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What is Marketing Automation?

Marketing automation has become a necessity for today’s businesses, as it’s used not only to automate processes but to measure the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns and workflows. Sales automation can eliminate repetitive tasks related to follow up, sales pipelines, and lead acquisition.
From saving time and energy to generating more revenue, the impact of sales and marketing automation combined goes beyond automating repetitive tasks. It streamlines business operations, helping you focus more on nurturing client relationships.
Automation can help businesses increase ROI, customer satisfaction, and overall growth, but is not on-size-fits-all.

Book a complimentary call today and I will create a streamlined marketing automation solution for your that is “right-sized” for your business.   This can include:

🔥 Automated high quality lead generation
🔥 Nurture leads to drive conversations
🔥 Deliver campaign personalization
🔥 Email drip campaign based on specific triggers
🔥 Email data cleanup to ensure high deliverability
🔥 Build an automated Sales Funnel to increase revenue
🔥 Deliver automatic nurturing campaigns in your funnel
🔥 Lead scoring to identify who is actively engaged
🔥 Segment your audience based on behavior
🔥 Automate chat on your website
🔥 Reporting to understand ongoing effectiveness

Powerful Benefits of Using Sales and Marketing Automation

Reduced costs

Small businesses often say that finding time and resources for marketing was their greatest challenge. Many businesses are collecting contact information manually over the phone or in-person rather than automating the process.

All you have to do is create a process for generating and nurturing leads along with marketing campaigns, which are spontaneously activated based on certain benchmarks. Within several months of implementing automated campaigns, you can send out thousands of customized emails daily using simple autopilot software.

Additional revenue

A further benefit of using marketing automation software is more revenue. Combining lead management with prioritization can result in increased ROI from your sales activities.

Several small businesses have reported an 800% growth in revenue, $100k in additional revenue, and even growing revenue to goals of over $1 million annually after adopting automation software.

Generate and nurture leads

Did you know that over 30% of sales activities can be automated? Tasks include pipeline management, following up, scheduling appointments, and other general administrative duties—all time-consuming yet critical lead nurturing activities. If you are a small business owner, you know that generating leads is crucial to your business development. Through automation of procedures between marketing and sales, you can concentrate more on formulating strategies that can generate and nurture promising leads. In other words, you can land more customers because of more prospects.

Better data for smarter decisions

Big Data is one of the buzzwords in IT these days. Unfortunately, not all businesses are efficient in collecting and using this data in their marketing and sales efforts. Marketing automation facilitates understanding of Big Data, and gathering the required intelligence makes things work for you.

Refined marketing processes

Software used for marketing automation allows you to map out your customer journey. At the same time, your marketing strategy will allow you to build processes centered on the experience of your potential customers. Through the creation of processes around this customer journey, it becomes easier to process targets and nurture leads.

Save time on marketing campaigns

Many marketing automation systems have drag and drop interfaces that will enable you to create effective email campaigns, social media campaigns and landing pages. This is possible even if you aren’t technically adept or well-versed in creative design. For example, a multimedia marketing and event production business saved dozens of hours a month by using email templates and campaign builders. Save 10 hours a week just by automating repetitive tasks.

Personalized customer journey

Among the difficult challenges that confront companies regularly is how to convert a one-time customer into a loyal fan. One way of achieving this is to opt for personalized social media and blog content through automation.

More than 70% of consumers search for exceptional, original, and targeted content. Tools in marketing automation streamline the procedure of conveying the appropriate content via email to the correct buyers at the correct time.

More advantages of using marketing automation lie in the data collected, which is effective in qualifying leads from marketing and forwarding them to sales. By scoring leads and grading them, marketing automation obtains and processes data of unique visitors to assign qualified leads to the right salesperson, further personalizing their journey and setting your sales reps up for success.

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If you’re interested in these marketing automation benefits and want to get started with marketing automation, Seven Figure Builder can help. My dedicated team is more than happy to help you develop creative campaigns and content that will encourage your site visitors to convert.

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