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Satva + Insights

Juli Cropped

Ali Turner and Juli Baranik met late 2022, and immediately hit it off. They did a podcast interview together on the Seven Figure Builder Show and quickly found ways to collaborate within both of their audiences.

“We’re helping a lot of people with similar things and thought it would be a perfectly synergistic partnership,” said Ali.

Ali saw the opportunity to offer so much more value to Satva clients through Juli’s services with Insights. And Juli saw how she could add more value to more people through Satva, based upon the synergy and the collaborative nature of both of their services. And of course, they also have tons of fun!

“We realized there’s so much synergy between what both of our clients need and felt it would be a crime to not offer these amazing things to both sides and find a way to to further support the people through one another’s areas of expertise,” said Ali.

So they put their heads together and came up with a way to share Insights and are super excited to be able to add this extra value and help people become more profitable, leaner, and more efficient in their businesses – so that they can really make sure that they’re doing what they love and not worrying about the numbers and the vanity metrics.

So without further ado, this is this is gonna be amazing for you. So go schedule a call!

~ Ali Turner & Juli Baranik

what to expect

for our call today


tell me about your offer


tell me about your offer

Insights Strategy forJuli Baranik

Horse Liberty Training

I normally work with the following clients:

Horses & trainers

This is how I help them:

Liberty Training

What keeps me up at night:


My Vision For Growth:


I use the following Social Media channels:
  • Facebook
  • Other


I use the following Analytics platforms:
  • Google Analytics
  • Other


I use the following Email platform:
  • ActiveCampaign
  • Other


I use the following Ads platforms:
  • Facebook Ads
  • Other


Profit maker

make more money with less effort

Profit maker

make more money with less effort

Number of Team Members20

How many hours are you spending in your team per week?


Team Member Hourly Rate


Team Member Hours


Saved Per Week640

Saved Per Month2752

Saved Per Year33280

I want to invest my profit in:
  • Profit Line
  • Invest in the Team


your growth plan

Insights pulls all the data from 75+ platforms into one single report that gives you a bird’s eye view so you can see the important KPI’s for the month, and then drill down for the specific metrics that need to be tracked in order to succeed.

Wouldn’t it be amazing?

work smarter, not harder

your insights growth plan

a really smart investment

Insights can help give your business the competitive edge it needs to succeed – trimming away excess fat and making sure everyone’s time is spent on actions that truly drive success.

With Insights, your team will be able to:

Insights saves hours of your team's time EVERY SINGLE WEEK
which adds up month after month.










Wouldn't you love to increase your profit margin?

the best part?

My Happiness Guarantee

If after receiving Insights,  you don’t feel more confident in your data and clear in your next steps, I will give you your money back. 

All you have to do is send me an email sharing this, and I’ll issue your refund straight away, no questions asked. 

That’s how much I believe Insights will help you.

You'll SPEND MORE time and money WITHOUT Insights

You are at the perfect stage to implement something that’s going to take away some team hours and be able to reallocate that time, whether it’s into the areas that will actually show you more growth…

Or you can put it right into your profit line.

Without Insights

Spent On Busy Work In Your Team


With Insights

Spend $222 To Setup Insights Then $87 /month

Saved Every Year In Your Team


Initial Setup For $222
Then Only $88/month

Regularly $2097 for Setup and $97/month
No commitment, stay for as long as you love it!

insights Analysis

personal 1:1 monthly walkthrough

I will personally walk you through everything and highlight where you should be leveraging, & what’s really not working. Get expert analysis from your favorite data strategist to move the needle in your business!

Initial Setup For $222
Then Only $222/month

Regularly $2097 for Setup and $497/month
No commitment, stay for as long as you love it!

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