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Just imagine being able to see all of your social media, email, website, sales, and referrals in one place.

That’s up to 75 different platforms in one report and real-time dashboard.

With Insights, you’ll know exactly what’s driving success and what’s not,
so you can stop wasting time on strategies that aren’t producing results.

So you can free up time to enjoy life & your family!

Satva + Insights

Juli Cropped

Ali Turner and Juli Baranik met late 2022, and immediately hit it off. They did a podcast interview together on the Seven Figure Builder Show and quickly found ways to collaborate within both of their audiences.

“We’re helping a lot of people with similar things and thought it would be a perfectly synergistic partnership,” said Ali.

Ali saw the opportunity to offer so much more value to Satva clients through Juli’s services with Insights. And Juli saw how she could add more value to more people through Satva, based upon the synergy and the collaborative nature of both of their services. And of course, they also have tons of fun!

“There’s so much synergy between what our clients need, we felt it would be a crime to not offer these deeper insights to our clients through Juli’s expertise. We’re on a mission to help our clients grow, and Juli’s services do exactly that. Help businesses grow,” said Ali.

So they put their heads together and came up with a way to share Insights and are super excited to be able to add this extra value and help people become more profitable, leaner, and more efficient in their businesses – so that they can really make sure that they’re doing what they love and not worrying about the numbers and the vanity metrics.

So without further ado, this is gonna be amazing for you. So go schedule a call!

~ Ali Turner & Juli Baranik

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