10 Proven Steps To Be Highly Compensated in the Next 90 Days

The Complete Branding and Marketing Suite

for coaches, consultants, & business owners


Unlock the income you deserve! Become highly compensated in just 90 days with 10 successful steps.

This comprehensive branding and marketing suite has been designed by coaches, consultants, & business owners just like YOU who understand what it takes to turn your passion into a profitable business.

Don’t waste time trying all the shiny object marketing ploys out there – jumpstart your journey today & get ready for an influx of clients and cash flow!

Live life on YOUR terms through reliable income now!

The Proven Path To Building Your Career

Beautiful Branding

Unlock the keys to designing an eye-catching, cohesive brand that will speak volumes with prospective clients. Learn how you can use archetypes and key elements such as color, voice and layout to catapult growth.

Ideal Clients

Are you ready to meet your soulmate — the perfect client for you? Discover who they truly are, what makes them tick and how best to provide value that matches their needs. With my clever scripts and simple tracking system, learning more about your ideal customers has never been easier (or more enjoyable!) Feel confident in talking with your clients as if it's a friendly chat between old friends!

Value Ladder

Unlock the power of a clearly defined value ladder! You'll be able to give your ideal clients exactly what they need, at prices that suit them - and in turn exponentially grow your profit. Create an unbeatable business model today with offers, pricing & strategy tailor-made for success!

Offer Creation

Discover how to create an offer so irresistible that it practically sells itself! Uncover the connection between your specific avatar, your brand, your offer, and your product.

Competitor Research

Learn about the most effective ways to do competitor research and how to eliminate guesswork by making data-driven decisions. Uncover the top mistakes that you may be doing right now when you model someone in the market.

Compelling Content

Unlock content strategies that will maximize your impact and free up more time to do what you love! Rather than slaving away on social media, discover how automation can help create compelling content with a fraction of the effort. Get back hours in your day for family time or enjoy activities outside of work - all without compromising results.

Social Media

Start selling your story on social media in no time! Uncover what content works best for you and learn how to take a single piece of content and turn it into 20 engaging pieces, tailored specifically to fit each platform. Learn the tricks of the trade - so you can stand out from other businesses and show off that unique voice with confidence. Get ready for a Content Explosion – get your message heard loud & clear!

Sales Strategy

Be done with those dreaded cold calls and start talking to the warm leads that are already interested in your services! Get a strategic sales plan so you can make conversions without feeling cheesy or pushy; just focus on building relationships where customers know, like, and love you - making closing easy.

Website Funnels

Are you stuck with an old website that just won't bring in leads? Discover why traditional websites have become outdated and learn how to create a powerful funnel from scratch. Plus, our tried-and-tested methods can help take your conversion rate all the way up to 96%!

Email Marketing

Email is the key to unlocking amazing results! Uncover an effective framework that will heat up leads and get them jumping at your offer. Score big returns with this winning email strategy - what are you waiting for?

Tracking & Transparency

Take marketing to the next level with absolute precision! Gain insight into how effective your approaches are and what tweaks you need for maximum success. Don't let all of those hard-earned efforts go down the drain - get a jump start now and watch results soar!


Automate to accelerate! Unlock the hidden potential of emails and discover how they can reveal which customers are genuinely interested in your product. Identify ready-to-buy leads, awaken dormant audiences with irresistible offers - it's time to reap the rewards from automation success!

Ads That Scale

Unlock the secrets to explosive growth! I'll show you how easy it is to strengthen your business's foundation and spy on competitors' ads so that nothing holds you back. Plus, keep track of every penny with a custom ROI calculator - now scaling up has never been simpler or more profitable!

Tools & Tech

You'll gain superhuman insight on every customer's experience with your website. Uncover where they're struggling, dropping off and how to optimize their experience! Imagine the power of having this kind of information at your fingertips - a must-have superpower for any business!

Networking & Support

Get ready to ramp up your success and join a powerful team of entrepreneurs all focused on the same goals. You'll enjoy meaningful connections, gain valuable insights in real-time, and benefit from friendly iron sharpening iron! It's time to get inspired - take that leap into this exclusive community today.

Limited Time Offer $197 Per Month

Success story

Without Juli and Ella, I wouldn’t be living my dream of financial independence through my business. They provided the guidance that was essential for making it happen – allowing me to become a successful entrepreneur! From the bottom of my heart, thank you both so much!

~ Alison Malizzi

this is what you've been waiting for

You have the knowledge – now let us help you create a plan of action, build an irresistible brand, develop marketing strategies that draw in perfect clients like moths to a flame. The success story starts here…make sure YOU are part of it.

Kickstart your journey to success by turning knowledge into powerful action. We’ll help you craft an unstoppable brand and killer marketing strategies that will make perfect clients flock right towards you!

Now it’s time to write the next chapter of your story – are YOU ready?

Limited Time Offer $197 Per Month

what YOU get with
the Complete Branding and Marketing Suite


LEVEL 1: Branding Mistakes That Make You Lose Ideal Clients ($497 Value)

Learn about branding mistakes that 98% of consultants are doing and what you should change on your website right away so that your brand communicates the right message to prospects.

LEVEL 2: Ideal Customer Journey Map ($497 Value)

Develop your value ladder and how it fits into the customer journey map - an 8 step system that helps you convert a prospect into a client and into a raving promoter of your services.

LEVEL 3: Keyword Magic With Your Content Map ($497 Value)

Eliminate writer's block and know you are targeting the most powerful content topics that your clients actually care about. You'll discover how to research the top searched keywords with the least competition in your niche so you can be on the first page of Google.

LEVEL 4: Smart Social Media Strategy ($497 Value)

Learn the best social media channel and content type for your specific learning style. Maximize your strengths on social media so it feels easy, natural, and impactful, and builds your confidence online.

LEVEL 5: Effective Sales With Proven Scripts ($497 Value)

Stop feeling salesy or sleazy with my proven sales script that will surprise you at how easily it converts. Forget about "selling," key in on your client's most important needs and how you can HELP them and bring them value. Learn how you can talk to your prospects and maneuver through the conversation to lead them to purchase with ease while attending to their objections with empathy and authority.

LEVEL 6: Build High-Converting Sales Machines With Funnels ($497 Value)

Learn why traditional websites are dead, and how to create your first effective funnel to convert your prospects online. I'll show the 13 most critical elements of your sales page and how potential prospects will be hanging on your every word, excited to work with you!

LEVEL 7: Easily Track Your Numbers And Make Data-Driven Decisions ($497 Value)

Eliminate guesswork in your marketing and know EXACTLY what is working and how to improve and optimize what isn't. Enjoy easy-to-use conversion calculators that do the number crunching for you. Learn how to track and automatically measure the effectiveness of your customer journey so you can optimize it right away, without wasting time and losing clients.

LEVEL 8: Making Money While You Sleep ($497 Value)

Discover the magic of automation that works off your client's behavior and interests to deliver value to them while you sleep. This is the ultimate freedom maker as you will feel like you have effectively cloned yourself - and wish you had done this years ago!

LEVEL 9: Risk-free Business Scaling With The Ad Guru ($497 Value)

Learn how to scale your business using ads and know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, when your ads are working and your return on investment for every dollar spent on advertising. Make your budget stretch farther than you ever imagined with the exclusive ad guru which will show you exactly how to optimize your ads for maximal impact.

LEVEL 10: Website User Behavior Heatmap ($497 Value)

Discover how to optimize your journey so that your clients rave about every interaction with you. Learn how to see what your customers are doing on your website, any areas that they are struggling with, where they're dropping off, and how to best improve the user experience. This is like giving you superpowers to see and gather feedback from every single customer on your website without impeding their experience.

Limited Time Offer $197 Per Month

Get these Bonuses

BONUS #1: Discover Your Competitive Advantage ($97 Value)

You have a superpower in your business that will make all the difference! Find out exactly what it is and how you can best use it to grow your business.

BONUS #2: Content Explosion Formula ($197 Value)

Never again have to wonder what to write about. I will break it down into a simple formula to create 20 pieces of content from every piece of content that you already have!

BONUS #3: Secret To Facebook Targeting ($197 Value)

There is a hidden secret in EVERY ad you see on Facebook that will tell you exactly how that person is targeting. I will show you step-by-step how easy it is to spy on all of your biggest competitors to see how they are leveraging Facebook Ads – and how you can too!

BONUS #4: Ad Success Calculator ($197 Value)

You don’t have to wonder anymore “is my ad actually working?” This calculator will tell you how much you will make for every dollar spent on ads! And you will only find it here. Learn how your ads are performing and how to scale them to maximize your profit.

BONUS #5: VIP Support ($197 Value)

You will not be left alone to figure things out like all those other courses you bought. When you join today you’ll also get access to our exclusive VIP support reserved for clients who invest in the Complete Branding and Marketing Suite. You can use it to get all your questions answered.

BONUS #6: Making Your Business Recession-Proof ($497 Value)

Discover how to keep your business running like a well oiled machine even in the midst of economic turmoil.  You will important deductions that you should consider to maximize your profit that are used by top executives and leaders.  Uncover the top mistakes that business make and how you can avoid them for YOUR business.

BONUS #7: On Demand Video Workshop Sessions ($497 Value)

You don’t have to miss a minute of our Live sessions, as you will have full access to the replays on demand. Soak up the full value and the buzz of excitement from these sessions again and again!

BONUS #8: Seven Figure Elite Facebook Group ($497 Value)

Get the real deal LIVE with interactive and engaging workshops with Juli Baranik – Founder of SevenFigureBuilder.com, and Ella Ray – Personal Brand Consultant, International Coach, and Podcast Host.

Join our live group sessions in for exclusive training, collaborative sessions, and interactive polls to get feedback in real time.

You’ll feel energized and supported as you connect with Juli, Ella, and our community of brilliant coaches and consultants who are driven for success, just like you!

Total Value $7346

Limited Time Offer $197 Per Month

Where it all comes together

your digital Business Suite

& interactive flipbook

Each lesson you complete will shape your branding and marketing strategy through bite-sized marketing and ultimately will feed your digital business suite. So when you have completed this course, you will have a fully customized branding and marketing strategy to show you step-by-step how to grow your business.

Sign up today and you will ALSO get your personalized brand and marketing strategy hand-designed inside this incredible interactive digital flipbook!

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Imagine your life 3 months from now

…when your calendar is booked with paying clients, your sales process feels like a well-oiled machine, your family enjoys having you present, your work and home life feel balanced, and your bank account has a constant flow of income from your profitable consulting business. Imagine how good you will feel to look back at this moment and have taken that first step with the Complete Branding and Marketing Suite.

Now you are maybe wondering how The Complete Branding and Marketing Suite is different from all the other courses out there. The truth is, this program is unlike any other courses or programs out there in that you will actually feel heard, understood, confident, and guided in how to create and build your business. You will be part of live workshops to get your questions answered in real-time, be part of an exclusive community of driven entrepreneurs, surround yourself with the types of people that you want to be like, and truly understand YOU!

The Complete Branding and Marketing Suite gives you conversion calculators – that you won’t find anywhere else – to do all number crunching for you to be able to make data-driven decisions. Through it all, you feel supported and impactful because I break everything down into bite-size marketing pieces that are easy to complete. Your bite-sized marketing will ultimately drive your completed roadmap so that you have everything you need to grow your business and the profit in your bank account.

Limited Time Offer $197 Per Month

Success story

I’m forever thankful for The Complete Branding and Marketing Suite! Juli & Ella’s stellar on-demand support, awesome teaching and roadmap have ignited my passion to grow in ways I never imagined. They truly go above and beyond – energizing me with newfound confidence that is propelling me towards success every step of the way.

~ Anita Tsigonis

Hey, Juli Baranik here.

Creator and Owner

With 18 years of experience helping Fortune 500 companies around the world, I know what it takes to succeed.  I founded SevenFigureBuilder.com to help powerful CEOs gain clarity and scale their business with gorgeous analytics and automations.
I am also an avid photographer, horse liberty trainer, and registered nurse. But my true passion lies in helping others achieve more freedom in their lives. My unique ability to understand the needs of powerful CEOs has built my reputation as a highly sought-after automation expert for companies around the world.
Above all, I value spending time with my husband and three children. I understand first-hand how precious family time can be and am passionate about helping busy CEOs find ways to automate their businesses so they can spend more time experiencing life with the people they love.

After coaching for over 20 years and learning about successful personal branding in the music industry as a publishing singer-songwriter, I decided to share my knowledge and expertise with coaches and consultants.

I believe they are the future for a better world and combine that with my expertise in art, graphic and web design, personal style, and copywriting as an award-winning writer.

Marketing and Branding have become my passion and I can’t wait to help you build a highly-profitable, world-class personal brand.

Hi, I'm Ella Ray

Ella Ray

Personal Brand Consultant

Limited Time Offer $197 Per Month

Frequently Asked Questions

This course is for you if:
  • You are an expert in your niche, ready to build a profitable 7-figure consulting agency to serve your ideal clients on the highest levels.
  • You have the skills and expertise to be successful but are struggling with gaining clarity, focus, structure, and momentum through a proven business plan, along with branding, and marketing strategy to attract the right clients.
  • You know that you can help so many people but feel insecure about creating a flawless customer journey for your ideal clients so that the initial contact with you inspires them to become recurring customers and promoters of your services.
  • You are driven and committed to your vision but feel overwhelmed and do not know how to present yourself and your business on social media, and are confused about what, when, and how often to post, and which platform to choose.
  • You want to spend more time with your family and witness every step your child is making while your business runs on autopilot.
The lessons are self-paced and vary from 15 min to 1 hour each, so you can complete them as fast or slow as you need to fully digest and implement the strategies. You can slow down or speed up the videos to go at your own speed.

You will have lifetime access to all the content in this course along with your full roadmap with your active paying membership.

You will learn key elements that will make or break your branding, but you will not get full branding in this course. However, you have the opportunity to book a full branding package with Ella Ray at any time.

Yes, you will get a framework to create your social media posts and learn the best keywords and topics to focus on to reach your ideal customer.

You will have access to an exclusive Q&A live chat and message board to get your questions answered in real-time.

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