly who you are talking to
  • Have a clear action plan to reach your ideal client
  • Are no longer scrambling to create content
  • Feel natural and confident in your voice
  • Are doing what comes easily to you
  • Gets you tangible repeatable results
  • Feel like everything just clicks

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LEVEL 1: Uncover Your Dream Avatar

LEVEL 2: Get Laser Focused With Content Keywords

LEVEL 3: Discover The Content Strategy Map

LEVEL 4: Discover Your Hidden Learning & Content Strengths

LEVEL 5: Automation, Optimization, and Monetization

BONUS: Time Machine


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