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your digital workbook

Fill in the blanks

Digital Workbook

how much profit are you losing today?

Financial Costs: 20-30% of Revenue

That’s right. 
Almost a third of your business’ total revenue can be lost because of inefficient practices and processes.

Time Costs: 26% of Every team member's Day

That means that a quarter of the salary you pay out covers tasks that don’t need to be done:

  • 42 minutes per day spent on needless administration tasks
  • 28 minutes per day wasted in unnecessary meetings
  • 26 minutes per day devoted to outdated technology

How To Address this

There are multiple ways to address this:

  • Insights To Know What’s Working and Not Working
  • Automating Repetitive Tasks
  • Addressing it with your Team and Processes

we will focus on Insights.

the struggle is real

When you reach the point where you are really growing, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed.

That you need to clone yourself or clone your team to scale.

That you feel like you have so many moving pieces, but no clear picture on what is working and what is not.

You wish you could simplify but don’t know what is working and what should be cut

If this is you, drop CLONE in the chat!

When most people think about data and tracking analytics in their business

they feel lost, overwhelmed, eyes glaze over with mind numbing reports.

They struggle to see the REAL impact it can have.

It often feels like busy work in and of itself.

They wonder how it can save time, money and directly increase profit.

If this is you, drop OVERWHELM in the chat!

When is the last time you felt peace thinking about your business?

That you felt calm and organized and in control?

That you knew exactly where you were headed and how to get there?

When is the last time you felt confident looking at your marketing and sales numbers?

The good news is you don't have to.

Let me geek out for you!

You can focus on the things you love in your business.

Let me make it easy for you.

I’ll turn your confusing mess into a clear story that makes sense and will help you grow.

your business health check


I like to think of analytics like your blood pressure. It is an important number, that we can check once a year and pray for the best. Our health could be declining, we could have underlying issues, but we don’t know it until we start seeing the symptoms that interfere with our day to day.

Or we can be proactive and keep an eye on it and use it as a gauge for the underlying health.

You don’t have to understand the ins and outs of your blood pressure, or your analytics. Leave that to the specialists.

Use your Insights report of your business health to make your business decisions.

Regain Your Peace of Mind with insights


your strategic growth plan

Insights pulls all the data from 75+ platforms into one single report that gives you a bird’s eye view so you can see the important KPI’s for the month, and then drill down for the specific metrics that need to be tracked in order to succeed.

can insights actually help you?

Digital Workbook

tell me about your offer


What kind of clients do you work with?

Fill in your digital workbook above.

What do you do for your clients?

Fill in your digital workbook above.


what keeps you up at night?

Fill in your digital workbook above.

what would be the biggest win for you?

Fill in your digital workbook above.


Where are you at today?
Where do you want to be 3 years from now?


what tools do you use?

What social media channels do you use?
What analytics platform do you use?
What email platform do you use?
What paid ads platforms do you use?

you’ve got so many moving pieces

how do you know what's really working?

what if by next week you could...


your strategic growth plan

Insights pulls all the data from 75+ platforms into one single report that gives you a bird’s eye view so you can see the important KPI’s for the month, and then drill down for the specific metrics that need to be tracked in order to succeed.

real time dashboards

fully customized for you

Set Goals and Hit Your Performance Targets

All of your data in one place

Over 75 different platforms in one real-time dashboard

How it works

Stop the email spray and pray

Turn email blast and pray into campaigns that actually get you more opens, clicks, and purchases.

Calm the Social Media Madness

You will see exactly which social media channel is getting real engagement, not just followers. Get deeper insights than meaningless Vanity Metrics.

Be strategic with your ads

You will see exactly how your ads are driving revenue and which ones are working the best.

The bottom line

Do more of what's working faster - and cut out what's not working.

You will have confidence that you know what to do to grow your business.


saving 8-24 hours per week for you and your team

analysis of 250+ businesses over 5 years has shown

Data is one of the most valuable assets for businesses in 2023

Businesses who make data the center of their marketing and sales decisions can increase ROI by 15-20%.

Profit maker

make more money with less effort

Profit maker

make more money with less effort

increase your profit

know what's working and not working

What is your competitive advantage?

Find out how to best streamline your business based on your competitive advantage.

drop your competitive advantage in the chat

5 Steps To streamline
your overhead

Step 1: Ensure you have THE RIGHT TARGET AUDIENCE

Don’t waste time and energy on marketing strategies that miss the mark. Discover key insights about your ideal audience by analyzing who is visiting your site, engaging with your brand, and making purchases.

Put your efforts where they matter most and connect with the right people to grow your business. Start uncovering your target audience today!


Establish key performance indicators (KPIs) to track progress and determine when adjustments need to be made to protect marketing investments.

Examples of effective KPIs:

  • Sales growth
  • New customers
  • Number of qualified leads
  • Monthly subscribers
  • Lead-to-sale conversion rates

STEP 3: Identify the touchpoints
that connect with your audience

Carefully review KPIs and identify the touchpoints that are resonating with your target audiences. By reallocating your ad spend to the most effective channels, you’ll do more with your advertising dollars and control costs.

Look at your emails and social media posts to see what is resonating with your target audience

STEP 4: Enhance customer journey and experience

Do you want to provide your customers with an outstanding experience that will make them loyal to your brand? It’s simple: understanding their preferences and crafting messages that truly resonate with them.

Elevate your game and stand out from the competition by optimizing your customer journey and delivering an unforgettable experience that will attract new customers. Let’s do this!


Are you wasting time copying and pasting data? Manually creating reports? Stop wasting the time of your team. Automate your data flow and build trust with your customers with up-to-date, accurate and complete information.

Don’t let outdated data stand in the way of a great relationship. Utilize real-time data to gain meaningful insights and stay ahead of the game. Remember, it’s better to know what’s happening now, rather than yesterday, last week, or last month. Keep the data flowing!

you are at the perfect place

to reallocate your time to both grow and rest

and focus on what is really important

a few of my favorite clients

working smarter, not harder

Wouldn’t it be amazing?

work smarter, not harder

your insights growth plan

a really smart investment

Insights can help give your business the competitive edge it needs to succeed – trimming away excess fat and making sure everyone’s time is spent on actions that truly drive success.

With Insights, your team will be able to:

Insights saves hours of your team's time EVERY SINGLE WEEK
which adds up month after month.



No entries match your request.



No entries match your request.



No entries match your request.

Wouldn't you love to increase your profit margin?

the best part?

My Happiness Guarantee

If after receiving Insights,  you don’t feel more confident in your data and clear in your next steps, I will give you your money back. 

All you have to do is send me an email sharing this, and I’ll issue your refund straight away, no questions asked. 

That’s how much I believe Insights will help you.

You'll SPEND MORE time and money WITHOUT Insights

You are at the perfect stage to implement something that’s going to take away some team hours and be able to reallocate that time, whether it’s into the areas that will actually show you more growth…

Or you can put it right into your profit line.

Without Insights

Spent On Busy Work In Your Team

No entries match your request.

With Insights

Spend $2,097 To Setup Insights Then $97/month

Saved Every Year In Your Team

No entries match your request.



Initial Setup For $897
Then Only $97/month

insights Analysis

personal 1:1 monthly walkthrough

I will personally walk you through everything and highlight where you should be leveraging, & what’s really not working. Get expert analysis from your favorite data strategist to move the needle in your business!

Initial Setup For $897
Then Only $497/month

Save Every Year In Your Team

No entries match your request.

What questions do you have?

What was your biggest takeaway from today?

if you have enjoyed this workshop

Loved how it can help you grow your business
& want to see if I can free up your time as you grow

Book a 1:1 call with me

juli baranik

Real quick. Let me clarify who Insights is for.

It’s not for everyone.

It’s perfect for business owners who are ready to grow their business to new levels.

It’s perfect for business owners who want to know exactly what’s working and not working in their business.

It’s perfect for business owners who don’t want to worry or deal with their analytics, but want to make data driven decision to propel their business forward.

Who seek a team of experts in their business.

Who desire to be at the top of their game.

And, most importantly, who want the ease, grace and freedom to build your business on your own terms.

Building a business IS and should be FUN when you are leaning into your gifts, your purpose, and your brilliance.

Ready to gain Insights and grow with ease?

I’ve opened up time for 15-minute insights calls with me to connect and clarify if Insights is the right fit for you.

thank you

Let's grow your business and free up your time to enjoy life with your family

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