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You feel like you are constantly working at growing your business but have no idea what is actually working.  Some days it feels like you’re just throwing spaghetti at the wall to see what sticks. 

You want to know where you should invest more of your efforts, if there are techniques you can use to get more traffic from search engines, and truly what your competitors are doing to make it look so easy!

You’ve tried to dig into your analytics, but struggle to figure out what it means and pull out actionable steps from it.  You wish someone could just take a quick health check of your marketing to see where there are gaps and areas of improvement.

You really want to get onto the front page of Google but aren’t sure how. You know it has something to do with keywords but have no idea which ones to use or where to put them or how to use them to actually be effective. You really want to cut down on the distractions around you to be able to focus on your ideal client and serve them the best way possible.

If only you could use your strengths to create really focused content that your ideal client wants to hear about, you know the rest would come easy.

Experience a breakthrough

Organic Traffic

Discover how many visitors you’re getting from people searching for you organically through search engines and which keywords are giving you the most traffic.

Powerful Keywords

Detect your most powerful keywords to ultimately drive your content strategy and get the biggest impact for the least amount of effort.  Uncover keywords that your competitors are using that you’re missing out on.

Client Questions

Learn what questions your ideal clients are asking about your business, what they truly want to know, and the age range of those that are searching for you.

Competitor Analysis

Discover what your competitors are doing and the content they are creating to get more clients.  This knowledge will arm you with the ability to stay ahead of your competitors and leave them in your dust!

Technical Audit

Uncover hidden technical issues on your website that could prevent your business from growing.  Watch your rankings rise on Google search so that you have increased visibility and qualified traffic to your website.


This is for you if you...

Are trying to grow your business and want a fresh perspective on what is working well and what could be improved, this is for you.

Are wondering what your competitors are doing in their marketing and how they seem to connect so easily with their clients, this is for you.

Know there must be a time-saving method behind the madness in content creation so that you have an actual strategy that works and not just guessing, this is for you.

Struggle with sifting through all of your analytics to gain real insights and work smarter not harder, this is for you.

This is not for you if you want to blindly keep doing busy work and create noise online to imitate whatever everyone else around you is doing.


what YOU get with
the personal marketing plan


PART 1: Where I Am Today in Traffic ($197 Value)

Get a very clear and concise view of the volume of organic traffic that is visiting your website, how many other website and linking back to your website that drives traffic and customers to your business, and the authority of your domain – which is what Google uses to decide how reputable you are as a business.

PART 2: Where I Am Today in Keywords ($197 Value)

Keywords are the magic wand that people use to find your website. If they are missing, you will lose out BIG TIME in business. Discover the keywords that are performing best for your business and the pages that are attracting the most traffic.

PART 3: What My Clients Want To Know About My Business ($197 Value)

Uncover the questions that your clients are asking about your business and area of specialty. This keyword map is an excellent brainstorming tool to create content that addresses the hottest questions in the market today.

PART 4: Keyword Overview for My Business ($197 Value)

Dig one step deeper into your biggest specialty area for your business to uncover the number of people actively searching for it, how easily it is to get organic traffic, and what you should consider when driving paid traffic to your website. See the breakdown between people organically search, people who click on paid ads, and people who just keep on searching to find what they need. Gain deeper insights into the exact age ranges of your target market that are actively searching for you!

PART 5: How To Grow Through Content ($197 Value)

Discover the topics that will give you the biggest bang for your effort – the golden nuggets that have the HIGHEST volume of searches and the EASIEST to achieve search rankings for your business. This data driven approach will completely transform how you create content because you will finally be strategic and truly effective in your content creation based on data instead of guessing!

PART 6: Strategic Content Ideas ($297 Value)

Uncover the most effective content ideas that you are missing in your business that will pull in people actively searching today! This report will tell you exactly what topics to focus on and also show you the highest ranking content today to spark your creativity and connect with your ideal clients.

PART 7: Issues To Be Resolved To Rank Higher on Google ($497 Value)

Last, but certainly not least, you will reveal the issues that are holding you back TODAY from seeing the results that you crave. Learn what technical issues on your website are preventing you from reaching the first page in Google and are critical to resolve. Get a very clear measurement of your website speed to ensure you are loading quickly, have high interactivity, and visual stability for your visitors to ensure they come back time and time again!

BONUS: Marketing Growth Call with Juli Baranik ($497 Value)

Get the personal support to ensure you understand your Personal Marketing Plan in your 1:1 virtual meeting with me, Juli Baranik!  I will walk you through each element of your report to ensure you fully understand everything inside and what your next steps to grow your business.  

Total Value $2276

your Personal marketing plan


where it all comes together

Each page of your report will provide insight into your current state and where you can improve your search optimization and content strategy to connect with your ideal clients, rank higher on Google, and grow your business.

Choose a time that works for you

Uncover the hidden potential of your business

we will walk through your personal marketing plan together

Imagine your life 1 week from now

…when you are no longer stumbling through your website analytics, can confidently share a clear story of where you are today, where you are heading, and exactly what you need to do to get tangible results!

Now imagine if you don’t have a clear vision of your marketing health and keep struggling to figure it out on your own over the next month, how frustrated you will be still scrambling on a daily basis feeling ineffective and full of self-doubt chasing the latest shiny object or social media hype.

You now have a choice to make. Which path are you going to choose? Where do you want to see yourself 1 month from now? Which of the following paths will move the needle for your business and drive success?

you have 3 choices

Do nothing and lose hope, energy, and strength.

Do nothing and stay the same, if you are lucky.

Get your Personal Marketing Plan to see how your business will climb!



Hey, Juli Baranik here.

Marketing and Automation Expert

Over the past 17 years, I’ve helped businesses of all sizes grow and scale their businesses from Mom and Pop startup companies to international pharmaceutical organizations.

Now I enjoy helping women provide a 5-star experience for their clients through genuine connection, data insights, and personalized automation to scale their business.

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