I’ve created a tool that

Generates Your Business Plan and Content Marketing Strategy

The Ultimate Business Plan
It walks you through a series of questions about your business, goals, and target audience.
Your answers generate your unique marketing message, social media content topics, and will tell you exactly what you need to do to meet your goals.
AKA… everything you need for a meaningful and aligned content marketing strategy. ✅

A few of my favorite clients…

You’re Going To LOVE The


A step-by-step road map to attract your ideal clients with the right message at the right time with ease.

This is everything I wish I had before starting my business.


Meet Your Mentor

If we haven’t met yet, Hi!
My name is Juli.

Over the past 17 years, I’ve consulted and coached businesses of all sizes…

…from international pharmaceutical organizations to startup mom and pop shops and everything between. 



I’ve helped driven entrepreneurs around the world grow their business exponentially by attracting their ideal customers, focusing their marketing efforts, and being smarter with their time allowing them to be more effective and have more “Me Time.”

Now I enjoy helping YOU maximize your resources with minimal investment to compete and grow your dream businesses!
You DON’T need to struggle to grow your business anymore.
I did all the hard work, so you don’t have to.
Through trial and error, I finally discovered a proven system that brought me success, saved me an immense amount of time, and took my biz to the next level.
And now it’s your turn.
Juli Baranik

Imagine This...

Waking up in the morning on your own schedule, taking time to enjoy your morning coffee.  Instead of wasting time trying to figure out everything on your own, you follow a well-thought-out marketing plan that brings you more clients and $$$. Not only that, you finally have more brain space + time to focus on your business growth.



This is not an out-of-reach dream.

Get Your Seven Figure Builder

It’s time to STOP drowning and START thriving. Are you ready?

And we're throwing in these powerful bonus shortcuts, too!

We want to be sure you get your profitable roadmap working as soon as possible, which is why we’re handing over these supercharged shortcuts to make it even easier.

BONUS 1: ($497 Value)

The Ultimate Seven Figure Business Blueprint

Over the past 17 years of coaching businesses, from massive international pharmaceutical organizations to small mom and pop shops, I’ve found that EVERY business needs to have clarity in the exact same areas.  


And this clarity is what makes or breaks success for businesses.


Lucky for you, I’ve turned these learnings into an easy-to-follow blueprint for YOU!


Throughout our Bootcamp we’ll be filling out your blueprint together, so when you finish the five days, you leave with an offer that is so damn irresistible it will practically sell itself.


This Blueprint will become the central focal point of all of your business strategy going forward.  


No more trying to remember the brilliant ideas you had, or scouring through notes and videos for the nuggets of truth you need.  You’ll have it readily available accessible from any device anytime you need it!

BONUS 2: ($197 Value)

Time Machine – Discover How To Generate More Free Time

Want to know what you can take off your plate to free up time?  When you join the Seven Figure Bootcamp today, you’ll also get access to our personal time management tool


You can use it to find out what you can delegate, schedule, or simply take off your to do list!  You’ll be amazed at how much time you can free up with the help of our easy prioritization.

BONUS 3: ($297 Value)

Exclusive Q&A Support

How many times have you bought a program only to find out you’ll have to figure it all out on your own?


If you’re like most people, then probably a lot!


Because the biggest value on our team is “no question left unanswered”, when you join today you’ll also get access to our ultra exclusive Q&A reserved for clients who invest in The Seven Figure Bootcamp.


You can use it to ask us + our coaches questions. And to make it even better, we’ll also get live announcements to give expert feedback when it comes to succeeding with this strategy.


You’ll get instant access when you join right now.

Get the mind reader

BONUS 4: ($297 Value)

Customer Mind Reading Wizard

Uncover the real heart of your prospects’ problems and get crystal clear on how your offer solves them.  


We give you the secret to reading the minds of your customers, along with the exact script to use!

BONUS 5: ($297 Value)

Magical Google Link Builder

Learn how to build strong, high-quality backlinks to websites that help your business rank on Google’s first page.

Use the Link Builder
Get success with ads

BONUS 6: ($197 Value)

Ad Success Calculator

With this tool, you can maximize your investment by measuring your ad campaign success with various metrics. The goal? Profit and Conversions

BONUS 7: ($297 Value)

Best Local Business Listings

Convert the curious into customers! List your name in local business directories that pop up as organic search results on search engines. Hands down one of the best (and affordable) ways to promote your business.

Generate local business

What is the Investment?

Great question! But first—
How much have the learning curves, trials and errors, and confusion been costing you? 


Imagine a year from now when you fully applied all the knowledge and tools shared in the Seven Figure Builder…


What would your life and business look like?

Get Your Seven Figure Builder

Here’s what you access in the Seven Figure Business Builder:

Total Value $8319

Regular Price $1297

The best part?

Our '10x YOUR INVESTMENT' Guarantee

We 100% guarantee that you will love the Seven Figure Builder.


If after finishing the program and implementing our strategies within 90 days, you don’t make at least 10x back your investment in this program (or $1410), we will happily give your money back.


All you have to do is email our support, and we’ll issue your refund straight away, no questions asked. That’s how much we believe this program will work for you.

At this point, you have two options...


You can ignore all the information above and continue wasting time and resources trying to figure out everything on your own, hoping that eventually, you’ll discover a strategy that works.

Save Time and Earn $$$

You can change the narrative with proven strategies + tools that will bring you more clients AND save you loads of time.

If there’s ever been an opportunity to secure your business success, THIS is it!

The only catch is you have to be willing to invest in yourself, learn, and actually put in the work.  This is your chance to reach your full potential and take your business to the next level.

Stop struggling and get moving!

Frequently Asked Questions

Our programs are perfect for you if you are an online course creator, service provider, product fulfillment, or any other business who has an offer but it’s not making as much money as you would like.


If you’re a business who has made some money in your business either selling 1:1 or one-to-many and you are wanting to scale up, this is for you!


If you’re new to the online space and you don’t know your niche or you don’t have an offer yet, this is a perfect fit for you.


On the other hand, if you’re fully established in your market with an omni-channel digital marketing team working around the clock, this is NOT a right fit for you.

We have worked with clients in over 100 different niches from coaches, to certification organizations, to hot air balloon teams, to car sales to bakers.


As long as you have a course, product, service, or offer that people are interested in joining, this strategy will work for you.

The Seven Figure program works if you work it — there’s no magic button. You will have to roll up your sleeves and IMPLEMENT what I teach. But the good news is, for the first time ever, you’ll be able to see real results (a.k.a CLIENTS) from the work you do.

YES! We 100% guarantee that you will love this program.

If after finishing the program and implementing our strategies within 90 days, you don’t make at least 10x back your investment in this program (or $1410), we will happily give your money back.

All you have to do is email our support, and we’ll issue your refund straight away, no questions asked. 


Also, you can cancel at any time. There’s no long term commitment – we know it’s our job to make this worth your while… and we have NO DOUBT that it is! 


That’s how much we believe this program will work for you.

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