Generate 15% more profit and save at least 8 hours every week



Just imagine being able to see all of your social media, email, website, sales, and referrals in one place.

That’s up to 75 different platforms in one report and real-time dashboard.

With Insights, you’ll know exactly what’s driving success and what’s not,
so you can stop wasting time on strategies that aren’t producing results.

So you can free up time to enjoy life & your family!

your dashboard

see your campaigns in real-time

Set Goals and Hit Your Performance Targets

All of your data in one place

Over 75 different platforms in one real-time dashboard

When is the last time you felt confident looking at your marketing and sales numbers?

The good news is you don't have to.

Let me geek out for you!

You can focus on the things you love in your business.

Let me make it easy for you.

I’ll turn your confusing mess into a clear story that makes sense and will help you grow.

just imagine…

Earning 18x more profit through your emails

Data driven email campaigns can earn 400% more revenue and 18 times more profits
than regular email marketing campaigns.

Boosting your return on investment by 1301%

For every dollar spent on Insights, the return was $13.01 which is 1301% ROI!

Gaining 6X advantage over your competition

Companies that use data to guide their marketing are 6x more likely to do better than competitors.

Increasing conversions from your ads by 200%

By using data to plan your ads, you can get 200% more people to buy what you are selling.

your insights growth plan

a really smart investment

Insights can help give your business the competitive edge it needs to succeed – trimming away excess fat and making sure everyone’s time is spent on actions that truly drive success.

With Insights, your team will be able to:

Insights saves hours of your team's time EVERY SINGLE WEEK
which adds up month after month.










Wouldn't you love to increase your profit margin?

the best part?

My Happiness Guarantee

If within 30 days you don’t feel more confident in your data and clear in your next steps, I will give you your money back. 

All you have to do is send me an email sharing this, and I’ll issue your refund straight away, no questions asked. 

That’s how much I believe Insights will help you.

You'll SPEND MORE time and money WITHOUT Insights

You are at the perfect stage to implement something that’s going to take away some team hours and be able to reallocate that time, whether it’s into the areas that will actually show you more growth…

Or you can put it right into your profit line.

Without Insights

Spent On Busy Work In Your Team


With Insights

Spend $2,097 To Setup Insights Then $97/month

Saved Every Year In Your Team


Initial Setup For $2097
Then Only $97/month

insights Analysis

personal 1:1 monthly walkthrough

I will personally walk you through everything and highlight where you should be leveraging, & what’s really not working. Get expert analysis from your favorite data strategist to move the needle in your business!

Initial Setup For $2097
Then Only $497/month

Save Every Year In Your Team


what most people do is...

want to see insights in action?

book a free demo

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