#29: The Pricing Queen with Jasmine Designs

It was so inspiring to hear from the amazing Jasmine Designs, aka The Pricing Queen! Together we explored how freelancers can make sure they’re charging enough for their expertise and when it’s time to start bumping up those prices. Like a Design Superwoman coming in with top-notch problem solving skills, she opened our eyes to new possibilities. As creatives running businesses of our own – keeping all of the plates spinning – having more profit potential is definitely something we strive for! Don’t miss this episode (trust me!) where you’ll learn loads about getting paid what you deserve as an expert creative entrepreneur.

#28: Web App Automation with Sarah Funk

Are you ready to turbocharge your business with the power of spreadsheets and web applications? Join Sarah Funk on our show as she shares how these tools can help take your company to the next level! Whether it be lead magnets, client-facing tech, or internal resources – you don’t want to miss out. Tune in now for all the exciting details that could transform YOUR world.

#17: Building a Business for the Life You Love with Lani Dickinson

Get ready to feel inspired and excited! In this episode, you’ll hear Lani Dickinson’s life-changing story – from a troubled youth with her drug dealer mother to becoming the CEO of a Fortune 175 company. Now she helps self-made entrepreneurs create success that leads not only to greater profits but also true time freedom so they can make their impact, build generational wealth & become financially free if they choose. Tap into your personal power and get motivated by learning how YOU too can turn dreams into reality in this empowering chat!

#15: Hidden Benefits of Becoming a Published Author with Vince Warnock

Loved chatting with my good friend, publisher, and podcast host Vince Warnock. We had incredible chat where he revealed a SURPRISE ANNOUNCEMENT of his next top secret project! We also talked about how becoming a published author will transform your career and a social experiment that proves this, his most memorable podcast hosts, the future of AI, and so much more that you can catch in this episode.

#14: Mindset of Champions with Christine Corcoran

Christine Corcoran is absolutely brilliant in this episode where she shares the keys to building your dream life and a powerful team around you. We talked about how to avoid burnout and ensuring you have a sustainable business that will serve you for years ahead.

Discover if you are a low chunk thinker or a big chunk thinker and why you should care, along with how to ensure you stay connected to important people in your life. This is a very insightful episode and one that you likely will carry with you into your career!

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