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What Is On Your 'To Do' List?

Add tasks on your to do list to see where it falls on the Urgent / Important Matrix. Use this to train your brain to be more effective and free up your time.

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Discover Where To Focus Your Time

Priority #1: Do It

Urgent & Important

These tasks have clear deadlines and consequences for not taking action. Focus on these first.

Priority #2: Schedule It

Not Urgent & Important

These tasks bring you closer to your goal, but are easy to procrastinate. Schedule them to ensure completion as they are important.

Priority #3: Delegate It

Urgent & Not Important

These tasks need to be done, but don't require your specific skills. Delegate them to an associate, virtual assistant, or employee.

Priority #4: Delete It

Not Urgent & Not Important

These tasks tend to be distractions to your productivity. If possible, delete them off your "to do" list, or address them last.

Urgent Important Matrix

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